90-Day Diet

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In pursuit of beauty and harmony, many of us try more and more new diets. Very popular are short-term dietary schemes - for example, a 3-day or five-day diet. Nevertheless, in order to guarantee to keep the result obtained from weight loss, it is recommended to slowly lose weight. For this, a 90-day diet, invented by dieticians from Slovenia, is perfect. The ninety-day principle of nutrition is diverse and gives excellent results for getting rid of excess weight.

The essence of the 90-day diet

Ninety-day diet is recommended, first of all, to those who suffer from slowing of metabolic processes, as well as those who have more than twenty kilograms of excess weight. Three months is the optimal time for successful weight loss and a guarantee that the lost weight will not return back.

The essence of the diet is the emphasis on separate nutrition, which facilitates the assimilation of food. A decrease in the energy value of the diet is the basis for safe weight loss.

Switching to a separate diet at first may seem difficult: many experience considerable discomfort and a constant sense of hunger. However, the body usually quickly gets used to positive changes for it, therefore the further period of a diet proceeds without problems.

Before beginning to observe a separate diet, it is advisable to measure your initial weight, as well as the waist and hips. Further measurements are recommended once a week, on a convenient day for you.

Changes in nutrition are recommended to combine with physical activity. It can be walking, jogging, cycling, or just morning exercises - your choice.

Useful tips on nutrition during the 90-day diet

  • Morning meal should consist only of fruits.
  • It is recommended not to start dinner before noon. If the feeling of hunger arose earlier, then you can quench it with some kind of fruit.
  • The main meals should be divided among themselves in three hours. During protein days, this gap should be four hours.
  • During fruit days, there is no restriction in the use of fruits.
  • It is not recommended to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Dinner should be half "lighter" for lunch.
  • Try not to use the store convenience foods and fast food - prepare meals only from quality products.
  • Do not neglect vegetable oils - add them to salads.
  • Preference should be given to boiled, stewed and baked dishes.
  • Instead of salt, try using condiments - it's much more useful.
  • Do not forget about drinking mode: at least one and a half or two liters per day.
  • The average weight loss for a three-month term can be about 20 kg.
  • Exit from the diet does not have any features: you can immediately switch to conventional food. Nevertheless, it is important not to overeat and eat lots of sweets and flour products. Well, if you will continue to eat in the morning fruit and drink clean water. By the way, the majority of those who lose weight admit that for three months of separate food they are so used to it that it is difficult to return to old eating habits.
  • To re-comply with the diet can, withstood a break of three months.

Positive results of the diet are noted, thanks to the natural cycling used in nutrition:

  • from 4 am to noon, a natural cleansing cycle occurs, which involves a minimal intake of food and the maximum possible use of liquid;
  • from noon to 20-00 - this is the time of the main meals, in a certain combination of foods;
  • from 20-00 to 4-00 the next day - the time of resting the body from the processes associated with digestion.

What you can eat with a 90-day diet:

  • you can almost all products, most of which are set out in the menu of the diet.

What you can not eat:

  • categorical prohibitions exist only for products that include synthetic fillers, as well as a large amount of salt and sugar;
  • You can not combine meat dishes with eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese - with meat or eggs.

For each day of the diet a certain list of products is planned:

  • The first day of the diet provides for a protein diet. Any protein products, such as meat, fish, milk products, eggs are allowed.
  • The second day - the starchy diet. Products that are rich in starch, such as potatoes, beans, dark bread and all sorts of cereals are allowed to eat.
  • The third day - carbohydrate. It is permissible to eat porridge, dark bread, vermicelli, fresh biscuits, vegetable dishes. If you want a sweet one, you are allowed to eat some dark chocolate.
  • The fourth day consists of a fruit menu. In the diet of this day are not only fruits and dried fruits, but also nuts with seeds, which are consumed at a time not more than 25 g. You can also drink freshly squeezed juices, which are not equated to drinking, but to a full meal.

Every 29 days of the diet should be discharged body, when instead of all meals allowed only to drink ordinary water. The next day after discharge should be protein.

The menu of the 90-day diet

Protein menu: for breakfast - two any one-type fruit (for example, two oranges, or two bananas, etc.). For lunch:

  • white meat or nonfat fish, or an egg dish, or dairy products;
  • freshly cut salad;
  • a piece of dark bread.

For dinner, you can eat what's left of the dinner (reducing the serving in half). The exception is bread, which it is better not to eat in the evening.

During the day you can drink non-carbonated water, various teas and dairy products (up to 200 ml).

Starchy menu: breakfast is the same as the previous day. For lunch:

  • beans (200 g), or potatoes (200 g), or rice porridge (200 g);
  • a piece of dark bread;
  • salad from any vegetables.

You can dine with the same dishes that were for lunch, except for bread.

From drinks water and tea without sugar will do.

Carbohydrate menu: breakfast is the same as in the previous days. For lunch:

  • vermicelli with aromatic herbs, or pizza with tomatoes, or vegetables with tomato sauce (no more than 200 g);
  • dry biscuits, fritters on yogurt (no more than 250 g);
  • buckwheat or millet porridge (200 g).

For dinner, you can afford a few pieces of biscuits, or up to 100 g of ice cream, or a piece of cake (70-80 g). It is mandatory to use 10-15 g of dark chocolate.

Vitamin menu: breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist only of fruits and fruit dishes. In addition, you can eat a handful of nuts, seeds or dried fruits.

Such days alternate one after another throughout the 90 days. Every 29 days, a discharge water day is recommended.

If you want to speed up the diet, or rather, its results, you can reduce the size of portions or the energy value of the dishes.

Recipes for a 90-day diet

When starting a diet, many people ask themselves: what dishes can be cooked in order not to deviate from the proposed menu? Let's try to experiment with the allowed products, depending on the dietary day.

Baked pangasius for protein menu

Ingredients: fillet of pangasius (or other fish) - 1 kg, bulb - 2 pieces, tomato - 1 piece, sweet pepper - 1-2 pieces, grated cheese - 100 g, sour cream - 200 ml, seasonings for fish.

Cut the fish into acceptable pieces. We cut the onions with rings. We connect rings of onions, sour cream and condiments in a container. Stirring.

In sour cream we put the cut fish, gently moistening each piece. It is advisable to put the fish in a cool place for half an hour to marinate.

We lubricate the form with sunflower oil, and we make paper for baking. We spread the fillet in the mixture. The remaining sour cream mass is evenly distributed for each fish slice, from above we put tomatoes cut into slices. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

We send it to the oven at 200 ° C for about half an hour. When serving, you can sprinkle with herbs.


A rich starch soup

Ingredients: rice groats - 50-70 g, one onion, one carrot, a can of canned beans, 3 medium potatoes, condiments, vegetable broth.

In the boiling broth we put rice, diced potatoes, crushed carrots and onions (pre-fried in vegetable oil). We cook until ready. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, add the beans, seasonings and sprinkle with herbs. When serving, you can add half a tablespoon of sour cream.


Porridge for carbohydrate menu

Ingredients: corn groats - 200 grams, millet - 100 grams, milk - 700 ml, a little sugar, a little butter, 100 g raisins (or sliced dried apricots), 600 ml of water.

Cereals are washed, boiled first in water, after - we add milk, add the rest of the ingredients. Cook for about 20 minutes, then cover with a lid and leave. After half an hour you can eat!

Salad for fruit menu

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons yogurt (without fillers), one orange or two mandarins, one banana, one pear (or apple), 100 grams of ground walnuts.

Randomly sliced fruit, gently mix and season with yogurt. Fruits can be added almost any, to your taste.

Bon Appetit!

Well, if throughout the diet you will be physically active. Do physical exercises for at least half an hour a day, but regularly.

If you by chance or for some other reason violated the diet, do not worry. The main thing is not to interrupt the separate food and continue to follow it further. Do not forget that every day you approach the coveted goal.

A 90-day diet, like any other diet, should be approved by a doctor after he is convinced that you have no contraindications. Such contraindications can be diseases of the digestive system, as well as infectious diseases that weaken the body. Such contraindications can be diseases of the digestive system, as well as infectious diseases that weaken the body. It is not recommended to use a diet during pregnancy.

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