Vitamin coenzyme Q10

Among the many organic substances, in small amounts necessary for the normal functioning of the body, stands out the so-called vitamin coenzyme Q10.

Vitamin U

A derivative of the essential amino acid methionine, the organic compound S-methylmethionine, has been known as vitamin U for many years.

Vitamin F

What is vitamin F? It is not a traditional vitamin, but a complex of two polyunsaturated fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA).

Vitamin K2

Organic substances involved in various biological processes and essential for the human body include menaquinone or fat-soluble vitamin K2, which is a structural variant of vitamin K.

Is there such a thing as vitamin B17?

Before using promoted by advertising vitamin B17 in cancer diagnosis, ask how amygdalin, contained in the kernels of the seeds of some representatives of the family Rosaceae (pink-flowered), turned into laetrile, and then into vitamin B17.

Cardiovitamins for the heart

Cardiovitamins are a generalized name for vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Vitamins and eyesight

If you want to feel your eyesight for a long time, and your eyes are not tired, use vitamins.

Vitamins for women after 40 years

Menstrual function of the female body begins to weaken significantly after 40 years - this is a signal that the gradual process of aging begins. In the period of 40-45 years, it is particularly active, as ovarian production of estrogen decreases (the main hormones that support beauty, youth and reproductive function).

Vitamins with zinc

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for the human body - its presence is of great importance for all cells and tissues, organs and systems.

Vitamins with hyaluronic acid

Different manufacturers produce different in composition means, combining hyaluronic acid with vitamins A, C, E, macro elements and substances of plant origin.


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