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Zinc is one of the most important minerals for the human body - its presence is of great importance for all cells and tissues, organs and systems. Especially vitamins with zinc are necessary for children, the body of which constantly develops and grows. Scientists have determined that on average, a person needs about 10-25 mg of a microelement per day - this requirement increases in pregnant and lactating women, with great physical and mental stress.

Indications for the use of vitamins and zinc

If a deficiency in the body of any minerals can often eliminate this problem, only by making some changes in nutrition. However, there are cases when you have to apply to pharmacy products:

  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • diseases of the pancreas and liver;
  • disturbances in metabolic processes;
  • skin problems, acne, deterioration of hair and nails;
  • problems with conception, both in men and in women;
  • immunodeficiency states;
  • anemia;
  • chronic diseases in the body;
  • a violation of the assimilation of food;
  • changes in taste.

In addition, zinc-containing agents are taken to accelerate the healing of wounds, to remove toxic substances from the body, to improve memory and prevent malignant diseases.

Vitamins containing zinc have the following properties:

  • improve the growth and development of children;
  • promote timely sexual maturation;
  • eliminate problems with potency;
  • accelerate the healing of wounds;
  • stabilize the work of the nervous system;
  • prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin;
  • are the prevention of adolescent acne;
  • stop hair loss and exfoliation of nails;
  • lower the cholesterol in the blood;
  • restore appetite.

All this is possible with special preparations that are enriched with useful minerals, including zinc compounds.

Form release of drugs

  • Tablets for ingestion - in the shell or without it.
  • Effervescent tablets - are dissolved in water and taken internally.
  • Capsules for oral administration.
  • Drops for oral administration.
  • Chewable tablets and lozenges.

Of particular importance for the assimilation of nutrients is the form of the drug: everyone chooses the most convenient and acceptable for themselves.

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Pharmacodynamics vitamins with zinc

The human body as much as possible concentrates zinc in the pancreas, muscles, liver, hairline and nail plates. However, in other organs and tissues this substance is also present, for example, in the composition of many enzymes. Thus, zinc has the following pharmacodynamic properties:

  • takes part in the vast majority of processes that occur inside the body: in cell growth, sexual development, metabolism, in immunity reactions, in the formation of sensations and feelings;
  • activates the production and function of the hormonal system, in particular thyroid hormones and sex hormones;
  • favors the formation of DNA and RNA, taking part in the regeneration of tissues and cellular structures;
  • helps the development and formation of cells, protecting them from exposure to harmful substances and toxins;
  • positively affects the brain functions and the performance of the peripheral nervous system;
  • is contained in insulin, providing an exchange of carbohydrates in the body and affecting the sugar content in the blood;
  • entering into the composition of liver enzymes, protects it from the harmful effects of various kinds of intoxication;
  • takes part in the formation of erythrocytes and hemoglobin;
  • stabilizes the function of the prostate, controls the production of testosterone and the production of quality sperm;
  • promotes the absorption and distribution of tocopherol (VitE), which improves its effect as an antioxidant and has a beneficial effect on cellular metabolism and the reproductive system;
  • takes part in the function of growth hormone, which helps the development of the musculoskeletal system, especially in childhood;
  • stabilizes the production of sebaceous glands.

Pharmacokinetics of vitamins and zinc

After oral administration, approximately 20 to 30% of zinc is absorbed into the duodenum and small intestine. The limit level of mineral content in the blood plasma is found 120 minutes after use.

The substance accumulates inside erythrocytes, leukocytes, in muscle fibers, bones, liver and kidney tissues, in the retina of the eye, as well as in the glands - pancreas and prostate.

Forms a link with plasma proteins (mostly with albumins, with α-2 macroglobulin and amino acid composition). Excretion is carried out mainly through the intestine (about 90% of the amount taken), also partially through the sweat glands and urinary system.

Contraindications to the use of vitamins and zinc

Vitamins with zinc are not recommended for those who have previously experienced hypersensitivity reactions to zinc or other vitamins and microelements that are part of the selected drug.

In pediatrics, vitamins and zinc are allowed to be used from the age of 4.

In pregnancy and breastfeeding, the choice of zinc-containing drug should be performed by a doctor.

Before embarking on an independent intake of vitamins, it is advisable to pre-pass the necessary tests to make sure that the body actually has a deficiency of zinc.

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Side effects of vitamins with zinc

Zinc-containing vitamin complexes in most cases are normally tolerated by patients. Concomitant manifestations of such medicinal medications can sometimes be observed, but they are usually insignificant and do not require special treatment. The expressed by-signs appear at an unreasonable, long-term use of zinc-containing agents, or at application of unduly overestimated dosage.

Patients should be aware of the likelihood of the following unwanted symptoms:

  • disorders of the digestive tract, dyspepsia, attacks of nausea or heartburn, foreign taste in the mouth;
  • violation of blood properties, reduction in the number of leukocytes and neutrophils, sideroblastic anemia;
  • headache;
  • violations of the liver and kidneys;
  • allergic manifestations (skin rash, itching, redness).

If there are side effects, it is recommended that you stop taking the drug and contact your doctor.

Names of vitamins with zinc

Complex preparations, which contain zinc compounds, can be monocomponent and multicomponent - that is, they either contain only such a component as zinc, or consist of several useful minerals or vitamins.

Each of these funds has its own function for human health. We present to your attention a brief overview of which of the drugs are more effective in this or that case, and also their names.

Vitamins with zinc and selenium allow you to balance the protective properties of antioxidants and the damaging effects of free radicals. A complex of these minerals is taken to prevent cancer, to improve the functioning of the heart and the immune system. Men take such complexes to increase sperm motility in problems with conception. In addition, these microelements will help restore the body after a long time drinking alcohol, smoking, while living in environmentally unfavorable areas. Combined products containing both minerals include the following:

  • Bioactive Selenium + Zinc;
  • Complit Selenium;
  • multivitamins Perfectil;
  • multivitamins Vitrum Beauty;
  • Vitrum Forays;
  • Selmevit.

Vitamins in combination with calcium and zinc exert a general strengthening effect, normalize metabolic processes, coagulability of the blood, regulate the nervous system and contractile activity of skeletal muscles, stabilize sleep, eliminate pain in muscles and joints, maintain blood pressure in norm. Zinc and calcium compounds help to improve the condition of hair and nail plates, refresh skin color. Among the complex preparations that contain these minerals, we can distinguish:

  • Sea calcium with zinc;
  • multivitamins Alphabet;
  • multivitamins Supradin;
  • multivitamins Vitrum Beauty.

Vitamins of calcium magnesium zinc is a complex of the most necessary minerals for the body. Calcium serves as a preventive measure for diseases of bones, teeth, and participates in processes of blood clotting. Magnesium lowers the excitability of the nervous system, ensures the work of muscles and takes part in the reactions of enzymes. Zinc is responsible for strong immunity, without it, the normal absorption of retinol and folic acid is impossible. This combination of nutrients is presented in preparations:

  • Supercalcium with magnesium, zinc and vitamins;
  • Complymium magnesium;
  • Vitrum Beauty;
  • Vitrum Osteomag;
  • Gravina.

Vitamin E and zinc are an excellent combination of two antioxidants that are used in the slow growth and development of the child, with reproductive and sexual disorders, dermatological problems, allergies, liver diseases. Such a combination of properties is very useful for improving the condition of hair, skin, for better healing of wound surfaces, and also for supporting the body in diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, chronic poisoning. Tocopherol and zinc are present in such preparations:

  • Stone oil with zinc and vitamin E (Sashera-Med);
  • Alphabet;
  • Duovit;
  • Polivit;
  • Centrum.

Vitamins with zinc and iron contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, improve hemopoiesis, eliminate the phenomena of anemia, stabilize the metabolism of hormones. The most well-known multivitamins with the content of zinc compounds and iron:

  • Centrum;
  • Teravit;
  • Fit;
  • Vitacap.

Vitamins with zinc and magnesium can support more than three hundred different biochemical processes in our body. This is the synthesis of proteins, and cell division, and the work of nervous and muscular systems, as well as the preservation of water balance, control of blood pressure and strengthening immunity. Zinc and magnesium are found in many multivitamin mineral complexes, including in such:

  • MagneZi B6;
  • Vitacap;
  • Multi-Tabs;
  • Oligovit.

Vitamins with copper and zinc help to maintain the natural balance of these two elements. Both copper and zinc support the properties of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. In addition, the level of these minerals affects the amount of lipoproteins in the blood, thus providing a normal fat metabolism in the body.

  • Ultimate;
  • Multi-Tabs Active;
  • Supradin;
  • Maevit.

Vitamin C plus zinc is probably the most common combination, which is widely recommended for use during the flu epidemic and colds. Ascorbic acid in combination with zinc will make the immune system almost invulnerable.

  • Evalar Zinc + Vitamin C;
  • Zinc Lozenge (lozenges);
  • Bilberry Forte with vitamins and zinc;
  • Doppelherz asset;
  • Dubis.

Zinc and vitamin B6 are the most effective complex for improving metabolism - carbohydrate, protein and fat. This combination is often used as an additional method of treatment for patients with obesity, diabetes, eating disorders, etc. In addition, vitamin B6 calms and normalizes the work of the nervous system. The most popular drugs:

  • MagneZi B6;
  • Doppelgerz Active;
  • Centrum;
  • Stresstabs + zinc;
  • Prenamine.

Vitamin D and zinc are often combined with calcium and magnesium, especially during pregnancy, which leads to strengthening of the bone system and tooth enamel. However, zinc with vitamin D is also considered a common combination - taking them together, you can adjust the work of the sebaceous glands, help to heal wounds, strengthen immunity, protect the liver from harmful and toxic substances. Recommended for the reception of such drugs:

  • Supradin;
  • Jungle with minerals;
  • Pregnacea;
  • Materna.

Vitamins with zinc and sulfur are often prescribed to women in the postpartum period - such a complex helps stabilize the hormonal background, speed up the healing of tissues, regulate the metabolism of fats, improve the condition of the skin and hair. A good representative of such minerals as zinc and sulfur is the Nutrikap polyp. •

Vitamins with zinc for hair are used in cases when a person lacks any substances, which makes the appearance of the hair cover unattractive. The hair becomes stiff, brittle, dull, greasy, begins to fall out, break down, etc. This is due to the fact that the deficit of certain components affects the course of natural biological processes in the hair follicles. Hair begins to experience a kind of hunger - food and oxygen comes to them in insufficient quantities. Vitamins for normal hair growth are vit. A, B5, B6, C, E, F, folic acid. Minerals such as zinc and selenium also play a significant role. Complex influence of the listed substances allows for a short time to restore the structure of hair and resume their nutrition. Usually, the following combined means are used for this:

  • Alphabet Biorhythm;
  • Vitrum Beauty;
  • Multifort;
  • Centrum.

Vitamins with zinc for children are often prescribed by pediatricians. For what? In fact, zinc is simply necessary for the normal development and growth of the baby. This mineral positively affects the immunity, vision and skin condition, takes part in the regulation of metabolism, stabilizes the function of the nervous and digestive systems. In addition, zinc has the ability to enhance the child's mental and physical abilities. What zinc-containing preparations are chosen by pediatricians:

  • Alphabet;
  • Vitrum;
  • Duovit;
  • Multi-Tabs;
  • VitaMishki;
  • VitaZhujki.

Vitamins with zinc for men play a very important role. A few decades ago, scientists discovered that a deficiency of zinc can provoke serious sexual dysfunction in men. Indeed, without this element it is difficult to imagine the normal functioning of the reproductive system: zinc stabilizes the body's normal level of testosterone, preventing its conversion to estrogen, and also provides quality and quantity of sperm. There is scientific evidence that zinc-containing drugs serve as an excellent prophylaxis for prostatitis and even prostate cancer.

To date, there are quite a lot of medications that are recommended by specialists to support men's health:

  • Duovit for men;
  • Zincite;
  • Zinctal;
  • Alphabet for men;
  • Centrum.

Vitamins with zinc for women help to preserve their natural beauty and youth. So, the mineral has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair, nail plates, helps to improve digestion and immunity, remove various toxic substances and decay products from the body. Also, zinc has the ability to "spur" the metabolic processes, which, with proper nutrition, helps to lose weight and get fit.

The most common drugs with zinc for women are:

  • Alphabet cosmetics;
  • Vitrum Beauty;
  • Duovit for women;
  • Compliments glow;
  • Multi-tabs.

Vitamins for the skin with zinc also have a rejuvenating effect. Such preparations will help to get rid of excessive fat content of the skin, eliminate pustular eruptions in the face and hair area, restore the skin from the effects of allergies. For these purposes, almost any product that contains zinc is suitable. But the effect of treatment will increase many times, if the action of this mineral will be supplemented by the presence in the preparation of vitamin E (tocopherol).

Will vitamins help with zinc from acne? In most cases, yes, because zinc improves the work of the sebaceous glands, regulates metabolic processes (including local), stabilizes the level of hormones in the blood, removes toxins and substances that are unnecessary to the body. Of course, the treatment should be combined with a change in the diet - it is recommended that fat and spicy foods be rejected, with the predominant use of plant products, cereals, and sour-milk products. And to speed up the process of treatment will help such means as Zinc Asset, Zinctal, Tsinkit, Vitrum Beauty.

Dosing and Administration

  • In addition to the diet, 30 mg zinc per day is prescribed as a treatment.
  • With acne rash take up to 135 mg / day inside;
  • In diseases of the digestive system - up to 300 mg of zinc sulphate per day;
  • For violations with conception - 50 mg of zinc per day;
  • With ulcers and difficult healing ulcers - up to 600 mg of zinc sulphate per day;
  • With catarrhal diseases - up to 150 mg of zinc per day, in childhood - 10 mg / day, or 1 mg / kg of body weight.

Zinc-containing drugs are taken 60 minutes before meals, or 2 hours after eating. If taking medication causes a feeling of discomfort in the stomach, then you are allowed to take it with food at the same time.

It is not recommended to take zinc drugs concomitantly with antibiotics: between doses should be kept for 2 hours.

With prolonged treatment with zinc-containing agents, copper absorption may deteriorate, which will require additional intake of preparations containing copper (for 30 mg of zinc consumed, 2 mg of copper).

It is not recommended simultaneous use of zinc-containing products and dairy products.

For prophylaxis it is recommended to consume a day:

  • women - 8 mg of zinc;
  • for men - 11 mg.

Higher doses are taken only as a treatment, and for a short period.

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When using a large amount of vitamin zinc-containing drugs, patients noted the appearance of heartburn, diarrhea, intestinal spasms, low blood pressure, attacks of nausea and vomiting. If you ignore these symptoms and continue to take large doses of medication, then there may be a violation of urination, pulmonary edema, collapoid and convulsive conditions.

When overdosing, it is recommended to drink 400-500 ml of milk or clean water at once and go to the hospital. In a medical institution, calcium disodium salt (50 mg / kg body weight per day, divided into 4-5 injections) will be injected. Such injections should be conducted no more than 5 days in a row.

Interactions of vitamins with zinc with other drugs

Zinc-containing products with simultaneous intake reduce absorption in the intestines of preparations containing copper, as well as antibiotics. If a joint intake of such medications is inevitable, it is necessary to maintain a gap of 2 hours between taking one and the other drug.

Taking diuretics can accelerate the excretion of zinc through the urinary system.

The combined use of folic acid, iron and chelating agents may somewhat reduce the absorption of zinc in the intestine.

It is not recommended to take several different drugs simultaneously containing zinc compounds (because of a possible overdose).

Conditions of storage of vitamins with zinc

Zinc-containing products are usually stored and transported in the original packaging at temperatures ranging from + 15 to + 25 ° C. Do not allow children to store their medicines.

If you follow the recommended storage rules, the shelf life of such medicines may be three years from the date of manufacture. The exact limits of the validity of medicinal products, see the package for the preparation.

Vitamin preparations have been carefully studied by specialists for many years. Modern vitamins with zinc can already be considered as a means of not only prevention, but also treatment of diseases. Therefore, such drugs are considered unique in their content, because they supply the body with microelements, so necessary for every person for the full function of all organs.

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Reviews about vitamins with zinc

Many users who have tried the effects of multivitamin preparations with zinc, notice a significant improvement not only in their appearance, but also in the overall condition of the body. Indeed, the effect of good drugs usually does not take long to wait: for example, the result of taking drugs such as Tsinkit and Tsinkter can be observed already a week after the start of treatment.

By the way, zinc is also found in food products. First of all, it is seafood (oyster, shrimp), as well as liver, cheese, seeds and nuts, beans, berries, cereals, sesame seeds.

As research has shown, despite the fact that there are many food products with a sufficient content of minerals, the average consumer consumes less than 70% of the daily zinc rate. This is mainly associated with the simultaneous use of milk, alcohol, coffee and strong tea - products that do not fully absorb zinc and even contribute to its removal from the body. Also, the level of the mineral is significantly reduced in cases of intestinal diseases, with oral contraceptives, during stress, or simply with age-related changes.

For these reasons, an additional intake of zinc-containing agents is very important, especially in the following situations:

  • with anemia;
  • with the slowing down of sexual development in children;
  • anorexia;
  • with dry or excessively oily skin, as well as skin pigmentation;
  • at distortion of taste or olfactory sensations;
  • with poorly healing wounds or ulcers;
  • with digestion disorders;
  • with frequent colds associated with a deficit of immunity;
  • with fragility and hair loss, deterioration of the nails;
  • with impaired sexual function, with a weakening of sexual desire.

You can buy and take zinc preparations yourself, as they are sold without a prescription. Nevertheless, it is recommended before their use nevertheless to consult with the doctor, to hand over necessary analyzes, after all the excess of mineral substances is not less dangerous, than their lack.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Vitamins with zinc" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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