Healing Diet

Detox diet: menu, recipes

Thanks to advertising, a short-term detox or detox diet has become popular, various versions of which, as its supporters promise, help cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances - toxins.

Bran on a diet for weight loss

To the question: "Is it possible to bran on a diet?" - it is impossible to answer unequivocally. It depends on what kind of diet. If medical, then the actions must be agreed with the doctor.

Diet with astrocytoma

Modern studies have shown that some features of the patient's nutrition can enhance the positive result of treatment. A balanced diet, in which fat should be 4 times more than carbohydrates, helps to slow down the growth of the tumor.

Gastritis bread: black, rye, wholegrain, bran

In acute or chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa - gastritis - it is necessary to streamline the diet and follow a certain diet. And patients often ask the question whether it is possible to eat bread with gastritis and, if so, which one.

Gastritis soup recipes

Cooking first course does not require special culinary skills and abilities. The main thing is to cook with love and try to make the soup as healthy and tasty as possible. Then the dish will be eaten not only by those who have certain stomach problems, but also by the rest - healthy family members.

Gastritis soups

The benefits of soups with gastritis has long been known. Even a few centuries ago, our ancestors started cooking broth at the first signs of illness in the family: it helped to recover faster, gave strength and energy to fight the disease.

Methods of therapeutic fasting

We have already noted that treatment by hunger is actually not a new topic. The mention of this practice we find in the works of the ancient sages who were engaged in science and medicine. To assert that the ancient Greek scientists turned to fasting as a healing procedure, we can on the basis of artifacts that have reached us.

Dry medical fasting for Filonov

Fasting without water seems so unnatural to many that it is hard to believe that doctors of traditional medicine can support this practice. In fact, there are such. These are Sergey Ivanovich Filonov (the author of the book “The Treatment of the Body with His Own Means), who developed his own method of fractional dry starvation.

Medical fasting for Suvorin

Alexei Alekseevich Suvorin, a Russian emigrant, followed the long-term method of fasting (until the language was completely cleansed). He also did not have a medical education (he was a historian and philologist), but he was fascinated by various methods of improving the human body, many of which, by the way, he tested on himself.


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