How to increase calcium in the blood?

Calcium is a structural component of bones, teeth, and soft tissues. It is very important in many metabolic processes of the body.

How does chlorine affect the human body?

Chlorine is best known to us as a substance that processes water.

How does phosphorus affect human health?

Phosphorus is an important mineral that exists in every cell of the body to perform their normal functions. Most of the phosphorus in the body is like phosphate (PO 4). About 85% of the body's phosphorus is found in bones. How does phosphorus affect human health?

Why does the body need sulfur?

Sulfur, the sixteenth most common element in the universe, has been known since ancient times. Somewhere around 1777, the Frenchman Antoine Lavoisier, the founder of modern chemistry, was convinced, unlike the rest of the scientific community, that sulfur is a chemical element.


Sodium (Na) is part of the blood lymph, that is, it is a part of extracellular fluids. His role in the body is very important. Its name was taken from ancient Egypt from Ancient Egypt, because the alkali from the soda lakes was called Nitron.


Not many people know the important role played by magnesium (Mg) in the human body. After water and oxygen, it is considered one of the most important elements in the body. More than 350 chemical reactions can not pass without the participation of magnesium, and they are very important for the normal functioning of the body.


Calcium (Ca) plays an important role in the coagulation of blood, and also is a part of bones and teeth.


Potassium (K) is very important for the body. Potassium is contained in the walls of cells and capillaries
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