Mono-diets are a great and very simple way to lose weight in a very short time. This is an opportunity to lose weight with the help of a single product. For example, using only buckwheat in the diet, only kefir or just apples. But do you know what could be wrong for you mono-diet?

What products can I choose from, and which should I opt out of? How should you prepare the dishes that you use for mono-diet? What kind of sensations are waiting for you during the process of losing weight and for how long will the result be fixed? For these and other questions, read the answers in our section "Monodiettes"

Diet Maggi: reviews and results

The creators of the Maggi diet made sure that it was balanced, and getting rid of extra pounds happened naturally.

Apple Diet Recipes

Salads, juices, pickled fruits, compotes from fresh and dried apples for weight loss are useful not only during the diet period, but also in the daily diet.

Apple diet: salads for weight loss

Popular low-calorie salads are often used in dietary methods. The benefits of these fruit and vegetable dishes are manifold.

Apple diet: drinks for weight loss

Juice, smoothies, compote, cocktail, kvass, lemonade, uzvar, tea - you can make a drink from apples for every taste, for everyday and dietary diet.

Apple diet for weight loss

The properties of apples for weight loss were discovered much later, and in our time, when overweight has become a global problem, apple methods are being actively introduced to help reduce body weight.

Drinking diet for 7 days

Like most methods, the diet is used to correct weight. The main indications for the appointment are excess body weight.

Apple diet: a detailed menu for every day, recipes

For weight loss methods such as the apple diet, you should prepare not only physically, but also psychologically.

Apple diet: varieties

There are two varieties of apple techniques: a regular fasting day and a strict diet on apples. If the first allows apples in unlimited quantities, then the second limits the serving to 1.5 kg

Apple diet: essence, benefits, results

The apple diet is popular due to its effectiveness and a huge number of versions, from which everyone can choose the most convenient for themselves.

Maggi diet menu for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks

Due to the predominance of eggs, the Maggi diet menu is called the egg diet, although it also includes other protein-containing foods.


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