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Mono-diets are a great and very simple way to lose weight in a very short time. This is an opportunity to lose weight with the help of a single product. For example, using only buckwheat in the diet, only kefir or just apples. But do you know what could be wrong for you mono-diet?

What products can I choose from, and which should I opt out of? How should you prepare the dishes that you use for mono-diet? What kind of sensations are waiting for you during the process of losing weight and for how long will the result be fixed? For these and other questions, read the answers in our section "Monodiettes"

English translation unavailable for Diet on pumpkin: useful recipes.

Corn stigma for weight loss

Corn stigmas have long been used to treat many dysfunctions of the gallbladder, for example, cholecystitis, as well as a number of diseases of the urinary system - pyelonephritis, urolithiasis

Disadvantages of the egg diet

Egg diet is not recommended for pregnant women, as when dieting the level of cholesterol in the body becomes very high.

Egg Diet: Benefits and Contraindications

You decided to follow the egg diet, but are not yet sure if it helps in the fight against excess weight or not?

Egg Diet for 4 Weeks

If you have a great desire to surprise your loved ones and friends with a sharp reduction in weight and wonderful body shapes - the egg diet is designed specifically for you.

Egg Diet for 2 weeks

For the most optimal result of the diet read and take very seriously everything that we will today tell you.

Pros and cons of diets: rice diet

Rice diet. The body is cleansed of toxins, the salts gradually leave and do not bother you.

Kefir diet: with what products it can not be combined?

Kefir diet is very good for the gastrointestinal tract.

Kefir diet for 7, 8 and 9 days

Kefir diet can be maintained for as long as you want.

Kefir diet - 3 effective ways to lose weight

Kefir diet can be a very effective way to lose weight.


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