Diet for weight loss

Diet for 40 days

The problems of excess weight bother people both in terms of aesthetics and health. Excess weight is a load on the spine and joints, high blood pressure, varicose veins, liver problems, and the risk of diabetes.

90 day split diet

This is the title of a book by two journalist friends from Slovenia who work in the field of gastronomic news. Based on the journalistic and gastronomic experience obtained through work in magazines, the girls created their own system called the 90-day diet of separate nutrition.

English diet for 21 days

Among the many ways to lose weight, the English diet for 21 days occupies a special place. Changes in nutrition involve the alternation of a vegetable and protein diet, which helps to speed up the metabolism and, accordingly, get rid of extra pounds.

Diet six petals: menu for every day, recipes

The six petal diet consists of six foods of various categories. This is not so little, because the list includes almost everything: fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products.

Diet "Six petals"

This method of losing weight has several synonyms. By the name of the author - Anna Johansson's diet 6 petals. In fact - a mono-diet of 6 petals. According to an imaginary picture - a chamomile diet.

Effective diets after 40 years

Features of nutrition in general and diets after 40 years for weight loss in particular are associated with the characteristics of the body. During this period, the woman is very active in personal and public life.

Types of rigid diets for fast weight loss

Many people who dream of losing weight with minimal effort resort to rather extreme methods. These include a tough diet for quick weight loss.

The toughest and most effective diets

One of the radical ways to improve the body and fight overweight is a rigid diet. Consider the principles of nutrition, types of diets, menus, contraindications.

Drinking diet for 30 days

The phrase "drinking diet for 30 days" seems to uninitiated people a way to lose weight using ordinary water. It is with water that the words "drink" and "drinking" are primarily associated.

Bran diet options: how much can you lose weight?

A big plus, for many - determining, is that the bran diet does not oblige to radically change the usual way of life and diet. Bran can simply be eaten 15 minutes before a meal, combined with other dietary ingredients, or added to ready-made foods.


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