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Diet for weight loss

Diet on oatmeal for weight loss: effectiveness, recipes

Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that goes through a long chain of transformations in which glucose is released gradually, gives more energy and does not lead to sharp jumps of insulin.

Diet for weight loss 40 kg for 1 month

To get rid of 40 kg will take more than one month, although it is quite achievable. An example would be the diet of Polina Gagarina, who from a bbw formed after childbirth, turned into a slender and beautiful "swan".

Green Diet: Essence, Feedback and Results

Among the many different weight loss diets, the green diet is very popular. This is the name of the food system in which only raw vegetables and green fruits are present.

Low carb diet for women, men, diabetes

Carbohydrates are organic compounds and are present in all cells and tissues of living organisms. Without them, life is impossible. In their structure, they are divided into simple and complex, namely the first - fast

Effective diets in adolescence

Up to 9-10 years, children are usually not very concerned about their appearance, body. Further, under the action of sex hormones, the body rapidly develops. This concerns not only changes in bodily forms, but also psychology.

Crash diet

In English, srash means to crush, to break. It means fast extreme weight loss. Under this name is covered any diet that severely limits the consumption of daily calories (not more than 800 kcal), or reduces the amount of food consumed to 2-3 items.

Salt-free diet: delicious recipes

To date, developed many diets aimed at weight loss. Especially popular is a salt-free diet for weight loss, which does not require significant restrictions in the diet.

English diet for 21 days: a detailed menu for every day

The sparing English diet is also attributed to the fact that it offers a variety of options and products, and also contains in the diet all nutritional components (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and vitamins.

English diet for weight loss: essence, testimonials and results

Pragmatic Englishmen traditionally prefer healthy food. It is no coincidence that the phrase "English diet" is associated with oatmeal. Just remember the phrase: "Oatmeal, sir!", Which made the famous game of talented actors.

Diet of Ekaterina Mirimanova minus 60: allowed products, recipes

Lose half of it - is it possible? Instead of the heavier 120s and weighing the ideal 60 kg? This is exactly what happened to an ordinary woman who achieved magical weight loss and weight retention within these limits.


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