Diets by blood groups

A blood group diet is a very interesting approach to a reasonable healthy diet, which was invented by an American doctor, nutritionist, Peter D'Adamo. Since then, many people around the world follow diets for the blood group and are losing weight successfully !.

What is the essence of the blood group diet? What products are included in the list of benefits to humans, which are neutral, and which you can safely be classed as harmful and excluded from your diet? How to use a diet for a group of blood to rejuvenate and cleanse the body of toxins? These and other questions will be answered by our section "Diets for the blood group".

Diet for the first blood group: how to lose weight properly

People - "hunters" who possess the first blood group, suffer from certain diseases.

Diet for the first blood group: what is not recommended to consume

With a diet for the first blood group, it is very important to exclude from the diet those foods that are prohibited.

Diet for the first blood group

People with the first blood group are most likely to eat meat products. The first blood group is called the zero blood group.

Diet for the second blood group: how to lose weight properly?

Representatives of the second blood group should limit their diet, not including harmful products to them.

Diet for the second blood group

For people with a second blood group, a digestive system is characteristic, which is less likely to digest animal proteins less than other groups.

Diet for a third group of blood: how to lose weight

People with a third group of blood can easily sustain their diet and even make it a permanent way of life.

Diet for the third blood group

For people with a third blood group, the products are easy to pick up.

Diet for the 4th blood group: how to lose weight properly

Diet for the 4 th blood group is completely different than for people with other groups.

Diet for the fourth blood group

The fourth group of blood is the youngest.

Diet by blood type: the view of a supporter

The diet for the blood group is not only ardent opponents, but also convinced supporters


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