Bran on a diet for weight loss

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Last reviewed: 16.04.2020

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Many have heard about bran diets, but not everyone knows what bran is. This is a product of the processing of grain, waste generated by grinding it. The owners never threw away this waste, but fed them livestock. And when it became known that bran has a lot of useful things, then people leading a healthy lifestyle became interested in them. It turned out that bran helps to correct weight and treat some diseases. Since then, a dietary product has firmly entered the diet of not only animals, but also people who care about healthy eating.

Is it possible to bran on a diet?

To the question: "Is it possible to bran on a diet?" - it is impossible to answer unequivocally. It depends on what kind of diet. If medical, then the actions must be agreed with the doctor. If the bran diet is used exclusively for weight loss, then it is also advisable to take into account the state of health so as not to exacerbate the existing problems, for example, with the digestive organs.

  • Bran is a supplier of fiber and, in this sense, a good alternative to a fruit and vegetable diet. Without fiber, the contents of the intestine lie inside, causing not the most pleasant sensations and consequences: heaviness, constipation, nausea.

Bran, moistened with water and gastric fluid, swell, fill the lumen of the intestinal cavities and push everything that is there to the exit. After defecation, the problem of constipation disappears - along with all the accompanying manifestations of discomfort.

  • This is not the only benefit of bran used for dietary purposes.

The product also promotes weight loss because it suppresses appetite. The mechanism is simple and clear: a stomach filled with bran resists the need for additional food to be poured into it or “thrown in”. Therefore, a person eats less than usual, and even more so does not overeat.

The product is also a source of useful components - trace elements and vitamins, which is important for any diet. A normalizing effect on metabolism enhances the rate of weight loss.

How to eat bran on a diet?

Processed foods that everyone enjoys serve the poor man of modern man. They are poor in substances that stimulate the intestines, but they contain something that increases body weight. They use a bran diet to activate peristalsis, remove excess from the intestines, as well as from fat depots, and lose weight.

  • The most useful are three types of bran: from oats, wheat and rye grains. They can be mixed or alternated, depending on taste preferences.

How bran is eaten on a diet depends on taste and purpose. So, for a gradual adaptation to the diet and losing weight, start with a tablespoon and bring the serving to 3. It is not worth consuming more than 30g, so as not to cause flatulence or exacerbation of intestinal diseases.

To suppress appetite: 15 minutes before dinner, eat a portion of bran with a small amount of water, drink a glass of water.

  • To mix tastes, add a spoonful of bran to salads, soups, meat food.

Another way is to mix the product pre-swollen with water or milk with cottage cheese and dried fruits. Or replace breakfast, dinner with kefir-bran mixture. During the diet, be sure to drink daily up to 3 liters of water.

A healthy diet drink is made from a glass of bran and a liter of water. Having boiled everything together for a quarter of an hour over low heat, stand still and strain it. Drink half a cup before each meal.


The main thing in the bran diet technique is to thoroughly clean from ballast, heal and rejuvenate the body. Slags, liquids, toxins - all unnecessary, polluting and poisoning organs and systems that reduce the vitality and efficiency of the body go away.

  • Hence the indications for the appointment: they appear along with the need to cleanse, relieve and improve the body.

Bran act as a kind of brush for the intestine, free it from the products of decay, fecal stones, accelerate the metabolism and the fatty process, unload after the "holidays of gluttony" and periodic food intemperance. Particularly useful in chronic constipation.

As an additional ingredient, the product is used in protein diets, for example, Ducane, when the abundance of proteins inhibits digestion and peristalsis, provokes gastrointestinal congestion.

  • Without a cleaned intestine, no diet can help you lose weight.

Bran eliminates stagnation, latent and visible puffiness, helps to lose up to 4 kg per week without health risks. They are prescribed not only by gastroenterologists, but also dermatologists - to eliminate skin problems caused by disorders in the digestive tract.

Slimming bran

The effectiveness of the bran diet is evaluated according to the results. But before deciding on a procedure, it is advisable to predict the likely results, as well as whether such a product is suitable for weight loss for you personally.

  • Bran is used for dietary purposes because they absorb liquid and swell in the stomach better than all other low-calorie foods.

Flour milling waste consists entirely of fiber, easily digestible and beneficial for the digestive tract. They create a feeling of satiety and enrich the vitamins of a person who is on a diet.

  • Weight loss also occurs due to a decrease in appetite.

Reducing the portions eaten by itself contributes to weight loss, and the stimulation of metabolism that occurs due to bowel cleansing acts in the same direction.

  • You can lose weight in a simple way, without resorting to strict dietary requirements.

It is enough to eat a spoonful of bran each time before the main meal. Then drink a lot so that the food absorbs a maximum of liquid. Otherwise, swelling will not occur and saturation will not be felt. You should not only drink the product, but also drink plenty of water throughout the day, clean high-quality water.

The rest of the diet is not subject to radical changes or restrictions. It is enough to reduce the number of flour and sweet dishes, as well as eliminate alcohol. Instead, provide cottage cheese, fresh salads, fruits in the menu.

General information of the bran diets

The basis of the bran diet , in addition to the bran itself, is made up of natural dietary meat and dairy foods, unsweetened fruit and vegetables. Flour muffin, fatty meat, pasta, pastry are excluded. Limited to coffee: for coffee lovers who cannot completely abandon it, - in 2 servings. For those who do not drink more, this is not a limitation, therefore it does not matter.

  • The technique does not imply strict prohibitions.

The system is designed for 5-15 days and depends on what result you need. The essence of the diet is in the daily use of bran three times, a decrease in calorie content and portion size. The average daily rate is up to 1300 - 1500 kcal, food intake - 5-6 times a day, in small doses. During work associated with increased loads, caloric content is increased to 1700 kcal. The quality of the bran is important.

  • Actual feature - on the first day you can not use anything from sour-milk products.

The fact is that bran does not combine with sour-milk microorganisms, which are rich in these products. They cause active fermentation, bloating, discomfort and the need to constantly be near the toilet. Which does not always work if you are at work or away from home.

Later fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt once a day to drink is not only possible, but also desirable. (The ban does not apply to a separate version of the diet, with kefir and bran.)


Like any special diet, the bran diet is used for a specific purpose. What kind of diet benefit can a person who decides to change the way of eating can count on?

A 2013 study by Lawton CL et al. Proved that short-term (14 days) consumption of insoluble breakfast cereals containing wheat bran fibers improves subjective digestive sensations, overall well-being, and bowel function. [1]

The consumption of cereal fibers, mixtures of whole grains and bran, as well as whole grains reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. [2], [3]

The benefits can be called on the points:

  1. Digestive tract cleansing.
  2. Supply of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Appetite suppression.
  4. Normalization of metabolism.

The rules of the diet are simple, but important. Regardless of the method of use, bran require a sufficient amount of water. Without it, the product will not swell and will not work in the right direction.

  • The benefit increases if the normal menu is adjusted to the healthy side, and harmful food and alcohol are completely abandoned, at least temporarily.

Nutritionists recommend not to choose one, but to mix different types of bran. Recall that this is a waste from the processing of various crops. Wheat, rye, oat - only the most famous, but there are millet, and buckwheat, and rice.

Rice bran contains amino acids, vitamins and cofactors, as well as phytochemicals with medicinal and nutritional properties. [4]

Dietary rice bran can have beneficial effects on certain types of cancer, such as breast, lung, liver, and colorectal cancer. The chemoprophylaxis potential is associated with biologically active phytochemicals present in rice bran, such as ferulic acid, tricin, β-sitosterol, γ-oryzanol, tocotrienols / tocopherols and phytic acid. Studies have shown that the antitumor effects of bioactive components derived from rice bran are mediated by their ability to induce apoptosis, inhibit cell proliferation and alter cell cycle progression in malignant cells. The biologically active components of rice bran protect against tissue damage by removing free radicals and blocking chronic inflammatory reactions. It was also shown that phytochemicals of rice bran activate antitumor immune responses and also affect the microenvironment of a colon tumor in favor of enhanced chemoprophylaxis of colorectal cancer. This is achieved by modulating the intestinal microflora communities and regulating enzymes. In addition, the low cost of rice production and the availability of rice bran make it an attractive candidate for global diet prophylaxis. Thus, the creation of dietary rice bran as a practical food-based chemoprophylactic can have a significant impact on cancer prevention for the entire population of the world. [5]

Oat bran favorably affects satiety, as well as the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids after meals. [6] Oat bran significantly reduces total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoprotein B. [7]

The physiological effects of wheat bran can be divided into nutritional effects (from the nutrients present), mechanical effects (mainly on the gastrointestinal tract, due to fiber content) and antioxidant effects (arising from the presence of phytonutrients such as phenolic acid and alkylresorcinols ) [8]

Studies have shown that wheat bran can have a beneficial effect on the prevention of diseases, including certain types of cancer (in particular colorectal cancer), cardiovascular diseases,  [9]obesity and certain gastrointestinal diseases, including diverticular diseases, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) ) [10]

  • How many types of grain - so many different bran.

The benefits depend on the duration of the diet. One-time, three-day, 2-week, tough - options for all occasions. In order for the benefit not to turn into harm, you should correctly approach the procedure: do not apply if there are contraindications and do not overdo it if they are absent. An overdose of fiber causes flatulence, weakens the absorption of drugs, some metals, including iron.

What can and what can not?

In addition to bran, what can I eat? The question is not idle: often it is the answer to it that determines a person’s choice in favor of any diet (or vice versa). During the bran diet, it is recommended to lean on seasonal vegetables, sour fruits, lean meats and fish, low-fat sour-milk products, including drinks.

  • To prevent stress caused by food restrictions, please yourself with fresh fruits and fruit salads, your favorite dishes from the allowed ingredients.

Vegetable fats are preferred: olive, linseed, corn oil. They are seasoned with salads. Among the drinks in the first place are high-quality water, unsweetened patches and compotes, fruit drinks, green tea. Liquid is essential, so it is drunk more than ever: from 2 to 3 liters per day.

Such food is recommended with a 2-week diet, when a spoonful of bran should be eaten three times a day, washed down with three cups of water. In general, 3 spoons of bran and 9 servings of liquid are obtained per day. After that, you can eat only after 3 hours.

  • The second option is designed for three months and promises weight loss of 10 kg.

The diet does not change much, bran is simply added to the usual food: soups, drinks. The first two weeks, a serving - 1 tsp., The rest of the days - 1 tbsp. Spoon three times daily. Do not forget to drink a lot of water, otherwise the bran will not work in the right direction.

In addition, the proposed diet involves the use of additional substances: apple cider vinegar with honey. The drink is prepared as follows: take a teaspoon of vinegar and a little honey in a glass of water, stir and drink twice a day (that is, two glasses a day).

Using bran, what can not be eaten? What can negate the efforts of losing weight, diligently observing the recommendations of a nutritionist?

  • A characteristic feature of the bran diet is the absence of strict restrictions and the associated food discomfort.

It is recommended to turn out mainly from food recognized as unhealthy: either in quality, or in the way of cooking. Fried, fatty, too salty and sweet foods, alcoholic beverages of various strengths do not fit into any diet and are not welcome under any circumstances.

  • A person eats them, exclusively indulging his nutritional weaknesses and unhealthy appetite.

It is enough to at least slightly reduce portions, reduce calorie content and review the menu so that part of the weight is gone “without looking back”. Even a special diet is not required.

The diet is exempted from smoked meat and fish products, canned goods and pickled products, magnificent flour and pastries with creams, sweets and sweet fruits, potatoes. Culinary processing - gentle: slow cooker, double boiler, boiling in water. Dressings - with natural oils, low-fat kefir or yogurt instead of sour cream and mayonnaise.

The above recommendations are valid for all consuming bran for dietary or therapeutic purposes. It does not matter which ones: wheat, oat or mixtures of various varieties, as most nutritionists advise.


Bran is contraindicated in people with chronic gastrointestinal pathologies, with adhesions, ulcers, and high sensitivity to gluten. Other contraindications - taking medications: you can not combine a bran diet with vitamins, dietary supplements, and medications. That is, a dietary product and everything else should be diluted in time, otherwise bran will bind not only toxins, but also useful components. Agree that it is difficult to expect from a common product identification of useful and harmful.

For the same reason, continuous use is not recommended: removing dirt, bran begins to adsorb and remove useful substances, the same mineral and vitamin supply or nutrients necessary for the body, outside the body.

Possible risks

Overdose, uncontrolled use is fraught with side effects of the bran diet. Risks associated with diet arise from violations of the rules, in particular, insufficient drinking of liquid, as well as combining bran with the intake of vitamin and pharmacological preparations. A rough texture with sharp elements of unprocessed waste can injure the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, starting with the oral cavity.


The frequency of possible complications in the first place - flatulence, diarrhea. With a bran diet, swelling occurs. Useful components, including calcium, are removed along with slags. Coarse fibers can damage the walls of the esophagus and stomach.

Feedback and Results

In the modern world it is difficult to be surprised at something, including the abundance of various diets. It seems like a diet system can be created on any product.

  • But judging by the number of overweight people, outlandish diets are not a panacea. Do people care or are they too lazy to leave the comfort zone? Or are diets ineffective?

In the reviews and results, people argue about this, complaining that often unwanted kilograms return to their "rightful" places. Losing weight and losing weight willingly share experiences and recipes for the bran diet. Most note an improvement in health and well-being.

If there were no bran, they would be worth coming up with. The product supplies the body with such a necessary substance as natural fiber. Thanks to her, the bran diet normalizes weight and digestive processes, eliminates constipation, and restores the beauty of the skin. Together with the correction of the diet in the direction of reducing calorie content and reasonable containment, bran acts effectively and efficiently in all cases where there are no contraindications.

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