Bran diet options: how much can you lose weight?

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Last reviewed: 16.04.2020

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A big plus, for many - determining, is that the bran diet does not oblige to radically change the usual way of life and diet. Bran can simply be eaten 15 minutes before a meal, combined with other dietary ingredients, or added to ready-made foods. The main thing is to remember the sense of proportion and danger of experimenting with one's own health. How much you can lose weight on bran depends on several factors:

  • the duration of the diet;
  • initial weight;
  • the rest of the diet;
  • unhealthy habits.

The reviews write about 3kg per month, 7 - for six months. The articles report on research by French and Harvard experts. The French have proven that only 5g of bran fiber reduces the risk of fullness by 15%. And the Americans experimentally confirmed the effectiveness of increasing the daily dose, increased to 8g. Women in this group lost an average of 3.5 kg; whereas when the amount of fiber is reduced to 2 g, on the contrary, they have recovered greatly. [1], [2]

  • You can’t think that bran is such a neutral product, suitable for animal feed and not particularly affecting humans. It is as if all the best man was seized during grinding and transferred to the composition of white flour or refined cereals.

In fact, bran is a natural absorbent, they contain 90% of the active components, which before grinding were part of the grain of cereal plants. That is why it is impossible to start a diet with a large dose of a substance: first, the body must adapt to food innovations.

If we are talking about long-term use, then during the first months it is enough to eat a teaspoon of bran of any kind. And only in the absence of undesirable consequences, measure the dosage with a tablespoon. Useful maximum is a 30-gram serving per day (three spoons).

Stiff bran diet

Any diet requires a lot of willpower. After all, the technique for the weak-willed: “what would you eat to lose weight?”, Unfortunately or fortunately, does not work. A strict bran diet is no exception. It is recommended to proceed to it not immediately, but after the body gets used to an unusual product - in fact, not food, but feed.

  • The initial dose of bran is 1 tsp. Three times a day before meals.

Remember that the product acts only in combination with a liquid: water, juice, kefir, infusion. Gradually, the portion is brought to 3 tbsp. Spoons, also in three doses. Then the effect manifests itself better, and the gastrointestinal tract reacts more gently. After getting used to it, you can tighten the conditions of the bran diet, for example, follow the kefir-bran diet.

A skim milk product and powdered bran are used. A spoonful of powder should be stirred in a cup of the drink and swallow slowly, every four hours, a teaspoon of the resulting homogeneous mass. The last portion is three hours before bed.

  • How much such a diet can endure depends on willpower. It is unlikely that many are able to withstand more than three days.

You can choose another scheme: do this unloading once a week. And the rest of the days to eat balanced, within the permissible calories.

Starting a bran diet spontaneously, for the mood or for a company with a girlfriend, is not recommended. Although a positive example of friends is a plus, it should be remembered that each human body has its own characteristics, as a result of which the results also differ.

  • It is advisable to first make sure that there are no contraindications, plan your actions and prepare mentally, choose the duration and specific version of the bran diet.

In any case, you should take a spoonful of bran two to three times a day in a dry or other form. That is, diluted with milk, water, juice, kefir or another sour-milk drink.

  • Products are exclusively natural. If we are talking about yogurt, then it is easy to cook at home, in a special yogurt maker or with the help of simple appliances available in every kitchen.

It is just as easy to make fresh yogurt from skimmed natural milk. If you have no time to do it yourself, then buy in a supermarket. Choose unsweetened drinks without fillers and artificial flavors, which are stuffed with most products.

The diet includes a variety of varieties of bran: oat, wheat, corn, rye. There is a Dukan diet, the Kremlin, the bran option + kefir. In addition to losing weight and cleansing, the system promotes the outflow of bile and the normalization of liver function.

Bran in the Dukan diet or how to use bran on the Dukan diet?

Ducan's diet can be considered as one of the options for a bran diet. The authors of the bran system were interested in the quality of a substance that helps to lose weight. This ability was discovered and used by the Americans after extensive research that made waste so popular. Since then, bran in the Dukan diet has firmly taken a dominant place, and the technique itself has gained popularity far beyond the borders of the American continent.

  • How to use bran on the Ducane diet to get the maximum result?

Many people like this technique, which does not impose sharp restrictive frameworks and conditions. Dr. Ducane uses the unique ability of oat bran to absorb 25 times more water from its original volume. They mechanically fill the digestive tract, and in the small intestine they absorb food intended for the body.

Due to this, the nutrient components do not enter the bloodstream and are not stored in the reserve, but are excreted. They are used to their taste: on an empty stomach, washed down with water or as an ingredient in hot and cold dishes.

Ducan regulates the daily norms of consumption of the product depending on the stage, and there are four of them, with their names: attack, cruise, consolidation, stabilization. The norm of bran increases by half a spoon: from 1.5 with an “attack” - up to 3 spoons during the period of “stabilization”. Only oatmeal is used.

How to replace bran in the Dukan diet?

Much is written about Ducane, including the unpleasant. They are accused of commercializing their projects, insolvency of diets and profanity of dietetics per se. As if official checks by European colleagues give opposite results to those that the successful Frenchman speaks about. This makes us cautious about the Ducan bran diet.

However, the adherents of the methodology are ready to follow it, and whoever does not like the main product is looking for whether and with what to replace bran in the Ducan diet.

  • Pierre Ducane believes that oat bran is unique in its properties, practically uncontested and their replacement is undesirable.

Unpleasant taste is easy to “hide” in pastries or dishes with other ingredients. In extreme cases, when the body does not tolerate the product, it is allowed to replace it with ordinary buckwheat. The same cereal is used for a one-time replacement, so as not to interrupt the diet, if for some reason the bran was not enough.

  • Take dry cereals, not more than two tablespoons, steamed with water or boiled with milk. A smaller amount is explained by the fact that buckwheat has other properties than oat bran. Grinded buckwheat flour is also suitable.

It is reported that experimentally proved the effectiveness of the following substitution: oat bran - for natural granola or other varieties of bran. As if the Dukanov diet does not lose effectiveness.

Buckwheat instead of bran

It happens that the bran diet is in jeopardy because there is nowhere to buy them. And one should not be surprised, because not all settlements have supermarkets with the widest assortment of various products. It happens that the body does not tolerate bran and reacts with allergies. What to replace the ingredient with, answers Dr. Ducane: buckwheat instead of bran is quite acceptable, although by its properties these products are not the same and are not digested in the same way.

Buckwheat is used in dry form, 2 tbsp. Spoons. Do not exceed the dosage, so as not to cause stagnation in the digestive tract. The product can be prepared in different ways: steamed or boiled, in water or milk.

  • It is emphasized that replacement is allowed solely on the basis of indications, and not at the whim of a slimming person who does not like the taste or smell of bran. Otherwise, the desired result can not wait.

It should be noted that bran added to food lose their inherent taste and aroma, but do not lose dietary properties. Use them as an additive to salads, in the first and second courses, even in some desserts - and bon appetit! And do not forget to drink a lot, preferably clean water, tea, juices. Compliance with the rules guarantees the result.

Bran on the Kremlin diet

The so-called Kremlin diet is built on a reduced amount of carbohydrates and processing your own fat reserves for energy. Its goal is to lose weight, speed up the metabolism and not replenish after increasing the supply of carbohydrates to the body.

Unlike the bran diet, the technique consists of several stages, forcing you to use special tables and calculate points.

  • Despite the enormous glory of effective, such a diet scares away many of its complexity and duration.

Bran on the Kremlin diet is allowed, despite the fact that they are composed of fiber belonging to carbohydrates. Why is that? Recall that bran is almost not digested, they transit through the digestive tract in transit, cleansing the intestinal lining with a “filthy broom”. At the same time, they practically do not increase the calorie content of the diet, but serve as an additional assistant in the matter of losing weight and normalizing digestion.

In order for bran to benefit, they should be taken correctly. It is customary to do this in several ways:

  • before meals - in pure form, washed down with water;
  • mixed with drinks;
  • instead of crackers;
  • with basic food.

The product goes well with cereals, salads, soups, even desserts. With any diet, they are eaten only in the morning. In the evening, as an option, you can use pure fiber, in which there are much less carbohydrates.

Protein bran

The value of bran on a protein diet was not immediately understood. The same Ducan at first categorically forbade patients with all carbohydrates without exception. What made his diet very difficult for many. Having discovered bran, thanks to studies about their beneficial effects on blood sugar and cholesterol, the nutritionist introduced the product into the diet and unexpectedly saw improvements in results. And even before special bran diets were created, I understood their role and functions in digestion.

The fibrous membranes of cereal seeds, which are the waste of their grinding, are rich in proteins, but poor in the so-called fast carbohydrates. The dietary properties are as follows:

  • Absorption - they absorb liquid in the stomach like a sponge, fill the space and create a feeling of food satiety.
  • Stickiness - in the small intestine they act like an adhesive tape: they stick to all high-calorie nutrient components, making it difficult for them to naturally “transport” to the blood and partially to the outside.

Feeling of satiety and getting rid of calories is the key to the success of diets with the participation of bran, including protein. Bran is eaten daily, according to the method of Ducan - 2 tbsp. Spoons in all four stages. Oat waste is considered suitable as the most useful and with a minimum of negative consequences.

Oat bran diet

The use of bran is diverse, which explains their use in dietary techniques of various kinds, especially cleansing and for weight loss. Oat bran diet - from this series. The product effectively cleans the "Augean stables" of the gastrointestinal tract, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and the liver, and suppresses hunger with a low-calorie diet.

Oat bran favorably affects satiety, as well as the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids after meals. [3] Oat bran significantly reduces total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoprotein B. [4]

A diet on bran of various cereals contributes to the replenishment of fiber, vitamins, minerals, benefits diabetics, people with various digestive disorders and bowel movements. The coarse fibers from which bran is formed in the stomach repeatedly increase and fill the space, and then advance along the digestive tract, mechanically cleansing its contents.

  • In order for the fibers to swell, it is important to drink plenty of water. In the cleaned intestines, beneficial microflora actively suppresses pathogenic actively propagates.

Start the procedure from the fasting day. Conveniently, it was a day off. On this day, 30 g of bran and 2 l of still water are consumed. White fish and lean meats are left in the diet; animal fats and carbohydrates are completely excluded. Such a power system can last from a week to 2 months, in a short time reducing weight by 10 kg.

  • The morning of the diet begins with oatmeal with the addition of 35g of bran. For lunch, eat steamed meat or fish with a vegetable side dish (except for potatoes). After half an hour they consume 2 tablespoons of bran and a cup of water.

Does dinner consist of a similar dish and low-fat kefir? The lack of hunger is one of the advantages of this technique. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for people with stomach and intestinal problems.

Wheat bran diet

A low-calorie diet on wheat bran is used to lose weight, as well as to improve digestion and overall health. This is a kind of bran diet - a popular way of healing and improving the body shape, diet and eating habits correction, which, after the procedure is completed, get a chance to become more useful for the body. Contain more insoluble fiber than the popular oatmeal.

Wheat bran prevents the development of diseases, including certain types of cancer (particularly colorectal cancer), cardiovascular diseases,  [5]obesity, and certain gastrointestinal diseases, including diverticular diseases, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). [6]

  • Wheat bran begins to be consumed with 3-4 granules, on the fifth day they are brought up to 1 st. Spoons. With a large excess of weight, the dosage is different: at least 1 spoon per 60 kg.

At its discretion, the daily dose is steamed with boiling water immediately or every time again, in 2 or 3 doses. For 2 tablespoons, a glass of water is enough. After half an hour, the steamed bran is eaten with water. If desired, they are mixed with a fermented milk product or honey to taste, added to the first and second courses - their effectiveness from these manipulations does not decrease.

  • Wheat bran has beneficial properties not only for those who want to lose weight and improve digestion.

Warm infusion helps with bronchitis, vitamin - with pneumonia and throat diseases, steamed and crushed with dried fruits bran relieve constipation. From swollen bran, nuts and prunes, healthy flour-free pancakes are prepared, and cereals, casseroles, jelly and other dishes are enriched with them to make them not only tasty, but also as useful as possible.

Rye bran

One of the most popular is rye bran. Perhaps because rye and rye flour are actively used in the baking industry, and dark rye bread is much more to taste than ruddy pastries from premium flour. The bran diet suggests an independent choice or limits it to specific indications of the bran variety.

It is assumed that the use of rye bran increases apoptosis in prostate tumors,  [7] prevents the formation of intestinal polyps,  [8] inhibits adipocyte lipolysis and the activity of hormone-sensitive lipase. [9]

  • Crispy food bran is released by forcing through the forming holes.

100 g of the product contains 221 kcal, proteins and carbohydrates, a whole list of vitamins and minerals. The main dietary ingredient is dietary fiber.

  • From a dietary point of view, bran is interesting in that it is a natural adsorbent and can create a feeling of satiety.

In the stomach, together with water, they fill the volume, leaving no room for excess food, and in the intestines absorb toxins and toxins, taking everything out of the digestive tract. This is a somewhat simplified explanation, but in principle, everything really happens. A person loses weight, heals his own digestive tract and does not starve too much.

  • Reception of rye bran begins with a moderate dose and is gradually brought up to 3-4 tablespoons during the day. Keep in mind that colitis, ulcers, gastritis are contraindications for such a diet.

For swelling, the product is poured with boiling water, then it is eaten in its pure form or added to minced meat, salads, and pastries. Note that during cooking, the beneficial properties are not lost. A simple way to organize yourself a tasty unloading laziness is as follows:

  • Grind 100 steamed bran, add raisins and prunes (100 and 200 grams, respectively). For a day, use a lot and drink from 1.5 liters of water.

Diet on bran and kefir

Bran contains few calories, but a lot of fiber and nutrients. Low-fat kefir is also dietary, it is recommended for medicinal purposes, and for weight loss. The bran and kefir diet combines the properties of both products.

The bran diet with kefir is carried out as follows:

  1. A spoonful of bran is eaten three times a day, each time with a glass of water.
  2. The interval between meals is from 3 hours.
  3. Include low-fat fish, dairy and meat products, eggs in the menu.
  4. Snack kefir with a spoonful of bran.
  5. Continue for a maximum of 10 days.
  6. Repeat the session no earlier than in a month.
  • To avoid contraindications, you should first consult with doctors. Healthy people can lose up to 3kg per week.

When choosing the type of bran, get acquainted with their properties. So, wheat consists of delicate fibers that promote weight loss. Rye is rich in important trace elements and B vitamins. Oat bran reliably cleanses the intestines with coarse fibers.

Therefore, it is better to start with wheat or their mixture with oatmeal, which are especially effective with kefir. Increase the dose gradually so that a new product does not cause indigestion.

  • Kefir is also useful in that it “populates” the cleaned intestines with beneficial microorganisms. There comes not only cleansing, but also the improvement of the digestive system.

You can use both products without the big word "diet". Just include them in your daily diet. For example, drink a glass of kefir with a teaspoon of bran in 20 minutes. Before meals. Thanks to simple manipulations, appetite will decrease, as well as the amount of food eaten. Weight loss is slow, about 2kg per month, but without heroic efforts and dietary restrictions.

Water and bran

Bran has incredible absorption: they are able to absorb 15–20 times more moisture from their own volume. Nutritionists have not so long ago appreciated the beneficial properties of this feed product and included it in a variety of dietary diets.

  • Water and bran create an excellent dietary tandem, and it is used not only by those who want to lose weight, but also by athletes, and just people who monitor their health. Without water, a bran diet is not possible.

The procedure begins with a small portion - 1 teaspoon, copiously poured with water. Then the portion is increased, but to a reasonable extent. Nutritionists believe that more than 3 tbsp. Tablespoons per day to use is impractical.

  • Mixing in the stomach, bran actively absorb liquid and fill the lumen, creating the illusion of satiety.

Perhaps this is not quite an illusion, since the product has enough nutritious, but low-calorie components. In addition, they are absorbed slowly, prolonging the feeling of fullness.

When pushed to the exit, that is, into the intestine, the swollen mass stimulates its work and cleans old deposits from the walls, bringing invaluable benefits to the body as a whole. As a result of such nutrition, a person not only gets rid of excess weight, but also heals, establishes digestion, regains lightness and good mood.

Diet with bran slimming with kefir

Everyone knows about kefir as a dietary product: this is the first product that doctors allow the patient after many operations, based on which whole methods of losing weight have been developed. About bran and a diet on bran heard relatively recently.

  • History is silent about who first guessed to combine the dietary qualities of both products: nutritionists or people with problem weight?

Regardless of the primacy, today the bran bran slimming diet with kefir has gained great popularity among many supporters. For one or two weeks of the diet, weight loss of 3-5 kg is promised. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. When you wake up, drink 2 cups of water.
  2. After 15 minutes - breakfast: a portion of kefir with bran (2 tsp per glass).
  3. In the afternoon - extremely healthy food: vegetable and sour-milk, steam fish and meat dishes.
  4. Bran is added to the daily food, they drink a lot of water.
  5. Eat no more than 1500 kcal per day.
  6. It is advisable to maintain 3-hour intervals.
  7. At night they drink yogurt or kefir with a teaspoon of bran.

A two-week meal according to these rules gives a visible result: the figure grows slimmer, the mood becomes cheerful and positive. A longer period can be dangerous due to the low calorie content and lack of some important components. It is advised to return to the usual diet gradually, introducing high-calorie foods in small doses.

Bran diet for a week

Several options have been developed: a bran diet for a week, two, three, an express technique for three days. The promised weight loss is from three to 10 kg. For a bran diet, it is not necessary to get attached to a particular variety: on the contrary, experts advise them to mix. And also take not granular, but friable product.

  • The stomach should be accustomed to new food within a week. The scheme is simple: eat a teaspoon in the morning - before or during breakfast.

When the portion is maximized (3 tablespoons), it is important not to forget about drinking: the daily amount of liquid is two or more liters. At the same time, the quantity and calorie content of the remaining dishes should be reduced, and from the point of view of nutritionists, food that is especially undesirable should be completely abandoned. Recall that this is pickled, fatty, confectionery, fast food, alcohol, soda.

If you want to lose weight on bran longer than a week, then the developed weekly menu options should be repeated, but no more than three times in a row. 21 days - the deadline for the method. Then it should be interrupted, and again to start a diet is allowed no earlier than two months later.

Steaming bran is simple: rinse the required amount, pour hot water, leave under the lid, after 15 minutes drain the remaining liquid. Eat as a finished dish or with cereals. To add to other dishes, do this:

  • Rinse in a gauze bag under running water.
  • Add twice as much water, cook for half an hour.
  • Cool, squeeze, dry.
  • Grind in a coffee grinder.
  • Add to cakes, bread, cookies, and other recommended foods.

Bran dishes

To cook dishes from bran or to eat them separately - it is decided to lose weight independently. Fasting fit bran steamed in haste boiled milk and infused for half an hour.

With problems with bowel movements, not only the bran diet, but also bran water helps. A liquid drunk on an empty stomach with honey or berry juice activates peristalsis and relieves constipation. It is prepared from a glass of product, poured overnight with a liter of water at room temperature.

  • The use of bran is not regulated in any one way.

As an additive, they are used in cooked dishes, pastries, cereals, fresh salads. It is combined with cottage cheese and eggs, fish and meat ingredients. When bran is added to traditional recipes, delicious rosy cheesecakes, meatballs, cookies, nuggets are obtained.

A dry breakfast bar is a pocket-sized option for a dietary product. Nutritious, tasty slices - not only breakfast, but also a ready snack during the day or on the go. It is made from bran, honey, sugar, roasted walnuts and almonds. All ingredients are mixed and put on fire to melt the sugar that holds the mass together. Then it is laid out on a plastic wrap and put in the cold. After getting cut into pieces in the form of bars.

Diet bran bread

It happens that tasty and attractive in appearance is not very useful, and healthy does not cause appetite. A good example is bread: the most delicious golden palyanitsy are obtained from fine white flour, while nutritionists consider coarse flour, with the addition of bran, to be useful. When bran, bread with bran is included in diets intended for weight loss, regulation of digestion, and cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract with the help of fiber contained in the product.

  • The bran diet is based on the fact that many useful components go into bran, while white flour is depleted in them. Therefore, white bread is not as useful as the one in which bran was added.

Several grades of bran bread are baked, which have different effects on human health.

  1. Whole grain - necessary for diabetics, with excess weight, problems with cholesterol and the cardiovascular system.
  2. Live - it is prepared with sourdough, it is useful for vitamin deficiency, problems with excess weight.
  3. Biobread - with additives of nuts, seeds, flour of other varieties, vegetable ingredients.
  4. Crispbread is obtained by removing moisture from the bread. Useful natural bread without enhancers and flavors.
  • If bakery products do not suit you, try baking bran bread yourself - in the oven, microwave or bread machine.

It is quite high-calorie, a person is saturated with several slices of the product. With bran, the body receives coarse fibers that can renew many vital processes. This allows you to normalize the stool and prevent constipation, quickly saturate by filling the volume, establish metabolism and start the process of losing weight. Rye varieties with bran are more healthy than wheat.

Bran pancakes

They say that Ducan himself recommended bran pancakes, useful for digestion and figure. A dietary dish is prepared quickly and easily, and the benefit is that instead of premium flour, oat bran is included in the recipe. They contain not only fiber, but also proteins, well suppress hunger and promote self-cleaning.

  • Losing weight with a bran diet also create their own culinary masterpieces containing the main ingredient.

It is known that without flour, pancakes “cannot hold coupes”. The secret of classic thin pancakes is that bran is turned into flour. Then everything goes according to plan: milk is mixed with an egg and a sugar substitute, the flour is added and mixed until a homogeneous consistency. Well, if the kitchen has a non-stick pancake frying pan. In any case, before each pancake, the bottom is smeared with a few drops of oil.

  • Another "Dyukanovsky" option - curd and bran pancakes.

Milk, eggs are combined, salted and sweetened, then mixed with fat-free cottage cheese and bran, preferably two varieties. For 1 egg, take 1 tbsp. Oat and 1 tsp wheat products, 1 tsp homemade cheese, 3 tbsp. L milk, the rest tastes good. Pour portions onto a dry skillet to make pancakes.

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