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If you sincerely believe that in just a few days - as promised by the 5-day diet for weight loss - you can become easier by five (in other versions - by nine) kilograms, then read on.

By the way, many of the word "diet" literally throws into a shiver, and in vain. In Greek, diata means a way of life or regime. Western nutritionists often use the definition of a "slimming program".

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The essence of the 5-day diet

Those who want to remove from their body an excess burden in the form of excessive body weight, you need proper nutrition, that is, a balanced diet, and daily physical activity. These are the key components of any weight management program. The basic principle underlying safe and effective weight loss programs is a negative energy balance - when the caloric intake exceeds the caloric intake. And the essence of the 5-day diet is a temporary calorie deficit.

According to the study, which was conducted at the University of Southern California, a 5-day diet for weight loss, which is recommended to be observed for five days every month - by limiting the calories of food - promotes the activation of all metabolic processes in the body and helps to reduce weight. The rest of 25 days in a month you can eat whatever you like. Treatment of obesity with this diet is carried out by cycles - every 3-6 months, depending on body weight and general health.

However, applications of Internet announcements - a 5-day diet minus 5 kg - is an advertising trick. Professionals do not promise more than 5 pounds of weight reduction, that is, in the range of 2.3-2.5 kg. More significant weight loss is possible only with increasing daily physical exertion - muscular and cardiac.

It is impossible not to note a huge number of different "nominal" diets. For example, Malysheva's 5-day diet has gained popularity due to the fact that Elena Malysheva (cardiologist, professor of medicine) leads a Russian TV show about health and, using the untitled name, is engaged in commerce in the field of dietary nutrition (delivery of frozen dietary dishes for microwave ovens). . Her diet no know how is different, so we will continue the story of an intensive weight loss program, based on the characteristics of metabolism.

So, the essence of the 5-day diet: a decrease in caloric intake of food by 30-50% of the norm, the predominance of plant foods (in particular, vegetable soups) and daily use of decoction from camomile chamomile (two cups a day). This broth has special properties that help get rid of excess weight. Firstly, chamomile flowers improve digestion, activate intestinal motility and, in connection with their laxative effect, protect the intestine from some toxins; thanks to the diuretic effect - contribute to the removal of water from the body. In addition, chamomile tea reduces appetite.

On the first day of the diet, the diet should include 10% of proteins, 55% of fats and 35% of carbohydrates and make up 1100 calories. In the remaining four days the daily calorie content of the diet is reduced to 725 calories, protein should account for not more than 10%, for fats - 40-45%, for carbohydrates - 45-50%.

Results surprised the experts of the National Institute on Aging (National Institute on Aging): this diet can strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease and even slow the aging.

In addition, short-term intensive weight loss programs use the principle of adaptation. The body adapts to reducing food intake and, accordingly, reducing energy sources. How? Reducing muscle mass of the body and using its proteins to maintain the metabolism of proteins. But with a long significant decrease in caloric intake, the body behaves differently: the energy expenditure slows down, and the person no longer grows thin.

British experts in the field of healthy eating believe that it is much more useful for the body to simply reduce the caloric content of a daily diet on a regular basis than to arrange intensive discharges.

5 day diet

This name, this 5-day diet for weight loss was received by the people because of the presence of a five-step, painted by the day, the performance of this fast diet. And, to the five factors facilitated by the five factors of the famous American fitness trainer and nutritional expert Harley Pasternak (Harley Pasternak), whose services are used by half of Hollywood, the 5-day diet "ladder" has nothing to do.

But once it is worth pointing out that the principles of this diet do not take into account the characteristics of metabolism in the body, nor the need to consume foods with a high fiber content (for intestinal work), nor to exclude foods with a high glycemic index.

In general, the first "step" should cleanse the body of toxins, for which it is recommended to drink a day and a half liters of water, there are only apples and take sorbents, for example, activated charcoal.

The second day is dedicated to restoring the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and a liter of yogurt is called to help (and for some reason cottage cheese - a whole half a kilogram).

During the third day, it is necessary to restore a fairly sparse stock of energy - by using raisins, dried apricots, dates and 50-60 grams of natural honey; Drink should only water.

On the penultimate day of the diet "ladder" is supposed to use proteins - 0.5 kg of boiled chicken or turkey (fillet), the liquid enters the body only in the form of drinking water. Finally, on the fifth day you can eat oatmeal, vegetables and fruits. At the end of the diet, they promise terrific results: minus 7-9 kg.

Very important is the correct way out of the diet - sparing your digestive system, with a gradual return to the diet of the usual products. However, as noted by experienced "dieticians", after the transition to the usual menu, very quickly returned ... And lost pounds.

5 day protein diet

The principle on which a 5-day protein diet is based consists of depriving the body of carbohydrates, thereby releasing the energy stored in the triglyceride stores, thereby reducing the volume of fat cells (adipocytes).

With this regime of losing weight you need to eat lean meat, poultry and fish, dairy and sour-milk products, eggs. The rate of drinking water is at least two liters a day.

But the list, which can not be eaten, includes everything else, including fats, any cereals, most vegetables and fruits, sweet berries, etc.

Despite the fact that it is easier to keep the results of such weight loss than with other weight loss programs, even such a short protein "attack" on the digestive tract affects negatively because of a deficiency of vitamins, calcium and kidneys that utilize purine bases. For this reason, a 5-day protein diet is categorically contraindicated in osteomyelitis and renal dysfunction of any etiology. In addition, the temporary absence of vegetables deprives the gastrointestinal tract probiotics, which accelerate the breakdown of proteins.

Dieticians advise not to eat meat in a cold form, as this can lead to constipation and flatulence.

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Menu 5 daily diet

When making the menu for a 5-day diet, experts advise to limit the amount of a portion of the main course to 250 grams.

At breakfast, it is most expedient to eat carbohydrates - cereals, which will be long enough to digest and give a feeling of satiety. For lunch, a glass of juice or fresh fruit (one apple, pear or orange, a couple of slices of melon or watermelon) is enough.

For lunch, vegetable soups without meat (200 g) are excellent, and for three times - boiled white meat, steam or baked in foil low-fat fish (50 g) with vegetable salad (120 g).

By the end of the working day (time of lunch), you can eat 150 grams of cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream or fat-free natural yogurt, and for dinner - prepare a salad of seasonal vegetables (sprinkled with olive oil) or a pair of baked potatoes with vegetable oil and dill. Contrary to popular belief, potatoes are an excellent food for weight loss, if baked without butter or fat, which turns it into a product harmful to the waistline.


The first recipe for a dietary dish - baked potatoes - you already have. We can offer recipes more refined and simultaneously dietary dishes for intensive weight loss, for example, fish.

  • Baked hot salmon

You can cook three servings at once, cutting a trigger of a fish weighing 200 g. Fish should be peppered, sprinkle with grated zest of orange or lemon, sprinkle with dry white wine (no more than a tablespoon). Turn the fish into foil and send to a hot oven for 25 minutes.

  • Courgettes with Italian sauce

Two servings should be taken: 500 grams of diced squash, 150 grams of similarly prepared red onions, as many chopped mushrooms, 300 g of peeled and diced tomatoes. All the crushed vegetables put in a saucepan or a pot with a thick bottom, pour a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil to the bottom. Add the spices: black ground pepper, dried oregano, rosemary, slightly add salt.

As you extinguish vegetables, you can pour water or low-fat chicken broth. When zucchini becomes soft enough, squeeze out a chive of garlic and put two tablespoons of chopped parsley. Cover and let fall for another 1-2 minutes. If you replace the courgettes with eggplants, you will also get very delicious.

  • Stewed Prunes

This very useful dessert is prepared from 150 g of prunes, which is boiled for a quarter of an hour in a small amount of water (100-120 ml), with the addition of a tablespoon of lemon juice. Ready prunes can sweeten a teaspoon of honey.

We tried to tell you what a 5 day diet is. We hope that such fast diet will help you.

What can and can not eat with a 5-day diet?

Nutritionists say that you can eat with an intensive diet:

  • a sufficient number of vegetables and fruits, especially green and orange;
  • beans (beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas);
  • whole grain products (all cereals except white rice);
  • low-fat dairy products.

But what you can not eat: fatty meat and fish, animal fats, fatty dairy products (especially cheese), bread and pasta, chocolate and all pastry sweets (including pastries).

Sugar - sweet poison, salt - salty, so the first should be completely abandoned, and the amount of NaCl reduced to 2.5-3 g per day.

The way of cooking also matters, and steamed food is preferable, and the vegetables are fresh or stewed with a minimal amount of vegetable oil.

Take food is recommended at least four times a day, in the evening - no later than 19 hours. As you can see, the rules are simple, and, in principle, it is normal and, most importantly, a healthy diet that can be made permanent if you do not reduce the number of calories below 1500 and not exceed 1800-2000 calories per day. But with intensive fiznagruzki professional nature of such food will be insufficient in the level of energy consumption.

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