The Basics of Healthy Eating

Garlic for gastritis

The general dietary recommendation for inflammation of the gastric mucosa is to avoid foods and drinks that usually cause its irritation, and eating raw garlic for gastritis is also not recommended in most cases.

Potatoes for gastritis

Potatoes - an essential product for patients with gastritis. Diet in the exacerbation of the disease should be extremely nutritious and at the same time gentle.

Drinks in pancreatitis: what can and cannot be?

Drinks as well as food are very important in pancreatic inflammation. The lion's share of the success of treatment and normal well-being in the future depends on a proper diet, in which there is a place not all drinks. They can both help the sick organ, and harm. What can and what can not be with pancreatitis?

Meat products in pancreatitis: which can and which can not?

In pancreatitis, not only the food, but also the way it is cooked, the temperature of the food, the size of portions, and the frequency of intake play a big role.

Sweets in pancreatitis: which can and which can not?

Sometimes it is difficult to give up your favorite foods in favor of your health. But sweet eaters are worried about the question of what can and cannot be sweets in pancreatitis?

Rosehip for gastritis: infusion, decoction, tea

Before answering the question of whether rose hips can be used for gastritis, it is worth recalling why rose hips are so beneficial for the body.

Lemon for gastritis: is it possible or not?

The list of controversial foods includes fruits, in particular lemons for gastritis. Who can dispel doubts and create a healthy diet for the patient? Naturally, the doctor whom the patient trusts.

Nuts for gastritis: walnuts, pine nuts, cashews

Nuts are able to compensate for the lack of nutritional components, increase resistance to disease. What kind of nuts can be used for gastritis? From a large list on sales shelves

Broths for pancreatitis: chicken, vegetable, fish, beef

In the treatment of pancreatitis, a properly selected diet plays a huge role. In order to unload the pancreas, doctors recommend switching to a vegetarian diet from time to time. Such food does not contain fats, but only proteins and carbohydrates.

Cleansing the body with kefir

Without a doubt, such a fermented milk product as kefir, obtained by fermentation of pasteurized milk, is very useful, and some believe that it is even possible to cleanse the body with kefir.


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