Kefir diet of Larissa Dolina

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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When Larissa Dolina lost her super-diet, all the women of the country followed her enthusiastically. And men, of course, too - only for sure with a different purpose. The diet of Larissa Dolina is an effective weight loss system, with which we want to introduce you.

Diet Valley - the essence

Observe the meals 6 times a day at the specified time. The fluids should not drink more than half a liter a day (except for the 6th day of the diet). Sugar and salt in the diet Valley - a taboo.

Duration: 7 days

The result is from 3 to 8 kilograms per week


Features of the diet of Larissa Dolina

To diet was effective, and you lose weight easily, do not change the food in the diet. Kefir must be drunk after other dishes, then they will be better digested and absorbed.

When you leave the diet Valley, remember that eating light meals without fried and fatty need at least a week, so as not to overload the body with heavy meals.


Menu for the Valley diet

  • 1st day of diet

400 grams of potatoes baked in the oven

0.5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 1%

  • 2nd day of diet

400 g cottage cheese with a fat content of 0%

0.5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 1%

  • Day 3 of the diet

400 g fresh fruit

0.5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 1%

  • 4th day of diet

400 g of chicken boiled meat (breast)

0.5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 1%

  • 5th day of diet

400 g fresh fruit

0.5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 1%

  • 6th day of diet

One and a half liter of mineral water without gas 0.5 liters of kefir with a fat content of not more than 1%

  • 7th day of diet

400 g fresh fruit

0.5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 1%

The diet of Larissa Dolina - shortcomings

According to reviews, the Valley diet is very good for losing weight, but it is difficult to sustain it. This is one of the important disadvantages.

Another drawback of the diet, according to losing weight - the rejection of salt. This product has so firmly entered our lives that it is extremely difficult for many people (especially women) to exclude it from the diet.

The diet Valley has another disadvantage - food by the clock. You can not break this schedule. But not all people can eat strictly at regular intervals, if they are at work, and not at home. Therefore, the Valley diet may be unacceptable for those working in the office.

Kefir diet Valley - a food system, which can be carried away only after consultation with a dietician (as, indeed, and any other diet). Those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, should understand well that during such nutrition, exacerbations may begin. Therefore, if the doctor recommends to abandon the kefir diet, you should do so.

Reviews about kefir diet Valley

  • Oksana

It was quite difficult for me to keep myself on such a diet, because it takes 6 days to sit on kefir - you need to have a lot of willpower. The same dishes from day to day - it's hard even for those who have already tried not many diets.

Although I must admit that the result did not disappoint the diet - I lost 4.5 kg.

  • Tatyana

It was difficult for me to exclude salt from the diet during the diet of Larisa Dolina. I'm used to this spice. And if the second dish without salt can still be something to eat, then soups and borscht - it is impossible.

The fourth day of the diet was especially difficult for me, since boiled chicken breasts are recommended there, which can not be washed down with anything. The feeling of thirst worsened after eating meat.

However, the result is worth it - I managed to lose 6 kg in just a week.

  • Valentina

I went through all the hardships of the diet Valley and with confidence I can say: I lost weight very well, just a week dropping 5 kilograms of excess weight. Now I look much more slender and do not regret the inconveniences caused by the diet.

Lose weight easily with our advice and diet Larisa Dolina!

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