Disadvantages: weight loss for a short while

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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A popular fact is that the minuses of salt diets harm health. Only 3% of women did not gain lost pounds again after following salt diets.

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Disadvantages of diets: lack of comfort in the usual situation

If you very soon have a meeting of old friends or you are going to attend a serious event - you will lose extra pounds by the scheduled date thanks to a diet. Then again after the diet you will type the weight that was discarded.

Diets aimed at consuming one food product are not considered balanced. The metabolism is disturbed.

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Kefir with buckwheat - discontinuity in the menu

If you eat only buckwheat with yogurt - you will face a difficult choice when you order a delicious menu in a restaurant or at a secular party. What can you eat if everyone at the birthday party shares a delicious cake?

It is unlikely that with such diets you will be able to properly prepare food, so that it is suitable for your diet, and not violate the rules of the diet. Moreover, we still need to eat balanced and delicious, so that the body is healthy.

We would advise you to follow a diet not with the right comments and cheerful exclamations that it helps. Choose that diet with which you can fully live for a long time and not think about when this nightmare will end.

Are you in a bad mood? Not surprising

The monotonous your diet, the worse your mood will be - and this is a clear minus of diets. Remember the person who would be happy from observing a strict diet. Scientists, nutritionists came to a logical conclusion - the more aggressive the diet, the more often people have nervous breakdowns, changeable mood and irritability.

Have you ever heard of a hormone called "serotonin"? It's a hormone of happiness. If you give up foods that contain this hormone, the mood will surely be lost.

Products containing serotonin:

  • Chocolate
  • Bananas
  • Strawberry
  • Flour products

Even if they write in the diet that such products are strictly forbidden - do not pay attention, you still need to use them, then you will have a good mood.


How important is the liquid in our body

Do not sit down on most diets that force you to exclude salt or minimize water consumption. These are undoubted cons of "wrong" diets. Weight will go away, and quickly. Only you lose pounds not on the loss of accumulated fatty deposits, but on the loss of fluid from the body.

Our body is unique. If there is not enough water, it must be extracted from its own body. Our cells are filled with liquid, and if water is not enough for their full-fledged existence, this can lead to serious health problems.

The exchange of substances useful to you occurs precisely in water, in the liquid medium of your body. Do not follow diets with water restriction.

A couple of important words about low-calorie diets

The level of calories in low-calorie diets usually ranges from 1200 calories and below. Most of these diets are designed specifically for the minimum consumption of low-calorie foods.

In your intestines, the weight of the contents will decrease by 1.5-2 kilograms due to such a diet, and this is not good for health. The usual weight will return to the intestine as soon as you go back to the usual diet and favorite foods.

And here is the main minus of diets. With such diets, it is not important that you lose excess weight. We need to think about how to burn fat, and not reduce yourself in weight, dear men and women.

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One of five. Is it worth it the lost weight?

It's very cool that you lost 5 kilograms. And you will be pleased with the fact that of these five kilograms of fat was the least by 1 kilogram?

Thanks to low-calorie diets, you also burn your muscles, and they also help burn extra pounds. This causes irreparable harm to health.

Especially dangerous are long - term low - calorie diets, they are your main enemy. When choosing diets and taking into account the disadvantages of diets, first think about whether you made the right decision.

Lose weight easily!

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