Pros and cons of diets: rice diet

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Rice diet. The body is cleansed of toxins, the salts gradually leave and do not bother you. Thank for such a wonderful impact is such a mysterious product as rice. We will discuss the pros and cons of the rice diet.

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Rice or buckwheat diet?

The rice diet is similar to the rice diet. Only here there is a mitigating circumstance: buckwheat can be washed down with a small amount of kefir. And buckwheat diet is considered no less purifying and balanced. Many people think that, in principle, it does not differ from the rice diet.

Pros and cons of diets can be listed endlessly, but today we met with the rice method of weight loss. Lose weight with pleasure!

Than a rice diet is good

  1. The figure will become more proportional and the body will gradually begin to self-clean.
  2. Rice is quickly prepared and can be bought at any store.
  3. Rice is an inexpensive product and everyone is available - it's a huge plus.
  4. Still you will not need to stand at the stove for a long time and think about how to diversify your diet - you do not need anything, you have rice.

Pros and cons of the rice diet: how to eat properly

Pros and cons of the rice diet

Rice, thanks to its irreplaceable and very high quality absorbent properties, is useful for those people who want to lose weight. Otherwise, the rice is similar to all other cereal products.

It is quite nutritious, contains vitamin B and has a rich taste.

The essence of the rice diet: should be excluded fatty foods, as well as spicy and salty. Still need to limit the consumption of alcohol, but it would be great to exclude it altogether.

Where there is plus, there is a minus. Disadvantages of the rice diet

There is an effective method for observing a rice diet, but it is complex and aggressive, not everyone could survive. Every day for two weeks you will have to eat only soaked rice. To all we should add that it can not be cooked and add any spices or other ingredients that your imagination will find tempting and necessary.

While dining and dining, you can eat a piece of fish, but not greasy. You can not add vegetable fat and animal fat, exclude salt.

If you decide to simplify your diet to the maximum and not adhere to such rigor, all that you will achieve is only a healthy and pre-thought-out way of eating, that's all.

Wild and brown rice is much more useful than ordinary steamed rice. In steamed rice, there is much less fiber and trace elements. These things, which are very noticeable to the body, disappear when the rice passes the refining stage. Although wild and whole rice costs more than normal, it gives good results for losing weight and helps your stomach work properly.

If you consume carbohydrates, you will not be as full as those from foods in which the protein predominates. The protein lasts longer to saturate our body and is considered more nutritious, although carbohydrates are also needed for the normal functioning of metabolic processes. You will be able to streamline the exchange process if you stick to the elementary system of malnutrition.

What is the role of rice in the diet, if you exclude salt, fats, alcohol and so on? Roughly speaking, the exclusion of such components of our products already in itself leads to weight loss. So, it's not so important what kind of cereals you use, be it buckwheat or millet. After all, there is no big difference.

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