Hazardous hormonal supplements for weight loss

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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Very often advertising promises us supplements, including hormones, that will help you lose weight. But not everyone knows that these additives can contain dangerous substances not indicated on the package.

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Natural supplements can be harmful

Often manufacturers can advertise natural products, which should reduce weight. But it does not reduce it. On the contrary, it can add extra pounds and cause harm to health.

The additives can contain really natural substances, but they are not useful for the body. For example, grass. Improper selection of herbs can harm the health of the heart and kidneys, as well as the liver, through which all the food that enters the body is processed.

It can be metabolism-stimulating drugs, medications with adrenaline hormones, preparations with combinations of iron and adrenaline, as well as drugs with thyroid hormones, which in the natural conditions produces the thyroid gland. Among such preparations there can be also an advertised ginseng.

Read the instructions

This must be done in order not to harm the health of drugs that contain doses of hormones that are dangerous to you. Additives with herbs that are advertised as natural remedies for weight loss can have such dangerous properties

  1. To cause violations of the liver, in particular, cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver failure, inflammation of this organ. These are oak leaves, mother-and-stepmother, Chinese herbs, comfrey, mistletoe.
  2. These herbs: ephedra (from Chinese herbs) and preparations with caffeine can disrupt the work of the heart (increase or slow down the heart rhythm), increase blood pressure.
  3. Additives that advertise as Tian Shi supplements may provoke a malfunction in the liver and kidneys (kidney failure, as well as acute and chronic nephritis). These drugs can be advertised as anti-inflammatory, they can contain additives that are not listed on the label, as well as acids that can harm the stomach and intestines.
  4. Herbs that are advertised as weight loss drugs may not be combined with other medicines that a person takes. For example, with antidepressants.
  5. The combination of acids and antidepressants can lead to the release of serotonin, which will lead to arousal and increased irritability, insomnia. If a woman uses contraceptives, herbs can reduce their effect or even reduce it to zero. And if a woman is prescribed hormonal treatment, it may not give the expected result, since herbs can reduce the effect of hormones by more than 50-70%.
  6. Preparations with melatonin in the composition, especially its increased doses, can lead to depression, mood swings, obesity, to provoke severe headaches, and to increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol.
  7. If there is a DHEA hormone in the supplements, this can cause an increased risk of acne on the face, redness, flaky skin, increased hair loss, can trigger an increased appetite, especially for sweets, and as a consequence - a man accumulates extra pounds instead of losing weight.
  8. Preparations with soy in the composition can suppress the secretion of the hormones of the ovaries, especially during menopause. If a person has thyroid disease or had ovarian surgery, it is undesirable to buy drugs with soy.

Preparations with glands of animals

Large and not properly calculated doses of drugs with glands of animals can cause irreparable harm to health. Animals that have taken material for drugs can be infected with various diseases, people can also get infected.

In addition, these drugs can contain large amounts of thyroid hormones or adrenaline, and this can suppress the secretion of ovarian hormones, as well as provoke attacks of aggression, weakness, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, headaches.

And more preparations with glands of animals can be of an unexplained nature, which increases the risk of developing infectious diseases.

Preparations with glands of animals that a person uses in combination with medications to activate or suppress the thyroid gland can cause overdose of thyroid hormones in the body. In addition, thyroid hormones of the thyroid gland can suppress the level of the hormone MGH.

Then the thyroid gland produces too many hormones, this entails suppression of the functions of the reproductive system.

Still it is an increased burden on the heart, blood vessels, the risk of developing hypertension due to increased blood pressure or its changes. The bones also suffer, their fragility is provoked and the risk of fractures increases in a person.

Preparations for weight loss and temperature

Some of the additives work to reduce temperature and reduce weight at the same time. This can be a very high risk, especially for women in the menopause or post-climax period. In such drugs, as a rule, an increased dose of thyroid hormones.

But with reduced amounts of testosterone and estradiol hormones in women for 40-45 supplements, designed to reduce body temperature, can be dangerous. Because at the same time a woman's work of the heart and blood vessels is disrupted - for her this is a big overload.

If you have doubts that your hormonal balance is not normal, and supplements will be harmful to you, take a test for hormones. This will give you the opportunity to find out the level of hormones in the blood, to find out what hormones in your body are excess, and what are the drawbacks, and make a deliberate decision about what hormonal supplements would be helpful to you.

Supplements with ginseng

This versatile herb is often recommended as an invigorating remedy that helps against many diseases. Advertisers say that ginseng can strengthen and strengthen your immune system, as well as resistance to infections. All this is true, but how does ginseng help fight obesity and does it help?

Women who used ginseng as an assistant against obesity did not notice a decrease in weight. In this issue, ginseng is useless, write physicians, who conducted studies on the influence of ginseng on weight. But people with excess weight often have problems with blood pressure, that is, either its differences, or increased. And ginseng can further increase the level of blood pressure.

What supplements can provoke weight gain?

Among the hormonal supplements, which can provoke an increase in weight, there may be the following drugs.


They can provoke a set of extra pounds and strengthen the immunity of the body to glucose and insulin. From this, there is a risk of developing cancer tumors and diabetes. The mood of a person taking these drugs is spasmodic: something bad, something good, a libido is reduced, apathy may come to life.

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Antidepressants with tricyclics

These drugs with tricyclics do not contribute to weight loss. They give a person, instead of feeling light, another sensation - a constant hunger. A person taking these antidepressants starts to eat a lot and eat hard , so he is in danger of gaining weight, which is difficult to control.

These drugs also cause a lack of glucose uptake, increase the level of the hormone serotonin. Therefore, doctors recommend taking them for a short time, and if a person violates the timing of admission, the consequences will be negative. Medications with antidepressants tricyclics can also increase the concentration of prolactin in the blood, which provokes the accumulation of fatty deposits, and carbon dioxide.

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Antidepressants of mixed type

If you consume them in combination with hormones, they can have an active influence on weight. In the direction of its increase. In addition, mixed antidepressants can significantly reduce the concentration of the hormone estradiol in the blood. And more - to provoke drowsiness, weakness, headaches, increased fatigue.

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Hormones that stabilize the mood

They, too, in combination with other medicines can cause an increased feeling of fatigue and an increase in excess kilograms.

Drugs with a diuretic effect

They should not be used by women who have a menstrual discharge within a week. Drugs with a diuretic effect, in particular, thiazide diuretics, can provoke fluid retention a week before the month.

Then they cause loss of potassium, and this slows down the metabolism and the woman suffers symptoms of PMS is much more difficult. In the body of a woman taking these diuretics, glucose intolerance can also develop and the level of bad cholesterol can rise.

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Medicines with lithium

They are designed to increase appetite and the body as a result accumulates fatty deposits. The concentration of thyroid hormones increases, the activity of the thyroid gland increases, the person recovers. Medicines with lithium in the body are actively struggling with the symptoms of depression and manic states, but for weight coordination they are bad helpers, more likely even enemies.


They activate the hunger centers in the brain and thus increase appetite. These drugs are good only for temporary use, otherwise you risk greatly recover. Antihistamine drugs are prescribed in order to relieve allergy symptoms. That is - for a short time, until a person cope with its manifestations.


Drugs that prevent weight loss

These drugs can perform some other therapeutic function, but they will not help control weight - rather, it will provoke its stability. They can contain hormones that contribute to the accumulation of fatty deposits.

For example, the hormone prolactin, which is considered a hormone of pregnancy and provokes the body to accumulate fatty tissues "in reserve."

In case you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor about their doses and duration of treatment. Some hormonal drugs can remove symptoms of depression, but accumulate weight, so they can only be taken short-term.

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