Thyroid hormones for weight loss

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Thyroid hormones can lead to a balance, thanks to which a person who previously tried to lose weight unsuccessfully, still achieves weight loss. How to restore the optimal balance of thyroid hormones?

The best drugs for the thyroid gland

For women who suffer from obesity, it is especially important to take the right doses of pharmacy hormones, which in the human body produces the thyroid gland. For this it is necessary to solve the question: what is more useful for the human body - the hormone T4 in synthetic form or the hormones T3 and T4, taken from sources of animal origin.

Before buying hormones, it is important to look at its packaging. If there is written "natural substances", they can be synthetic, but identical to natural.

The hormones present in the pharmacy may have a biological origin.

These hormones can also be called natural (inscription on the label). But you need to know that these substances are not at all the same in composition as those produced by the human thyroid gland. Therefore, the body can react to biological hormones in a completely different way.

How do natural hormones under production conditions?

Natural hormones are made in production conditions. How it's done? Scientists studied the composition of natural hormones, for example, T3 and T4, and found out their chemical formula. Then this formula is transferred to the conditions of production, and in the laboratory, hormones are made, which, according to their chemical composition, repeat natural, those produced by the thyroid gland.

If a person takes "natural" drugs T4, then this drug in the body is converted into a hormone T3. This is promoted by the thyroid gland, which converts the hormone T4 into a hormone T3. If hormones are not processed, then the hormone T3 needs to be restored in the body from other substances, which have similar chains of molecules.

Where to take natural hormones?

The hormone T3 can be taken from the thyroid gland of animals. But it can not be used in kind. To this composition, auxiliary substances are necessarily added. The composition of hormones T3 and T4 should be present in pharmacy preparations in the same ratio as in the body. This is difficult to achieve, unless you calculate the correct dose.

Otherwise, the body will take more than the norm of T3 and less than the norm of T4 or vice versa. And this can cause disruption of the internal organs and systems.

The difference between synthetic and animal hormones

Preparations that contain synthetic preparations instead of animal hormones are better absorbed because their doses and the response of the body to them are much easier to calculate, because it is predictable. In addition, animal preparations can cause allergic reactions of the body, and with synthetic this happens rarely.

If only hormones of animal origin are used, the reaction of the organism to them can be very strong. The thyroid gland produces many antibodies, and this leads to incorrect metabolic processes. This is especially dangerous if the hormones take a long time.

If a woman has extra pounds, her thyroid gland should have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and pathways of substances. Therefore, the development of thyroid gland antibodies due to improper selection of pharmacy hormones will interfere with metabolic processes, inhibit them. Incorrect choice of dosages of pharmacy hormones and their ratio also interferes with the work of the thyroid gland and the production of hormones.

T3 from a chemist's drug

Obtaining hormone T3 from animal products is not the only way. The hormone T3, identical to that produced by the thyroid gland, can be obtained from a cytomel that has been tested for several decades. This hormone can saturate the body with the hormone T3 in sufficient quantity without serious side effects. That's why doctors recommend it to use when you need to adjust the thyroid gland.

Cytomel can be used, but it has its drawbacks. For example, the fact that the level of the hormone T3, which we get from this drug, is kept in the body for a short time and it needs to be replenished again. Therefore, if more serious doses of the hormone T3 are needed to control the weight, then it is better to use the drug with a higher dosage.

Patients who used cytomel complained of state changes. This is easily explained by the fact that T3 then rises sharply, then drops sharply after taking the drug. In order to avoid such differences, drugs with more prolonged effects on the body are needed.

Safe doses of T3 and T4

If you use increased doses of thyroid hormones - whether synthetic or natural - causes interruptions in working with the heart, the pulse becomes rapid, the head hurts, the temples can also pulsate, and the person has unmotivated seizures of fear or aggression.

This picture can also be observed against the background of a lack of estradiol in the body. But thyroid preparations should not be taken before taking estradiol, but combined these preparations. Only in reasonable doses. You need to start with small doses of estradiol and bring the amount of drugs to the optimum level, comfortable for you.

If a woman has excess weight, problems with the cardiovascular system, she needs thyroid hormones. Doses need to be selected individually with the doctor, so as not to be mistaken with the ratios.

If the body has little cortisol

With a low level of cortisol, there can be serious illnesses such as kidney failure. This means that metabolic processes in the body are disturbed by hormonal and electrolyte imbalance. The disease will develop if the time does not begin treatment with hormonal therapy. Otherwise, a fatal outcome is possible.

Concomitant diseases with a low level of cortisol can be liver and cardiovascular diseases. To identify them, additional laboratory tests are needed.

To cope with the low level of cortisol and related diseases, we need a consultation of at least two doctors: an endocrinologist and a therapist. Then the first doctor - an endocrinologist - will help to establish the level of hormones in the body, and the therapist will help to understand those drugs that will help to establish the work of the kidneys. This may be suitable hydrocortisone or another drug - cortisone acetate. The therapist will also warn about what side effects may occur from taking these drugs and how to correctly calculate their doses.

Why buying drugs without a prescription is dangerous?

First, it is not known what doses of hormones in these preparations and their ratios. Secondly, they may have too high a dose of cortisol. His overdose is dangerous for the body in that the weight can constantly increase, and it is very difficult to stop this process. Therefore, it is better to avoid cortisol in preparations altogether.

If you take kidney stimulants along with cortisol in your preparations, then normal tests will not be enough to detect the body's reaction to them, for example, saliva or excrement tests. More examinations will be needed.

Kidney preparations with glands

If a person takes kidney medications made from the glands of animals, a person may have excess weight as a result of an uncontrolled reaction of the body to them. It is impossible to foresee the body's reactions, as preparations of natural origin react with the natural components of the body, the consequences can be most unpredictable.

The thyroid gland can start producing hormones more than normal, like kidneys. And if a person takes kidney stimulants, then the production of hormones by the kidneys can significantly slow down or stop at all. This can result in inflammation of the kidneys, destruction of their tissue, and a set of extra pounds as a result of too high levels of cortisol.

Elevated cortisol - your actions

If a person has kidney problems, then he may have an elevated cortisol level as a result of kidney failure and small production of natural hormones. True, the level of stress hormone-cortisol - may increase for other reasons.

For example, if a person experiences constant stress, if hormone imbalance is present in the body, in particular, little estradiol is produced. The reason for increasing the level of estradiol can also be surgical intervention, pain that does not pass for a long time, depression, insufficiency of hormone production by the thyroid gland, increased doses of progesterone in the contraceptive.

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How to reduce the level of cortisol?

You can ask the doctor to prescribe the optimal doses of drugs that can lower the level of cortisol. This will help neutralize stress, reduce the negative effect of its impact. If 7-8 days to take the optimal dose of hormones to reduce the level of cortisol, the nervous system is quickly restored. The level of cortisol is significantly reduced. It can also occur if the estradiol is restored to normal, and not only this hormone, but also T3, T4, which the thyroid gland produces.

If the level of cortisol does not come back to normal, additional tests and other drugs are needed. This is all the more necessary if a person has renal failure or impaired pituitary function. Then you need an analysis for the hormone DST - morning and evening for a clearer picture of the disease. It can be Cushing's syndrome.

Cortisol norm

If a person took dexamethasole and the next day from 08.00 the level of cortisol rises to 5 dl or more, a more detailed examination is needed, since a person may be sick with Cushing's syndrome. It will take an analysis of blood serum, in particular, the hormone ACTH, as well as urinalysis. The latter will show the level of cortisol, as well as the level of GSK.

If these examinations are not enough, you will need to do an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

If the diagnosis of renal failure or other diseases is confirmed, it will be necessary to appoint a treatment aimed at reducing the level of cortisol and restoring the hormonal balance.

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