How to lose weight properly?

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Would you like to hear useful tips on how to effectively lose weight? This opportunity is due to dietetics and people who leave their feedback about the most high-quality methods of weight loss.

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Tips for proper weight loss

To begin with, your sleep should last no less than 7-8 hours, remember this. This time of sleep is not only to ensure that the body can normally lose weight, but also just to maintain a tone.

Every morning during the time when the body began to wake up - do exercises (about half an hour). After charging, turn on quiet, relaxing music and go to the shower. The morning shower is not only pleasant, but it will also encourage you for the whole day.

Try as little as possible to ride a taxi, subway and other transport, the maximum amount of free time you can go on foot.

If you have an elevator in your house, try to use it as rarely as possible. Calm walking on the steps favorably affects the state of health. If you chose a stroll through the stairs - do not rush much, walking should be measured. This allows you to burn excess fat.

Heavy physical activity harms weight loss

Refuse weightlifting, sprint races, bars with dumbbells, power simulators. Such exercises will burn your carbohydrates, but not excess fat.

Fatty tissues in sports only go away when your load is even (you have even breathing, without shortness of breath). Running is wonderful, but at a slow pace and with regular, lengthy classes. Useful physical exercises include aerobics, cycling, swimming, dancing.

Adjust your exercise regime in time. If you begin to burden the body with an unusual sport earlier for him, do not hurry up at once, the loads should be gradual - from 20 to 45 minutes.

Lose weight always have time

Do not rush, lose weight gradually. With this way of life, which you will develop: a healthy diet and feasible exercise - the body will begin to lose weight gradually (3-5 kg within a month).

With this "smooth" weight loss, the skin, internal organs and the immune system will feel great. The body will get used to its weight, the result of losing weight will be long and the weight will not return if the gymnastics, shower, physical exercises and healthy food turn into a way of life.

Get on the scales no more often, twice a month. To make sure of the result, measure the waist and hip size 1 time in 2 weeks. Your results will show a stable burning of fatty tissues.

Tasty and with willpower

The most important rule: not only willpower overcomes excess weight, but also patience and perseverance, your will to win. These qualities, taken together, will help you achieve the desired result - harmony.

When you learn to play sports constantly and regularly, to control yourself, you can not deny yourself any delicious product. But in moderation. You will own the situation, and the organism that has adapted to the new regime will help you in this.

A very good option for a healthy lifestyle will be three meals a day. If you refuse unnecessary snacks during the day, then you will understand perfectly - it is realistic to last 4-6 hours without eating food.

Your food can be varied, but not in huge quantities. Before going to bed it is advisable to drink a glass of kefir, this will be beneficial for weight loss.

Slimming and working on yourself

To lose weight correctly and qualitatively, without a loss to the body, of course, it takes a lot of effort. If you overcome yourself and understand that everything is just in your hands - life will change for the better.

It is important to know!

Everyone knows that with menopause, many women begin to gain weight - this is due to hormonal failure and metabolic disorders. Therefore, such a problem is taken for granted.

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