Diet for weight loss: how to reduce weight for sure?

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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How to find the right solution - an effective diet for weight loss and reduce weight for sure? Stop and look in the mirror: is this blurry man with ridges of fat deposits you would like to see in it?

Maybe you like more slender and attractive body shapes?

Why do ordinary diets help only temporarily?

Today fast food, inexpensive pastries, cheap chocolates with palm oils and dangerous trans isomers are increasingly available, which means that we buy and eat them without hesitation. We spend several painful days trying to lose a couple of extra pounds. Hooray, it worked! But suddenly, very soon it turns out that our diet for weight loss was just a myth. The next day our weight leaves much to be desired.

We get frustrated, seize the stress ... And get better again. And to stop to load up under an outset for some reason does not leave. After all, how attractive is that piece of fatty calorie cake or a well-roasted chicken grilled! What to do? How to switch to a healthy diet all the time, not for a short time?

Diet for weight loss with Maya Gogulan

The psychology of eating Maya Gogulan helps to rid your body of the toxic substances that we get from excessive love for harmful products such as smoked sausages, fried pies and high-calorie, but completely useless chips. Reading her books, you can easily understand the practical and effective principles of intelligent nutrition. It is thanks to a reasonable approach to food, we can become slimmer, healthier and even look more youthful.

Then our diet for weight loss will bring us quite tangible benefits, becoming not a temporary whim, but a habitual way of life. And even a long look in the mirror will bring us a real, deserved and stable rise in emotions. Joy from ourselves!

Instead of eating, drink a glass of water

Sometimes our brain deceives us and gives us the signal to eat. You should be alerted: it is enough just to drink a glass of water, and there is a perehochetsya. The water must be purified or thawed and without any signs of gas, which has the property of exciting the appetite.

Here's the first and main principle of diet for weight loss: do not confuse hunger with thirst! Wait 20 minutes after drinking curative moisture. If, after this, the desire to eat did not leave you - snack with fruit (apples or banana). They will fill the stomach and delight the soul.

Eat fruit on an empty stomach

Do not eat up before you eat fruit. Otherwise, the diet for weight loss will be only a myth. Maya Gogulan recommends eating fruits of each kind separately from others. For example, you can extinguish your hunger with 2 apples or oranges, but in no case mixing both.

The same principle of healthy eating applies to the mixing of vegetables and fruits: do not do this so that the body does not respond to the actively triggered fermentation processes. You do not need extra toxins as a result of this, do you?

Extra chewing still did not prevent anyone

The more active and more diligent you chew, the better the food is digested in the stomach. This is an axiom that many ignore. And completely in vain! If you want your diet to lose weight was effective, scroll to eat your favorite dishes for at least 20 minutes of time. Turn off the computer, the TV and do not chat with friends. Then you will take enough time to chew, and therefore, to assimilate the products. The body will certainly thank you for losing weight.

More on the correct and effective principles of dieting for weight loss read in our next publication.

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