General information about the body

How not to sunbathe in the sun?

Moderate exposure to ultraviolet rays is not only useful, but also necessary for the body. But in some cases, sunbathing is dangerous and even contraindicated, so you should know how not to sunbathe in the sun and protect yourself from various complications.

How to properly and evenly tan in the sun with white skin

With the onset of summer, many of us start to wonder how beautiful and important is how quickly to sunbathe in the sun. This issue has not lost its relevance for a long time, since a smooth chocolate shade of the skin at the peak of popularity.

Is it possible to sunbathe with monthly sun?

Each girl at least once, but wondered whether it is possible to sunbathe with monthly in the sun. And this is not surprising, because very often due to climate change the hormonal balance is broken, and menstruation begins earlier, leaving an imprint on the rest.

Sunbathing: good, bad

Summer is in full swing, so the question of obtaining the perfect tan is very relevant. Consider the main recommendations and contraindications for sunbathing.

Ways to effectively remove the sagging belly after delivery: exercises, hoop, bandage

After the successful birth of a healthy baby, each woman decides how to restore the figure, in other words, how to clean the abdomen after childbirth. After all, it is on the stretched belly that all the consequences of bearing and giving birth to a child are affected.

Ingrown hair in the bikini zone: causes and remedies

Pseudofolliculitis (dermatitis, provoked by ingrown hair into the skin) is a common inflammatory pathology, characteristic for skin areas, on which hair is regularly mechanically removed.

Henna tattoos

At present, there is a fashionable tendency to decorate your body with an original design. In other words, many people are tempted to get a tattoo. But, since the fashion changes and the tastes of each person are impermanent, then not everyone decides on the long-term "decoration" of the tattoo.

Irritation on the feet after shaving

Severe irritation after shaving on the legs is manifested by flushing, itching, pustules. In this case, you need to give up shaving and go to alternative ways of depilation.

Irritation after shaving in the bikini zone

Almost all women faced the need to get rid of excess hair. Shave - what can be easier and faster?

Irritation after shaving underarms

To date, a large number of various cosmetics for depilation has been developed, but nevertheless, both women and men prefer a time-tested method of hair removal - shaving.


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