Irritation on the feet after shaving

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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Severe irritation after shaving on the legs is manifested by flushing, itching, pustules. In this case, you need to give up shaving and go to alternative ways of depilation.


Causes of the irritation on the feet after shaving

The main cause of irritation after shaving on the legs is thin, sensitive skin, which is particularly sensitive to traumatic procedures, such as shaving. Such skin requires enhanced protection and special care constantly, including during depilation.

To provoke irritation on the feet after shaving can and such reasons:

  • daily or too frequent shaving
  • substandard razor or blunt blade
  • errors during preparation and during the procedure
  • non-observance of personal hygiene
  • dry shaving
  • dirty or someone else's razor
  • use soap instead of cream.

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Symptoms of the irritation on the feet after shaving

  • Very irritated skin calms down if it causes the outflow of blood from the problem area. This effect is achieved with the help of hydrocortisone ointment - a hormonal drug against inflammation and suppuration of wounds. However, there is a small minus: the ointment can not be used constantly, as the body gets used and can react with exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

Itching after shaving, too, causes a lot of trouble. To eliminate it, first cool the damaged area, for example, with cold water, dry ice, and then lubricate with lotion or cream.

  • From the pustules after shaving, aloe vera juice or cosmetic products on its basis relieves.

Another undesirable consequence is the ingrowth of hair after shaving, which can be complicated by the development of pustules - ostiofolliculitis. Avoid this will help the proper preparation of the skin, including scrubbing the zones that are subject to the procedure.

If before and after the procedure to wipe the skin with 3% hydrogen peroxide, the inflammation and itching quickly disappear. The same effect, but with painful sensations, is observed when using medical alcohol.

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Treatment of the irritation on the feet after shaving

With the usual irritation in the form of multiple red dots, you can cope on your own - with the help of available pharmacy products. Distressed places handle:

  • antiseptic ointments;
  • Means based on iodine, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide;
  • 70-degree alcohol;
  • baby powder;
  • a tray made of string, celandine, calendula or chamomile;
  • self-made balm (recipe: tea tree oil plus plain vegetable oil 1: 4).

It is not recommended to shave your legs in a hurry, in a hurry. Put on before half an hour tights injure freshly shaved skin, provoke irritation. It is better to do this during the evening hygienic procedures, so that the skin rest and recover overnight.

With a tendency to irritation, the skin should be spared and shaved as little as possible - once or twice a week. If the red dots for a day not only do not disappear, but are aggravated by abscesses, painful wounds and great discomfort, you should consult a dermatologist.

Remedies for irritation after shaving on legs

Proper skin preparation prevents the unpleasant consequences of depilation with a razor. But if the irritation has arisen, you will need the means tested by many women from irritation after shaving on the legs:

  1. Aloe - cream or leaves (grind on a blender, add a little olive oil). After 20 minutes, rinse. The skin will be protected and calmed.
  2. The usual body lotion plus mint oil (mix a few drops) is rubbed into the body. Mint softly affects the skin, relieves irritation.
  3. Creams against burns (sunny), for example, Nivea SOS.
  4. Home remedies: a mixture of glycerin and mashed tablets of aspirin.

There are also small secrets:

  • Before shaving, apply a balm on the skin to rinse the hair; it will moisturize, saturate with nutrients and protect against irritation.
  • During shaving, the skin should be slightly stretched to avoid injury. After shaving do not use a loofah or other things, and immediately lubricate your feet with cream - toning, soothing, simple baby cream.
  • Do not shave your legs until the skin calms down and heals.
  • It is useful to use machines with moisturizing and cooling strips.
  • Every 3 to 4 times, change the machine.
  • As a shaving cream, use anti-acne remedies - they help prevent irritation.


To avoid irritation after shaving on the feet, it should be correct

  • prepare the skin;
  • prepare tools and cosmetics;
  • provide after-shave care.

The skin should first be steamed and washed clean in a bath or shower, then wipe with rose water (pour a few flowers with boiling water, after 20 minutes drain). Rose petals have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, soothing effect.

Hands should be clean, tools disinfected, razor sharp and designed for female depilation. (Although some consider women's machines just advertising and prefer high-quality men's tools). It is also better to prepare the product after shaving well in advance.

Before shaving it is necessary to soften the skin with gel, mousse, foam or shaving cream, preferably also female (but not soap - alkali provokes irritation). In extreme cases, cream-soap with moisturizing effect and useful additives for delicate skin will do. Leave for a minute or two to soften the hairs.

After the procedure, it is useful to apply a cream (lotion) with an extract of aloe or chamomile - to prevent itching, soothing, healing of delicate skin.

  • It's better to shave your hair delicately, but quickly, in the direction of growth, and not against it.

A jet of cold water just before the procedure will cause the effect of "goosebumps" and help to hold it without injury. Remove the keratinized epidermis, which prevents smooth sliding, helps scrub from natural ingredients (salt and honey 1: 1, coffee grounds 1 tablespoon, honey 1 teaspoon, rose oil a few drops).

Especially gentle places to shave are not too often. It is also useful to periodically use other methods of depilation.

A simple, at first glance, shaving procedure can lead to an aesthetic result, but can also cause complications. Observance of simple rules and some secrets guarantee the safety of the procedure.

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