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Хурма при панкреатите: польза или вред?

Many people like Persimmon - the taste of this fruit is tender and unobtrusive, incomparable to any other berry. In addition to taste, persimmon is also very useful: it has few calories, but many valuable microelements and vitamins.

Фрукты при остром и хроническом панкреатите

Pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, which produces important digestive enzymes, is considered a disease of people with improper diet and diet, as well as those who abuse alcohol.

Фрукты, повышающие иммунитет

In everyday speech, the phrase "good immunity" or "weak immunity" is often found. Under the word "immunity" people understand something that protects us from various diseases: viruses, bacteria, infections, etc.

Лимонный сок с водой и содой для похудения

Many people have heard about the lemon diet. Although biting the body with a lemon or lemon juice for weight loss is not everything. Perhaps this is due to lack of awareness about the properties and ways of using acid citrus.

Фрукты при гастрите с повышенной кислотностью

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which, with a prolonged course, is accompanied by its dystrophic changes. They are included in the violation of regeneration of the cells of the epithelium, their atrophy, the appearance of fibrous tissue.

Фрукты, повышающие сахар в крови

Which fruits raise sugar? Of course, sweet! It should be borne in mind that sweet taste of fruits is provided by sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Фрукты при повышенной кислотности

Many fruits have alkalizing effect, and also consist of vitamins, microelements and fiber we need. In a word, this question is quite interesting, so we will dwell on it in more detail

Фрукты, повышающие давление

In the diet of hypotension should include red, orange and green fruits, vegetables and berries.

Фрукты, повышающие гемоглобин

To synthesize hemoglobin, which occurs in the mitochondria of the erythroblasts of the hematopoietic organs, it is necessary "raw materials" - iron. This important microelement enters our body with food. And today we will talk about fruits that raise hemoglobin.


Ingredients include many vitamins, sugars, fiber and other nutrients. Fig is a rather sweet fruit. It contains up to thirteen percent of saccharides. In addition, in the figs you can find vitamins A, B, C and P.


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