Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices for weight loss

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Vegetable food, in view of the enormous benefits, must be present daily on the table. No less important are fruit and vegetable drinks. In particular, juices for weight loss - the most affordable and delicious way, which allows you to lose excess pounds and improve health. After all, there is hardly a person who does not like any juice, on the contrary, many people perceive all kinds of natural drinks. Can you really lose weight with the help of juices, and which ones?

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Freshly squeezed juice for weight loss

If you decide to use freshly squeezed juice for weight loss, then be prepared for the fact that a 200-gram glass is indispensable. Nutritionists recommend with a juice diet to drink at least 2 liters of medicinal drink during the day. How correctly to prepare and use juice for growing thin?

  • You need to drink freshly made juice, mixed in half with clean water.
  • On fasting days, do not use anything other than juices.
  • Unloading days are organized regularly.
  • It is useful to create cocktails by mixing different juices.

In addition, different juices have their own cooking and dosage characteristics. Some people use only in mini doses: one or two times a day.

Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

Vegetable juices for weight loss are a great way to lose weight "with taste" and pleasure. Vitamins and minerals, which are abundant in the gifts of fields and country plots, are irreplaceable products in the diet of a person who prefers healthy food. Vitamins are active participants in the metabolism, they have the property of "washing away" from the body. Vegetables and juices from them replenish these stocks and thus promote active metabolism.

The most popular juices for weight loss are prepared from ordinary vegetables growing on each vegetable garden: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, carrots. These low-calorie drinks perform their tasks as well as possible.

  • Cabbage is considered to be exclusively a vitamin and curative vegetable. The cellulose of leaves excellently copes with the work on cleaning the intestines, the juice treats the diseases of the digestive tract. To get a glass of juice, you need to pass through the squeezer 2 - 3 heads of the white-headed vegetable.

Cucumber contains 96% of water, in which trace elements are dissolved, in particular, potassium needed for the functioning of the kidneys and heart. Acts as a mild laxative and diuretic.

Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which accelerates the cleavage of lipids, eliminates constipation and bloating. Positively affects the skin.

The drink from the stalks of celery has a diuretic and laxative effect, clears from toxins, stimulates the burning of fats. Normalizes blood sugar.

Carrot juice is a real storehouse of useful ingredients. Contains antioxidants, phytoncides, improves eyesight, removes toxins, resists stress.

Tomato juice for weight loss

Tomato juice for weight loss is low in calories. Drunk before meals, he prepares the stomach for food intake, stimulates digestion, suppressing fermentation and stagnation.

The drink contains phytoncides, serves for the prevention of malignant neoplasms. It is recommended to pregnant women, but it is not recommended for people who have stones and other problems of the digestive system and kidneys.

Many prefer salted drink, however salt, in the opinion of nutritionists, reduces medicinal qualities. Instead of salt in the juice for weight loss you can add chopped garlic or greens.

Celery juice for weight loss

Celery juice for weight loss is obtained from the fleshy stems of the plant. Coping with strong fibrous raw materials is possible with the help of an electric juicer. To make a glass of juice for weight loss you need a large bundle of stems, cut to the root.

Celery drink - natural diuretic: 1 glass gives a persistent diuretic effect. Excellent burns fats, removes excess liquid, cleans slag, normalizes sugar. With problems caused by dehydration, it can easily cope with constipation.

Beetroot juice for weight loss

The juice from red beets is saturated with a whole bunch of vitamins and trace elements. Stimulates hemopoiesis, normalizes the nervous system under stress and other overloads, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. Beet juice for weight loss facilitates the condition of women during menstruation.

However, beet fresh also contains harmful components that volatilize, more precisely, are destroyed in the open air. To remove these substances, it is sufficient to withstand the drink in the cold, in an open jar, for 2 to 3 hours.

However, even a settled drink sometimes provokes dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, the dose of juice for weight loss should be increased gradually, and immediately before taking it mixed with water or other fresh (cabbage, carrot, pumpkin). And people who have ulcers or kidneys, such a drink is generally contraindicated.

Juice of aloe for weight loss

As a medicine, the aloe plant is known to everyone, but the information on the benefits of aloe juice for weight loss is relatively new. It's not hard to lose weight with aloe: it's enough to take juice correctly. The result is achieved and quickly harmless to the body due to the complex effect of the drink in the right direction:

  • acts as a mild laxative (after 6 - 8 hours);
  • accelerates the exchange processes;
  • stimulates the formation of digestive juices.

All this helps to gradually and safely reduce body weight.

Juice for weight loss is obtained from fleshy leaves, the age of which exceeds 3 years, the length of 15 cm. Slightly dried tip - guarantee a high concentration of useful components. Another secret is to stop watering the plant 3 days before cutting the leaves. Cut it with a non-metallic knife or gently tear off your hands, because of the contact with metals, some of the medicinal qualities of aloe are lost.

Unlike those for weight loss, which drink glasses immediately after preparation, the aloe juice is measured by teaspoons, drinking one twice a day. More precisely, in the evening - 20 minutes before dinner and immediately for a dream to come. This scheme is designed for 2 weeks. In days when you are at home, juice can be consumed three times.

Drinking can be kept in the refrigerator for several days, and after use, prepare a fresh serving.

Cabbage juice for weight loss

Juice from cabbage leaves contains carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, folic acid, a whole list of trace elements. A special ingredient is vitamin U with antiulcer properties. Thanks to this drink is an effective preventive against the aggravation of stomach ulcers and 12-small intestine, treats stomatitis and gingivitis.

A fresh drink is interesting because it inhibits the conversion of sugars into fat stores. Cabbage juice for weight loss should be drunk on an empty stomach, and also for half an hour before each meal during the day.

It should be noted that from juice for weight loss in its pure form can occur heartburn, as the acidity of the stomach rises. To avoid this, it is recommended to dilute fresh with boiled water or juice from a cucumber. With an exacerbation of gastritis and ulcers, the drink is contraindicated.

Pumpkin Juice for Weight Loss

Natural pumpkin drink is used as a juice for weight loss due to the fact that it is able to improve the digestive system, remove cardiac and renal edema, and stimulate bile secretion. It is enriched with magnesium, cobalt, copper and many vitamins.

Morning portion of pumpkin juice for weight loss - half a cup. Fresh is also used to treat kidney stones. Drink in small portions (quarter to half a cup) three times a day, for 10 days.

A drink is also beneficial for sleep disturbances; it adds honey and drinks on a glass, going to bed.

Juice is contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity to the substances that make up the pumpkin.

Ginger juice for weight loss

Ginger is also used as a spicy additive to dishes and teas, and as a medicine. It contains vitamin C, essential oils, has a sharp taste and aroma. In alternative medicine is used as an anti-inflammatory agent and to enhance immunity.

Effective is also ginger juice, for example, to reduce body weight. The problem is how to get this juice for weight loss, because not too juicy rhizomes can be crushed to the right consistency only with a powerful juicer.

If this is available, then for those who want to lose weight - just two news: bad and good. The bad thing is that even from a kilogram of juicy raw material it is unlikely to produce more than 180 ml of juice. Good - that the juice of ginger for weight loss is not required to drink glasses, enough 1 spoonful per day, mixed with other drinks.

  • In particular, a good drink suppresses the feeling of hunger: 3 hours of apples, 2 - celery, 1 part of ginger. A portion is drunk in three receptions, together with a glass of water, before eating.

Ginger root also fits well with carrots, fennel, cucumbers, tomatoes.

It is not recommended to drink with gastritis, colitis, diabetes, allergies. Individual reactions are possible, so you need to get out of a particular situation and, if you do not accept the body, stop taking the juice.

Carrot juice for weight loss

This is one of the most useful juices for weight loss, although the taste of a natural drink is for an amateur. Carrot juice for weight loss is able to conduct a general recovery of digestive organs. In addition, it has other useful properties, because it contains:

  • vitamin A, improving vision;
  • Potassium, cobalt and other minerals;
  • antioxidant against aging;
  • phytoncides for protection against colds;
  • antistress agent daukosterol.

The juice from this root rejuvenates the skin, removes heavy metals and slag from the liver. It is important not to forget that for the assimilation of beta-carotene, fats are needed, so the juice must be "seized" with something suitable. On the other hand, it is not too much to get carried away with carrot juice not to overload the liver with this substance (yellowing of the skin covers the overdose). The recommended dose is up to half a liter a day.

But even this curative drink has contraindications : fresh is not recommended for people suffering from peptic ulcer.

Potato juice for weight loss

The juice from potatoes is rich in easily digestible carbohydrates, amino acids and a whole list of important minerals. In particular, potassium, which is not formed in the body, therefore must come from the outside.

Potato juice for weight loss is used as an effective tool that activates digestion, improves microflora, prevents constipation. He enters the seasonal diet, designed for a 2-week course.

Juice for weight loss is prepared from quality potatoes, preferably from varieties that have a pinkish hue. Peeled peeled tubers are rubbed and squeezed or passed through a juicer. Daily rate - 2 times 150 grams fresh, half an hour before breakfast and lunch. Such a quantity is sufficient to achieve the desired result within a specified period.

The drink is drunk fresh, while it stores the maximum of useful components. Potato juice is also successfully used in the therapy of a whole list of diseases.

Radish juice for weight loss

Some consider the use of radish juice for weight loss myth. Say, it completely lacks metabolic accelerators, "burning" fats.

However, the benefits of radish and its juice for weight loss are certain - due to low nutritional value and fiber, which fills the stomach and depresses the feeling of hunger. Insoluble fiber dietary fiber for a long time provide a feeling of satiety, which is very important for a person who wants to lose weight.

However, other vegetables have such properties, with a more pleasant and mild taste. A significant disadvantage of radish is that it can not be eaten in large quantities: it is harmful for digestion. In addition, the vegetable and dishes from it stimulate the appetite, and this is undesirable in the diet for weight loss.

If you decide to disprove this opinion and prove the benefits of radish juice for weight loss, then use the ready-made recipe.

  • Dip through the juicer 10 kg of black radish with skin. Collect about 3 liters of juice stored in the refrigerator. This is a portion for the entire course of the diet.

Drinking 30 grams of food after eating, excluding fatty and rich foods from the menu, you can count until the end of the course at minus 10 - 15 kg.

Juice from zucchini for weight loss

Zucchini - ideal vegetables for those who want to lose weight, because they contain a maximum (up to 90%) of useful water, vitamins and minerals and a minimum of calories (up to 24 kcal per 100 g). Juice from zucchini for weight loss keeps this ratio. It is easily digested, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. Unlike some other vegetable juices for weight loss, squash can be consumed in almost unlimited quantities.

To prepare juice for weight loss, young squash is used. They contain unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, E, PP, B9, B1, B2. Low-calorie composition helps, in large quantities, to saturate the body with vitamin H, which is contained in more caloric foods, such as peanuts, liver, legumes, boiled eggs. The daily dose is 1 liter. To accelerate the effect in parallel, you can prepare dietary dishes from this vegetable.

Squash juice regulates water-salt balance, removing excess water, sodium salts and cholesterol, it is well digested, it is pleasant to taste. A dietary indicators are so high that the drink has virtually no limitations and contraindications. Even inflammatory changes in the organs of the digestive tract are not an obstacle to a wonderful drink, as they increase peristalsis and metabolism.

You can not abuse the drink with exacerbation of chronic kidney diseases, hyperacid gastritis, ulcers.

A glass of juice a day for a week completely removes the body from toxins and toxins. Juice has antioxidant properties, and with external application - bleaching and moisturizing.

Cucumber Juice for Weight Loss

Cucumbers contain very few calories (up to 20 kcal per 100 g), a well-balanced complex of minerals, few carbohydrates and a lot of structured water. Such qualities make cucumber juice for weight loss an almost indispensable product. Vegetables and juices occupy a place of honor in the system of rational nutrition and many unloading diets.

  • Juice from cucumbers for weight loss, drunk on an empty stomach, eliminates heartburn. The drink maintains water-salt balance, removes excess liquid, helps with constipation. It is recommended for consumption even with a hungry diet.

Cucumber fresh is perfectly combined with other vegetable and fruit drinks: carrot, cabbage, beet, lemon. Effectively eliminates excess kilograms unsweetened lemonade, which is prepared from juices of cucumbers, lemon, celery (3: 1: 1 ratio). Juices are mixed and diluted to taste with water, add a little honey, maple syrup, basil grass and mint.

Drink pleasantly on the palate, quench thirst, give courage and with regular use helps get rid of unnecessary weight.

Green Juices for Weight Loss

Green juices are fresh and smoothies from spicy herbs and fruits of green color. Green juices for weight loss have their history and are very popular among public people, advocating for a healthy lifestyle. Beverages well cleanse the body, accelerate digestion and metabolism, eliminate slag and excess mass, charge with energy and vivacity.

Nutritionists recommend losing weight not by changing food with these juices, but by organically introducing them into a balanced menu consisting of useful natural products. This provides moderate weight loss without any risks.

Fresh juices for weight loss from greenery is easiest to get, using a quality juicer. If it is available, it remains to pick up recipes. They depend on the state of health (there are no contraindications) and personal taste preferences.

Juices are made from a variety of fruits: apples, cucumbers, spinach, zucchini, celery, lettuce, parsley, pepper, kiwi, lime, various kinds of cabbage. Not all of them are equally tasty, but there is little secret of how to fix it. The fact is that the basis for a green drink can be any fruit juice, not necessarily green. As the green components in the drinks add the appropriate juices.

Regularly preparing fruit and vegetable cocktails, over time, you can develop your own unique composition, and to begin with, use the tried and tested basic recipes.

  • Often the basis is the juice of green apples, ideally - grown in their own garden or in the country, not treated with pesticides and pesticides. The addition of leafy vegetables, in any combination, makes the taste and aroma more subtle, increases the usefulness of such a drink.

Some recipes include the addition of herbs, nuts and seeds, which makes the taste rich and increases the nutritional value of the drink. Here, however, it is important not to overdo the calorie, and do not forget that we are, in general, preparing juices for weight loss, and not for "correcting". In general, any herbs that are suitable for tea, will be suitable as an additional ingredient for green juice: lemon balm, rosemary, mint, basil, and spices are recognized "burners" of fat.

Juice of parsley for weight loss

The prevailing view of parsley as a purely green seasoning clearly underestimates this plant. In fact, its vitamin and medicinal properties are not inferior to the nutritious and flavoring. This applies to all parts: from the root to the seeds, which contain essential components in high concentrations. Parsley has found application in cosmetology - in particular, for bleaching the skin, in alternative medicine. Used and the juice of parsley - for weight loss and as a sedative.

Juice from the green:

  • is a strong diuretic, along with urine removes toxins and other harmful components;
  • promotes active digestion of protein foods;
  • cleanses the liver, sunglasses and biliary tract;
  • shows laxative properties;
  • Suppresses appetite;
  • improves fat metabolism, eliminates cellulite.

Juice for weight loss is obtained by squeezing or passing through a meat grinder finely chopped greens. Drinking strengthens blood vessels, reduces sugar, saturates the body with vitamins.

There is also a prescription for weight loss, in which the root of parsley is used. Finely grated thick root is placed in a glass jar and poured into 2 tbsp. Spoons of lean oil. The mixture is eaten during the day, once a week. The diet lasts 1 - 3 months, allows you to reduce body weight by 5 kg per month. The rest of the day meals are standard, no frills and no harmful dishes.

Fruit Juices for Weight Loss

Most fruit juices for weight loss are more caloric than vegetables, because of the higher concentration of fructose. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectins, antioxidants, enzymes, have a gentle diuretic and laxative effect, normalize cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

Popular juices for weight loss - apple, orange or grapefruit, pineapple. It should be remembered that they have useful qualities no longer than two hours after wringing.

Apple fresh, drunk on an empty stomach, prepare the stomach before eating, normalize blood pressure, saturate the blood with iron. Fiber pulp sweeps out the contents of the intestine, and enzymes stimulate digestion. A little nuance: green apples contain fewer calories than in yellow-green fruits. For the product, there is one contraindication: sweet and sour apple juices can exacerbate inflammation of the stomach.

  • Citrus fruits are excellent lipid burners. In parallel, cellulose cleanses the intestines, and a complex of antioxidants starts the process of rejuvenation. Due to the diuretic effect the body gets rid of excess fluid, reducing the burden on the heart. Freshies from oranges or grapefruits normalize cholesterol and sugar, are treated for many problems associated with unwanted completeness.

Feature pineapple juice - the presence of an enzyme bromelain, splitting protein components. Drinked before eating fresh with pulp activates digestion, saturates the body with a daily dose of vitamins and iron, calcium, magnesium.

Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Lemon and lemon juice for weight loss are used quite often. Fortunately, the drink has a pleasant taste and aroma, is available for cooking at home, has many curative and preventive properties.

Juice for weight loss is mixed with honey and water, drink on unloading days. Another way is to consume pure juice on an empty stomach, with water.

The benefits are also extracted from the white peel, which is under the skin. To do this, the peel, carefully washed beforehand, is steamed and insisted until the water cools. Then the skins are taken out and the liquid is drunk.

Grapefruit Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit juice for weight loss is applied less often than orange - perhaps not everyone likes the characteristic bitterness in his taste. The presence of a specific taste is not surprising, because the grapefruit was due to the crossing of two citrus: orange and lemon.

Due to this relationship, the new fruit contains a full bouquet of vitamins, organic acids, dietary fiber and other useful ingredients inherent in citrus fruits. The composition of the juice is even quinine, which in the past saved from malaria and the fever of people falling into tropical countries.

Juice for weight loss from grapefruit is one of the popular fat-burning products. Nutritionists recommend taking it regularly, at 100 grams, about half an hour before meals, as well as in breaks, to suppress hunger. Juice can be replaced by half of the fruit.

Rich in nutritious fruits during the diet are needed twice, because they fill the body with a lack of vitamins, trace elements, essential oils. Fiber stimulates the activity and purification of the digestive tract, restores strength and vigor after fitness. In the body, metabolic reactions are activated, the cholesterol balance is leveled, the formation of adipose tissue is prevented.

Drink from grapefruit has a sour taste, so it is not recommended for ulcers. In addition, it is not combined with some drugs: oral contraceptives, erythromycin, Viagra, immunosuppressants, tamoxifen.

Apple juice for weight loss

Even schoolchildren know that apple pulp and juice contain a lot of iron. But this is not the only advantage of the popular fruit: it is saturated with nickel, zinc, cobalt, vitamins C and P, pectins, especially useful for the intestines.

Undoubted dignity of apple juice for weight loss, because it normalizes digestion, removes excess fluid, helps restore physical strength and relieve fatigue, lowers cholesterol. Fresh juice for weight loss you can drink quite a lot: not less than a liter a day. The drink is not perceived by the body unless the exacerbation of pancreatitis, ulcers, gastritis.

However, there are critics of this method of losing weight. Say, the juice is too sweet, high in calories, causes heartburn and increased appetite. Its benefit is only in vitamins and minerals, but not in reducing weight.

But even skeptics admit that there is a lot of use in the drink and if not for unloading days, the juice should be used to suppress appetite. Half a glass of juice before eating stimulates the release of insulin into the blood and, as a consequence, provides a feeling of satiety for a while. But such experiments are only permissible for people with a healthy digestive system.


Orange juice for weight loss

Orange - tasty and hearty citrus. Like his cousins, contains especially a lot of vitamin C and P, as well as fiber, potassium and folic acid. It improves digestion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, removes harmful substances, improves tone and mood. A glass of natural drink can saturate the body with a complex of vitamins for a whole day. Juice is also used: for weight loss, as well as for hypertension, atherosclerosis, as a prophylactic against rickets, scurvy, constipation, caries, neoplasms.

Orange juice for weight loss is included in the menu of various citrus diets. It helps to lose weight the fiber of juicy fruit, which in the stomach swells and maintains a feeling of saturation for about four hours. Especially useful for losing weight are red oranges. With the help of a juicer of them make a great smoothie. Juice with a pleasant citrus aroma can be used to smother a less pleasant taste and smell of juices from cabbage, spinach and other vegetables.

One serving of fresh juice - 50 ml. The optimal time of reception is between breakfasts. Drinking juice on an empty stomach causes irritation, after eating - fermentation in the stomach.

Frozen orange juice for weight loss is amenable to freezing, and pieces of fruit ice - an exquisite additive to fruit and vegetable cocktails.

The drink contains enough sugar, which can be dangerous for diabetics. Also, juice is not recommended for inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, in pregnancy and susceptibility to allergies.

Pomegranate juice for weight loss

Pomegranate juice for weight loss is an indispensable tool. It regulates the appetite and functions of the stomach, has a yellow and diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effects, effectively increases hemoglobin. Ruby kernels of red fruit are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, anthocyanins. All these components are very necessary for a lean body, weakened by diets.

When using this juice for weight loss, you should also remember about its negative properties, namely, - high concentration of acids, destroying tooth enamel and irritating the gastrointestinal mucosa. Therefore, pure juice before use mixed with boiled water.

These same qualities are not allowed to prescribe pomegranate juice for gastritis with high acidity, pancreatitis and ulcers. In these cases, the drink is diluted with water or other juice. The most useful cocktail is garnet-carrot.

People who regularly eat pomegranate juice not only eliminate excess weight, but also feel younger, get rid of asthma, anemia, atherosclerotic changes.

Pineapple juice for weight loss

Pineapple juice for weight loss is rich in antioxidants, which prevent aging, thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Enzyme bromelain cleaves proteins, so juice is very useful to eat before eating. Bromelain is able to block the intake of cholesterol from food, it has a beneficial effect on digestive functions.

  • Pineapple juice is more useful with pulp. It is very tasty, rich in vitamins of groups C, B, beta-carotene, minerals. In a glass of fresh drink - the daily rate of these substances.

However, everything is good in moderation, and juice for weight loss is also true. You can not drink pure juice from pineapple daily. And in general, it is better to combine pineapple fresh with vegetable or less acidic fruit. He is "friendly" with many juices, and also suitable for making salads, jellies, yoghurts, quenching thirst and increasing the effectiveness of other ingredients. For example, pineapple-carrot drink excellently cleans vessels and liver. It is not recommended to share juice with animal proteins, beans and starch products.

Pineapple smoothies are prepared with the help of a juicer, crushing juicy slices of pulp. The drink quickly loses useful properties, so it should be drunk immediately. The daily rate should not exceed 0.5 liters. Drink can not be used with individual intolerance to the components.

The juice of the viburnum for weight loss

Singing in alternative songs and tales of viburnum is a unique berry. This is the first remedy for colds, coughs, hypertension, with gum disease, bleeding. Kalinovy juice excellently cleanses and whitens the skin, effectively combats cellulite. Frozen juice cubes are excellent in coping with acne: they need to wipe the skin in the morning, before washing, leaving for a few minutes for exposure.

  • Is it useful for losing weight? Yes, because when used inside it activates the metabolism, normalizes digestion, removes slag. And with the external application of juice for weight loss is used in the form of wraps. Before the procedure, the viburnum is mixed with honey and rosemary oil, applied to problem areas and wrapped with food film. After an hour, the rests are washed off.

Nutritionists recommend drinking a sip of guelder-rose for weight loss on an empty stomach. The main condition - it is diluted with water in the proportion of 3 tbsp. Spoons on a glass of boiled water.

The use of guarana juice also has contraindications. It is not recommended for hypotension, pregnant, kidney disease, gout, thrombosis. Overdosing of juice can provoke a vomiting reflex or allergic manifestations.

Watermelon juice with pulp

Often a watermelon is considered a dessert and eat it after a plentiful feast. And watermelon juice is not at all among useful drinks. It turns out that this is wrong, and watermelon is clearly an underestimated berry in this sense.

Fresh watermelon juice with pulp retains all useful qualities of the fruit:

  • refreshing;
  • quench thirst;
  • beneficially affects all organs and systems;
  • facilitates the course of many diseases;
  • Displays excess fluid and slags;
  • activates the metabolism;
  • strengthens the defenses.

Juice from watermelon is considered dietary, and one of the best, because it saturates the body with easily digestible components, removes cholesterol and neutralizes excessive acidity. Successfully applied in unloading diets as a juice for weight loss.

Juice can be mixed with apple, currant, cranberry juice; the obligatory condition - a drink prepared in the morning should be drunk completely before the end of the day. And, most importantly, watermelon should be ripe and without nitrates.

The drink helps to recover faster after surgery and severe diseases, protects against tumors and stresses. At pregnant women and at monthly eliminates a swelling, a pain and uncomfortable sensations. For men who regularly drink, sexual activity increases.

Chestnut juice for weight loss

Under the juice of chestnut for weight loss is meant fat-burning additive "Liquid chestnut". The preparation contains active components of guaranine, theobromine, theophylline and auxiliary substances. The effectiveness of this kind of juice for weight loss is based on their properties. In particular, guarana:

  • accelerates metabolism, waste disposal and energy consumption;
  • reduces appetite and stimulates motor activity;
  • improves memory;
  • has no side effects.

Due to such properties guaranin is a part of many drugs for weight loss. The remaining active ingredients enhance the action of the main substance while stimulating metabolism and energy consumption.

Despite the safety of guarana, "Liquid chestnut" can not be used by people with heart problems, epilepsy, hypertension, mental disorders. It does not combine with antidepressants, psychotropic and sedative drugs. In the presence of any other diseases, a doctor's consultation will not be superfluous either.

Contraindications for watermelon juice - diabetes, pancreatitis, flatulence, phosphate stones in the kidneys, adenoma of the prostate, adhesions in the intestine.

Benefits of juices

The benefits of juices are indisputable and well known. They are an inexhaustible source of vitamins, minerals, fiber (juices with pulp). Juices have the following properties:

  • clean the body of harmful substances, toxins;
  • normalize the metabolism;
  • cleanse the intestines;
  • quench thirst;
  • Drunk before meals, suppress the feeling of hunger;
  • with the addition of spices stimulate metabolism;
  • act as a diuretic;
  • rejuvenate the skin, including in the form of masks;
  • renew blood.

These and other properties contribute to the mild elimination of excess weight and saturation of the body with various useful components. With the help of juice for weight loss are effective days of discharge.

The most useful are fresh juices. At home, the best vegetables for making juices are cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, asparagus, broccoli, spinach. Fruit juices are less spicy and sweeter.

It is recommended to cook fresh seasonal: from pomegranate, apples, citrus, watermelon, combine them with each other and with vegetables (apples with currants or cranberries, as well as celery). They are great as a base for oxygen cocktails.

Harmful juices

Properly selected and prepared fresh juices should not harm a healthy body. But there is, unfortunately, the other side of the coin - the harm of juices for weight loss. To avoid harmful influence, it is necessary to take into account certain features and to limit the use of certain juices for weight loss.

  • You can not drink juices for a long time, even with mono diet, the maximum is two weeks.
  • In the presence of allergic manifestations, for example, on citrus, juice should be replaced with another natural drink.
  • Many fresh can not be drunk in a concentrated form with gastritis and ulcers (for example, beetroot).
  • People prone to fullness, it is important to select juices with a minimum concentration of sugar or reduce it by diluting with water.

The human body is a whole system where everything is interconnected. And if there were problems with the weight, then, perhaps, something happened and a violation of equilibrium. Before trying to reduce weight yourself, for example, with the help of juice for weight loss, you must exclude the likelihood of disease, as well as make adjustments to the diet and lifestyle. "Juicy" diet in such cases will certainly help and lose weight, and improve the body.

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