Orange juice in the morning - the guarantee of a good day

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10 May 2013, 09:00

Over time, nutritionists around the world are trying to determine the most useful and invigorating morning drink. Some scientists lean with hot drinks with caffeine content, others - to sour-milk products, others insist on the special effect of fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

Recent experiments of American scientists have shown that fresh citrus juice (the best option is orange) is one of the most useful morning drinks. Also, scientists managed to prove that fresh orange juice contributes to the improvement of the body, the restoration of the immune system and even the reduction of excess weight.

The experiment conducted by experts from the United States consisted in the fact that for several weeks scientists observed the health indicators of thirty volunteers. Participants in the experiment were divided into three groups, which for three weeks ate exactly the same way, the difference was only in the drinks that people used during breakfast. The first group of participants drank fresh citrus juice, the second - distilled water, the third - sweet soda water. For three weeks, doctors monitored blood samples from all participants. After the end of the experiment, the specialists compared the blood test parameters of each participant. The results of the analyzes showed that people who ate breakfast a glass of fresh orange juice at breakfast each day were found to have increased immunity, as well as lower blood glucose levels.

Experts argue that daily consumption of fresh citrus juice will help restore the immune system and provide the body with the necessary antibodies that are responsible for the health and longevity of a person. Also, citrus juices reduce the likelihood of obesity and diseases of the cardiovascular system. A large number of antioxidants, which are contained in the fruits of orange, helps to neutralize all inflammatory processes in the body.

Despite the benefits of citrus juices, experts focus on the fact that juices must be freshly squeezed. The use of nectars in industrial production not only does not promote health and well-being, but can also harm the body. Any nectar contains a large amount of sugar, which can lead to the appearance of excess weight, anorexia and an increased content of glucose in the blood. Fresh juices are a natural source of vitamins and antioxidants, which is necessary to enhance immunity and support the body.

At the same time, experts warn that one should not get carried away with the use of fresh juices: one glass a day is more than enough for an adult. People who are sick with diabetes, should use with caution sweet fruit juices. Those who are advised to refrain from sweet, it is better to stop attention on such juices as tomato, vegetable. In order to avoid damage to tooth enamel, dentists advise you to use fresh juices only through a straw.

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