Celery juice: we lose weight with health benefits

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

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In the understanding of many girls and young women, the concepts of "beauty" and "harmony" are inseparable, despite the fact that the female body is prone to reserve and "accumulation" of fat deposits. It is for this reason that the great sex spends most of its precious time in the search and application of various effective methods for combating obesity, often not paying attention to products that are always at hand and ready to help a woman in her difficult share. For example, celery. This unusual vegetable has been valued since ancient times for its remarkable healing and taste properties. But we will not go deep into this issue, but let's talk about how useful celery juice is for slimming and beauty of the female body.

Composition of juice from celery

Even the ancient Greek priestesses knew about the ability of celery to effectively purify and rejuvenate the entire body and actively used it, which explains the enviable beauty and "eternal" youth of these women.

Healthy sleep, strong nerves and blood vessels, good working capacity, health of the genital area, resistance to many dangerous diseases - sweat is a partial list of beneficial effects that we get by simply incorporating into this daily diet this fragrant vegetable undeservedly overshadowed by many housewives. But you can cook a lot of delicious dishes from celery, using leaves, stems and roots of such a useful plant with a rich taste.

Particular attention should be paid to the stems of the plant, because the medicinal juice, which has been used for many years by women for weight loss, is prepared from the stalk of celery. Let's figure out what is so useful for celery juice and through which the effect of weight reduction is achieved.

Basic information on this issue can be obtained by carefully studying the composition of the medicinal product. So, in the composition of celery juice, we see a wide range of substances useful for the body, starting with vitamins (vitamins A, C, E and PP plus B vitamins) and minerals and ending with amino acids and essential oils, fiber and flavonoids. Water in the juice helps the useful substances to be absorbed more quickly, easily falling into the cells of the body.

Vitamin A in the juice provides rejuvenation of the body, while vitamin E is involved in its assimilation, helping to carry out the reproductive function of the woman's body, improving immunity and the work of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C protects the body from infections, slows its aging and improves reproductive function. Vitamin PP, or nicotinic acid, is involved in all metabolic processes in the body. It also improves the condition of the skin and hair. And about the benefits of vitamins of group B there are already so many that it is not even worth stopping at this question.

As for trace elements, here is their whole Mendeleyev table. They are calcium and magnesium, iron and phosphorus, potassium and zinc. And also sodium, copper, manganese and selenium, which is considered unsurpassed defenders of the heart and the whole body from the aging process and the associated dominance of diseases.

Manganese, taking part in the development of thyroxine by the thyroid, helps normalize digestion by improving the digestibility of food. The benefits of iron to maintain the required level of hemoglobin in the blood can not be said, but it helps the iron in its hard work copper, which is also involved in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hormones of happiness endorphins.

Sodium is responsible for the conductivity of nerve impulses and the maintenance of water-salt balance in the body. And it helps him in this potassium, which carries out the maintenance of vital activity of all muscular structures. Zinc stimulates the body's protective functions and promotes cell regeneration. Phosphorus, like calcium, takes an active part in the formation and strengthening of the bone system. And magnesium participates in the synthesis of protein and normalizes the neuropsychic state of a person.

Amino acids carry out weight control. Fiber helps digestion and assimilation of food. Flavonoids are responsible for the youth, health and longevity of our body. Celery essential oil provides the health of the nervous system, stimulates the production of gastric juice, has a beneficial effect on the skin, the health of the bone and cardiovascular systems of the body.

Studying the chemical composition of celery juice, we touched upon only a small part of the useful properties of its various components. And what complex effect on the body does this drink have on the human body?

If you drink juice and other dishes from celery regularly for some time, you can notice the following positive changes: cleansing from harmful cholesterol and strengthening blood vessels, increasing the tone and performance of the body, and the stability of the nervous system to stressful situations, the normalization of the digestive tract and water-salt balance sheet, etc.

Celery juice increases the body's resistance to colds, spurs the immune system to fight various viruses and infections, while providing antimicrobial effect in parallel. In addition, it enhances the sexual desire of women and returns to the strong sex their masculine strength, being a natural aphrodisiac. It also effectively helps to fight nicotinic addiction (thanks to nicotinic acid) and replenishes the vitamin C deficiency that was lost under the influence of nicotine.

The use of celery juice for weight correction

Since the celery juice is of more interest to us from the point of view of its usefulness for losing weight, we will consider this issue in more detail.

The fact is that the beauty of the female body is influenced not only by the quantity and quality of the food consumed, but also by the coordination of the work of various organs and systems of the body. Therefore, it is often not enough to limit yourself to physical activity and a low-calorie diet to reduce weight. This will require general improvement of the body and the normalization of the digestive, endocrine, excretory and other systems, in which thanks to its composition and help celery.

Regular use of celery juice contributes to the complete cleansing of the human body from harmful "decay products", which slag and poison our body. But without cleaning the body, and the intestine in particular, the therapeutic effect of many drugs and useful products is slowed down. Yes, and the process of weight loss is very difficult to start and adjust, if not previously complete a thorough prophylactic cleaning of the body.

Having a positive effect on digestion, celery juice has the ability to enhance the production of gastric juice. Due to this, the process of digestion of food is accelerated, which means that metabolic processes in the body are optimized, including the process of burning fats in exchange for energy.

A small laxative and carminative action of juice from stalks of celery helps to cleanse the body of harmful substances, and the diuretic effect stimulates the excretion of excess fluid from the body, which is very important in correcting the weight.

Among other things, celery juice, reducing appetite, helps to fight the bad habit of overeating. And the celery itself is characterized by a negative calorie content, which means that the process of digesting it will take energy from the product, plus energy extracted from the body's fat stores. What else is needed for effective weight loss?

Celery Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

We talked about the benefits of celery juice for weight loss and health improvement. But how to prepare this healing drink in order to get the maximum benefit from it?

Just worth mentioning that for weight loss use only freshly squeezed juice from the stem, leaves and celery root , but you need to drink it half an hour after cooking, which is recommended for any vegetable juice. In the process of further storage, it loses most of its useful properties.

For the preparation of juice take cleaned of dirt and various damage to the vegetable. It is thoroughly washed, the root is peeled.

If you want to use the whole plant, you should stock up on the juicer, otherwise you will only need to use stems and leaves. The stems can be crushed by means of a small grater, and the leaves should be crushed with a pestle, after placing them in gauze. By the way, with the help of gauze, you can squeeze the juice from the previously ground on the grater stems, as well as from stems and leaves, crushed in a blender.

You do not need to drink juice, a maximum of 100 g per day. For weight loss, 2-3 spoonfuls at a time are sufficient. But you need to drink juice regularly 2 or 3 times a day before you start eating.

As an option for those who do not want to mess with the preparation of juice from a healthy vegetable, you can use the infusion of celery, which is stored in the refrigerator. To make it you need to take 1 tbsp. L. Grinded on a grater of raw materials and pour it with cool boiled water, taken in the amount of 500 g. Leave to infuse in room conditions for 4 hours. Filtered through gauze, the infusion is drunk no more than 3 times a day for 100 g. This should be done half an hour before a meal.

But, of course, no infusion can be compared in efficiency with the combined juices or cocktails, the main component of which is the celery juice. The best compositions are:

  • Juice from celery and cucumber, which effectively removes toxins from the body.
  • Juice from celery and carrots (in proportion 1: 1) with increased digestibility of vitamins useful for the body.
  • Juice from celery and turnips is a low-calorie drink, ideal for weight loss and skin health, digestive and bone system.
  • Juice from celery and pear, which helps to lose weight and strengthens the sexual desire.

Useful for weight loss will be multi-component juice drinks:

  • Celery, carrots, radish, juices take in the ratio of 5: 8: 3.
  • Celery, cabbage, carrots. The ideal juice ratio is 5: 4: 1.
  • Celery, carrots, beets with a juice ratio of 5: 8: 3.

A good composition of celery juice, beets and parsley burns fats. A combination of celery juice with honey improves digestion and reduces appetite. Tasty and healthy drinks can be obtained if the celery juice is mixed with orange juice (vitamin cocktail, reducing pressure) or watermelon (a health drink for kidney and bladder health).

To obtain a pleasant taste and aroma for celery juice, it is recommended to add low-calorie fruit juices. In this way, it is possible to diversify your menu with benefit for the figure.

To improve the taste of vegetable juice in it, you can add a few drops of natural vinegar, prepared from apples. From this and the taste of the drink will improve, and the effect of consuming the juice will be more noticeable.

To consume fresh and cocktails from the juice of celery, you need 2.5-3 tsp. 2-3 times a day before meals, like pure juice.

Remember: you can not improve the taste of vegetable juices used for weight loss with salt, as this can significantly slow down the weight loss process.

Tomato juice with celery for weight loss

A very useful dietary drink used in various diet for weight loss is considered to be homemade tomato juice, the taste of which is markedly improved if it is used with celery. The addition of celery will make the juice taste of fresh tomatoes more saturated, flavorful and mouth-watering without using salt. Most often as an additive, juice is used from stalks of celery, but it is also possible to take the whole vegetable crushed in a blender, including leaves and stems.

Essential for weight loss and skin rejuvenation, you can get a drink if you pass a cucumber (1 piece), tomatoes (3 pieces) and a celery stalk (2 pieces) through a juicer. At the output we get a tasty and healthy drink for the figure and skin.

A truly "miracle drink" is a composition made of celery, tomatoes and apples. On a half a kilo of celery we take 250 g of fresh fragrant apples of sweet and sour or acid varieties. We grind and pass through the juicer. To the composition we add half a glass of unsalted tomato juice of home preparation. And if you add a little cinnamon to it, you will be provided with a tasty and effective weight loss.

It is not forbidden to add to this fruit and vegetable cocktail and a little chopped parsley (or use a sprig of parsley for a delicious and useful glass decoration), because of which both the taste and the effect of the drink will only benefit.

As you can see, celery juice for weight loss is effective not only as an independent dish, but also in compositions with other fruit and vegetable juices. In order to reduce weight, you can drink it separately, adhering to a low-calorie diet, and you can replace some of the high-calorie meals with juice from the juice, thereby diversifying the menu. In this case, you will feel saturation without threat to the figure.

The use of celery juice and various beverages on its basis in the above dosage will help to gradually lose weight (about 2 kg per week). Unlike fast weight loss, such a diet does not contribute to the deterioration of the skin, and even on the contrary, it has a beneficial effect on it. Yes, and the last kilograms afterwards are especially not burning desire to return.

Can everyone drink juice from celery?

An important condition for safe weight loss is the careful use of products that provide weight loss, taking into account various contraindications.

For example, the ability of celery to increase the production of gastric juice can play a cruel joke in some pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a stomach ulcer and gastritis with increased secretory function of the stomach. In principle, the acute course of any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system is considered a contraindication to the intake of celery juice for weight loss or as a medicine.

It is not recommended for women who are expecting a baby to appear in the third trimester of pregnancy, nursing mothers, elderly people, and patients with varicose veins.

All the others use celery is not only possible, but also necessary, because more valuable food for the body still needs to be looked for. And the celery juice, thanks to its composition, will be useful not only for weight loss, but also for the overall health of the body. Especially if his reception is supplemented with other dishes from this healthy green vegetable.

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