Diets for weight loss at 10 kg per week - watermelon diet

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Who would doubt that watermelon is an excellent cleanser of the body and therefore a great product for losing weight. Watermelon diet for weight loss of 10 kg per week on our website for you.

Why watermelon diet for weight loss?

Lose weight on watermelons is easy and pleasant. Watermelon is a source of useful substances, which with its help are supplied to the body. With the help of watermelon, the diuretic system is activated, thanks to what you can get rid of toxins and other harmful substances in a short period of time.

Watermelon is delicious. He can replace the first, second, and third. And even drinks, because it perfectly quenches thirst.

Menu watermelon diet for weight loss


Cooked on the water croup - 3 tablespoons

Cheese hard, low-fat - 2-3 slices

Fresh vegetables (at your discretion)


Fish boiled or baked - 150 g

As an option instead of fish - boiled chicken meat

Vegetable salad


Watermelon (however, a limited number). Count his portion as follows: for each of your 30 kg - 1 kg of watermelon. If your weight, say, 60 kg, you can eat for dinner 2 kg of watermelon.

The result of watermelon diet for weight loss

For 7 days - from 5 kg

Duration of watermelon diet - from 7 to 9 days

You can eat for a few days only a watermelon. But, if you have weak kidneys, give it up. Watermelon is a strong diuretic, and it is impossible for such a diseased kidney to have such an active load.

Lose weight on watermelon alone is possible within 2-3 days. And then avoid the acute, salty and fatty for at least 3-4 days, so as not to overload the liver and the entire digestive system.

Lose weight easily and with pleasure with a watermelon diet and with us!

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