Apples - an excellent alternative to drugs for lowering cholesterol

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01 January 2014, 09:15

British experts after several studies concluded that for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, a large number of fruits must be eaten daily. The use of just one apple a day effectively reduces the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke among people over 50 years of age. In apples contains a sufficient number of substances that contribute to the regulation of cholesterol in the human body. Similar substances contain special medications that reduce cholesterol. The use of apples will help people who want naturally (without the intake of chemistry) to protect their own vessels from possible problems and diseases. All their conclusions and recommendations experts published in a special edition of the British Medical Journal.

Researchers from the University of Oxford have calculated and found that Britain more than five million people over fifty years old is taking various medications that help lower blood cholesterol levels. Also, more than seventeen million people would agree to take such drugs if they were recommended at the national level as the main prevention of cardiovascular diseases over the age of fifty.

Experts analyzed this situation using a mathematical model and found that taking drugs that lower cholesterol helps to reduce the death rate from a stroke or heart attack by almost 9.5 thousand cases per year. Supplementing the diet with just one apple a day contributes to reducing mortality by 8,500 cases per year. In this study, experts took into account the population older than fifty years.

Scientists also note that taking special means of lowering cholesterol has a number of side effects, in particular such drugs contribute to the development of myopathy (progressive muscular dystrophy) and diabetes mellitus. In addition, scientists note that people who have started taking medications to lower cholesterol should not give up this type of prevention and switch to a fruit diet, since fruits are recommended only to people who are eager to prevent cardiovascular disease without using medicines.

Apples contain a sufficient amount of antioxidants, which protect the human body from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, aging. Scientists from Canada reported that the maximum of useful substances is contained in the skin of this fruit. It has also been shown that the regular use of apples has a positive effect in hypertensive disease (excess water and salt are drained from the body and blood pressure is lowered as a result). Also, apples are a good source of vital energy, help to deal with stressful situations, fatigue, restore blood, and also contribute to better brain function. A little earlier, experts from the University of Massachusetts determined that apple juice helps to improve memory, as it helps to increase the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine - a substance that takes part in memory and improves learning abilities.

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