Pregnancy and Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the key factor that determines the state of human health. Therefore, when they talk about pregnancy and way of life, they mean that during pregnancy the child should observe the principles of healthy nutrition (full for all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements), adhere to the regime of work and rest, walk in the open air, make special Exercise, how to get enough sleep and not be nervous. In principle, all this is useful in any condition, but in the position of a future mother to lead a healthy lifestyle is especially important.

Is it possible to tan in pregnancy?

Whether it is possible for pregnant women to sunbathe? The question that interests future mothers, whose pregnancy has fallen at the height of the beach season. Let's look at this question, find out whether it's possible to tan in pregnancy, what precautions to observe, what to be afraid of and how to protect the future baby from the scorching sun.

Honey during pregnancy: benefit or harm

Honey during pregnancy is often irreplaceable. If the future mother does not have allergies to this product, it can be used for colds, as, as is known, many drugs during pregnancy are prohibited.

Nail extensions during pregnancy

Concerning the procedure such as nail extensions during pregnancy, there are two opposing opinions.

Pregnancy and rest at sea

Pregnancy and the sea - a question that worries many women who are preparing to become moms. On the one hand, it seems that a maternity leave on a sandy beach is a great opportunity to recover and fully rest.

Can I drink wine during pregnancy?

Some doctors argue that wine during pregnancy is a dangerous, practically toxic substance, when other doctors tend to believe that small doses of good wine are medicine.

The effect of toxic substances on pregnancy and fetus

Alcohol and banned substances are toxic to the placenta and developing fetus and can cause congenital syndromes, as well as withdrawal symptoms.

How to avoid the risk of having a child with autism?

Autism is a serious nervous disorder that affects 1 in 110 children only in the United States. Without knowing the causes of autism, parents can worry about the fact that mom can give birth to a baby-out. But a new study recently conducted in the United States can give new hope to parents - to conceive and give birth to a child without deviations.

Daily habits and pregnancy

Let's consider those sports that are categorically contraindicated for pregnant women: horse riding, water skiing, jumping, mountain skiing, some types of gymnastic exercises.

Pregnancy: a healthy lifestyle

You need to lead a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy, as well as after the birth of a child ...

Complaints and malaise in pregnancy - we learn to fight them

Throughout pregnancy, the expectant mother faces many ailments, the cause of which is hormonal changes in the body and the increased load on it.


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