Nail extensions during pregnancy

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Concerning the procedure such as nail extensions during pregnancy, there are two opposing opinions. Some experts say that this can negatively affect the condition of the pregnant woman, while others consider the procedure to be completely safe, taking into account the qualified approach and the right choice of the necessary materials.

It should be noted that during the first three months of pregnancy from nail extensions, it is still recommended to abstain, since it is during this period that the main laying of fetal organs and systems occurs, and some substances that make up nail extensions can cause a hypersensitivity reaction. These include, for example, formaldehyde, which has a sharp odor and is toxic. Negative influence on the human body, this substance can exert by affecting the genome, respiratory and reproductive systems, eyes and skin, as well as the central nervous system. In a future mother, such a substance can cause nausea, headaches, until the loss of consciousness. At the same time, according to the second point of view, starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, nail extensions are considered harmless, provided that quality materials are used and the procedure is performed by an experienced specialist.

It should be borne in mind that during pregnancy, with accrued nails, certain difficulties may arise, since it is possible to tear away artificial nails by natural nails. Also, different growth rates of individual segments of natural nails are possible.


Is it possible to increase nails during pregnancy?

The decision, whether it is possible to increase nails during pregnancy, each woman takes individually, taking into account the characteristics of her body, the propensity to allergic reactions, as well as the nature of the course of pregnancy. In any case, if you decide to nevertheless increase your nails, be sure to consult your doctor. Given your condition and the data of all the tests, he will give useful recommendations on the procedure - whether it is necessary to increase the nails or still better not to risk once again. When making the final decision, remember that as part of the means for building up, however, there are toxic substances, and you are now in a state in which the sensitivity of the body to the influence of environmental factors is significantly increased. And if there is at least a minimal risk of adverse effects on the fetus and the course of pregnancy, it is best to abandon such a procedure.

Nail extensions during pregnancy

Nail extensions during pregnancy must necessarily be carried out taking into account the special position of the woman and be carried out exclusively by a qualified master in a cabinet specially designed for this procedure, equipped with the necessary equipment, quality materials and a good ventilation system.

If you still decide to increase your nails during pregnancy, during the procedure, make sure that the jars with chemicals are not needed without any need in the open form, after completing the buildup, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and, for preventive purposes, do a nose flushing procedure. If there are no contraindications, you can use sea water for this purpose, for example, marimer or cleanliness.

Gel nail extensions during pregnancy

There is an opinion that gel nail extensions during pregnancy are the most optimal option, compared, for example, with acrylic, which includes methyl acrylic and acrylic acids, which can trigger the development of allergic reactions from the skin and other organs. In addition, this substance has a strong and quite unpleasant odor, which is highly undesirable during pregnancy. The gel, in turn, does not give off a pungent odor. Gel nail extensions are the most modern technology, since the gel is considered a hypoallergenic substance. However, when choosing a material, it should be taken into account that there is another opinion, according to which the effects of acrylic and gel can cause similar reactions.

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