Pregnancy and Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the key factor that determines the state of human health. Therefore, when they talk about pregnancy and way of life, they mean that during pregnancy the child should observe the principles of healthy nutrition (full for all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements), adhere to the regime of work and rest, walk in the open air, make special Exercise, how to get enough sleep and not be nervous. In principle, all this is useful in any condition, but in the position of a future mother to lead a healthy lifestyle is especially important.

Pregnancy and work

Pregnancy and work - how to combine them without damage to health and family budget? A woman can be concerned with many similar questions, which we will try to answer in this article.

Exercises for pregnant women in the pool

To somehow reduce the level of discomfort, to save a young mother from at least part of the problems, now many health-improving systems have been developed, including exercises for pregnant women in the pool.

Pregnancy Exercises

Future mothers choose with special care the exercises during pregnancy and the technique of their execution, since the ligamentous apparatus and joints are considerably softened on the eve of the forthcoming birth.

Bandage during pregnancy

The issue of wearing a bandage during pregnancy causes a lot of questions among the expectant mothers themselves, and also has no unambiguously positive recommendation for use by gynecologists.

Sex in early pregnancy

Is it possible to have sex in the early stages of pregnancy? This question confronts a young couple shortly after future parents learn that in 9 months they will have a small miracle.

Sleep during pregnancy - its features and postures for sleep

Sleep during pregnancy is particularly important and should be full. The female body undergoes a large number of changes during this period, causing a significant load, which will help to cope with a good sleep.

Iron in pregnancy

Iron during pregnancy ensures normal functioning of the body of the mother and baby. Iron contributes to the production of blood, which provides a link between a woman and her child.

Dukan Diet during Pregnancy

The Ducane diet during pregnancy is, first of all, a protein diet, which includes the use of such products as fresh vegetables, fish, meat, bran.

Watermelon diet during pregnancy

Watermelon diet during pregnancy refers to the so-called. "Cleansing" mono-diet, because it is aimed at cleansing the human body of accumulated slag, as well as excess fluid, which is achieved through its effective diuretic action.

Diet during pregnancy by week

Diet during pregnancy for weeks includes a special diet depending on the period of pregnancy. It is important for a pregnant woman to remember the need to use extremely useful, "right" foods.


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