Diseases of dogs

Alas, the dog diseases are quite numerous. Dogs have such practically human diseases as inflammation of the middle ear, runny nose and cough, cardiac arrhythmia, gastritis, allergies, caries. The dog can be aggressive due to nervous system disease, lethargic - due to metabolic disorders. In addition, dog diseases include a large list of parasitic pathologies (opisthorchiasis, dioktofimoz, demodekoz, etc.).

It is useful for owners of four-armed people to know how to distinguish symptoms of dog disease and when to seek help from veterinarians.  

Discharge from the eyes of a dog

Just like humans, dogs are prone to various types of eye infections. Therefore, every pet owner should know what can cause discharge from the eyes of a dog and how they are treated.

Inflammation of paranal glands in dogs

Dogs are anatomically arranged so that on both sides of the anus are symmetrically arranged two saccules in which secretion is synthesized. They are called paranal glands.

Demodecosis in dogs

How to determine the disease in time? What modern methods help to cope more quickly with pathology?

Venereal sarcoma in dogs

The transmissible venereal sarcoma, which only occurs in the canis family (Canis Familiaris) and global distribution on all continents, has an unusual pathogenesis that has been seriously studied over the past 130 years.

Giardiasis in dogs

Unlike humans, dogs with giardiasis are more susceptible to acute and chronic forms of the disease. Various internal organs of the animal may fall under the defeat.

Teeth in dogs

Mineral deposits on the teeth are a big problem for pets. In addition, the presence of tartar can provoke other serious complications.

Epilepsy in dogs

Epilepsy in dogs is the result of a neurological impairment of brain functions - an electrical failure occurs in the bioelectric system of the body, resulting in reduced electrical stability and an attack that can occur both in the form of small seizures and in the form of powerful convulsive convulsions.

Allergies in dogs

The causes of allergy in animals, as well as the etiology of allergies in humans, still do not have a common scientifically proven base.

Cellulite and cutaneous abscess in dogs

Cellulite is an infectious process involving the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue ...


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