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Drops for cats from worms

The risk of infection by intestinal parasites is subjected to all animals. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the body of pets regularly, even if there are no alarming symptoms or strangeness in their behavior. If this is not done, then the animal can get sick. There are all kinds of intestinal disorders, and in the presence of ectoparasites - complications in the form of allergic dermatitis, pyroplasmosis, Lyme disease, etc.

Indications for use

Indication for the use of drugs from worms is the very existence of a pet in your home or yard.

  • Modern veterinary medicine has developed various methods of treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases. Along with zooshampoos and special collars, tablets and suspensions, drops for cats on withers from worms are very popular - as a simple and reliable solution to the problem.

The procedure does not cause discomfort and stress in animals, it provides an effect for a period of a month or longer. It is convenient to use for small animals that persist in refusing tableted anthelmintics.


The pharmacodynamics of most of the chemical substances in the formulation of drops for cats from worms is reduced to blocking pulses at the cellular level, which provokes the destruction of insects, eggs and larvae.

  • Active components Profender - emodepsid and prazikvantel.

Emodepsid causes paralysis of the nerve receptors of parasites and their death.

Praziquantel is absorbed by the membrane of tapeworms; this causes a violation of metabolism, destruction of the membrane and death of parasites.

  • The pracicidal complex, in addition to praziquantel, contains:
  1. levamisole - exhibits immunostimulating activity against nematodes by increasing the level of T-lymphocytes.
  2. ivermectin - changes electrical processes in the muscle and nerve cells, resulting in irreversible phenomena.
  • Stronghold contains a component

Selamectin, which adversely affects the electrical activity of nerve and muscle cells of parasitic worms and insects

  • The IN-AP complex, in addition to praziquantel, contains
  1. aversectin C1, which on the skin-hair cover exerts a contact action, and when absorbed - a systemic antiparasitic blocking of impulses;
  2. fipronil, which accumulates the upper layers of the skin, bulbs of the hairs, sebaceous glands; prolonged activity of the substance leads to a similar result.


Pharmacokinetics of some active components for cats from worms:

  • The prasicid complex is easily absorbed into the skin, it is kept in the body for a long time in an effective amount.
  • Stronghold is easily absorbed and spread throughout the body. The concentration of active selamectin becomes maximum after 24 hours, the therapeutic effect of a single application persists for up to a month. It is withdrawn slowly: the half-life period is 8 days. It accumulates in the sebaceous glands, due to which it effectively acts against skin parasites.

Contraindications for use

Contraindications to the use of drops for cats from worms:

  • Age to 6 - 8 weeks, underweight
  • Sick, weakened, pregnant and lactating cat
  • Do not use orally or injectively
  • Intolerance of components
  • Use of other anthelmintics.

Ideally, if the drug is recommended by a veterinarian, taking into account the breed, after the examination, in a licensed pharmacy. In the instruction there should be information about which parasites the preparation relieves, what breeds of cats (not) are recommended.

With special sensitivity, short-term complications are possible: increased salivation, vomiting, and diarrhea, as a rule, soon disappearing.

Side effects

To avoid side effects, care must be taken: avoid contact with eyes, mouth, mucous and damaged skin (both animal and human). Work better in disposable rubber gloves, while it is forbidden to drink, eat, smoke.

In case of accidental licking, salivation is possible in the animal, sometimes - worry, passing by itself. If the product is negligently washed off with running water; in case of any reactions, it is advisable to see the doctor, giving him instructions from drops.

  • In case of symptoms of complications, it is necessary to refrain from treatment, and if necessary - contact a veterinarian.

Water and shampoos weaken the activity of drops for cats from worms.

It is noticed that the lawyer sometimes provokes itching, erythema, vomiting. Profender smears bold traces of some materials, and occasional ingestion causes drooling, vomiting.

Names of drops for cats from worms

There are highly specialized and complex preparations, variants for different weights and ages. Names of drops for cats from worms:

  1. Inspector
  2. Merial Broadline
  3. Prasidic complex
  4. Dironet spot-on
  5. Dironet spot-it for kittens
  6. IN-AP complex
  7. Drontal
  8. Profender
  9. Lawyer
  10. Stronghold.


Profender is known as the very first remedy for parasitic infestations of a mixed type. The medicine is contained in propylene pipettes packed in blisters. Effective from nematodes and cestodes resistant to other drugs. It is used as a skin for cats up to 2.5 kg and up to 5 kg.

Helminths in the digestive tract die from the first time. Processing is carried out:

  • once every three months
  • ten days before delivery
  • before vaccination, mating
  • not prohibited during pregnancy, lactation.

To get the drops on the skin, the wool on the back of the head is carefully pushed. The application procedure is simple for the owner and painless for the pet. Dosage with weight:

  • from 0,5 to 2,5 kg - 0,35 ml
  • from 2.5 to 5 kg - 0.7 ml
  • from 5 to 8 kg - 1.12 ml.

To avoid the undesirable effects of drops for cats from worms, you need to be careful:

  • Do not apply to damaged and wet skin.
  • Do not handle kittens under 8 weeks of age, weighing up to a half a kilogram
  • licking treated wool can provoke vomiting, hypersalivation.

Drops on the withers from worms for cats

Drops are used if it is impossible to apply the tablet or suspension. Apply so that the cat can not peel off the substance.

Bayer Advocate Germany - drops on the withers from worms for cats weighing more than 4 kg.

  • Destroy the larvae and sexually mature forms of all Askarids, Uncinarius, hookworm, Wilos.
  • Protect from re-invasion.
  • Destroy the microcellaria in the blood, not allowing the appearance of adult individuals.
  • A unique drug from demodicosis.
  • Treat for fleas and lice.
  • Clear the habitats of animals.

The manufacturer offers similar drops for cats up to 4 kg.

Stronghold, according to the advertisement, is a very convenient tool in the use of de-worming cats and dogs. Effectively against mature individuals, destroys eggs and larvae on animals, in housing and the environment. Stronghold is used for any breed as a safe and safe medicine.

The IN-AP complex is unique as an insect-acaricidal preparation with a disastrous effect on all parasites in all phases of development.

The pracicidal complex is used twice, after one and a half to two weeks, for prevention, every three months.

Method of application and dose of a drop for cats from worms

Drops from worms are intended for external use. They are squeezed out of the pipette onto dry skin on the withers or along the ridge. Doses are indicated in the instructions, based on the weight of the cat's body.

Method of application and dose of a drop for cats from worms:

  • Unpack the pipette, pierce the foil
  • Parting on the withers
  • Squeeze the contents of the pipette into the right place
  • The minimum dose is 0.1 ml / kg
  • Do not apply too young animals
  • Weakened by diseases and other adverse factors, pregnant and nursing cats treated under the special supervision of a veterinarian
  • Avoid contact with the animal until it dries

If there is another animal in the house, isolate it for a while. The first day the animal does not bathe, do not iron, do not admit to children. When applying Prazid cats, you should not bathe with zooshampoo four days before and after deworming.

When processing, it is important to use disposable gloves to avoid skin allergies. Monthly treatment reduces the possibility of re-invasion by nematodes; a remedy effectively for seasonal prevention.


Anthelmintics require strict adherence to doses and methods of application. Overdose is fraught with poisoning. Symptoms that should alert the owner of a cat:

  • reaction at the place of application
  • excessive production of saliva
  • vomiting.

At such displays it is useful to temporarily give up drops for cats from worms.

Interactions with other drugs

Drops for cats from worms are not allowed to be used in parallel with other anthelmintics.

The complete compatibility of the stronghold with other veterinary drugs has been experimentally confirmed.

Storage conditions

Drops for cats from worms store

  • apart from food, medical drugs, household chemicals
  • in closed containers
  • in a place protected from children and animals
  • at a temperature of 0 or +4 to +25 (but not more than 30) degrees.

Shelf life

Drops for cats from worms in undisclosed blisters retain the therapeutic properties of 3 goals (belonging to the conditions).

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