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The appearance of dandruff is most often associated with excessive dryness of the skin and the presence of an active fungal infection on it. But not everyone knows that dandruff is not only dry, but also oily: the appearance of the latter is due to the predominant hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands. Why does this happen, and how to choose the right shampoo for oily dandruff?

Indications Oily dandruff shampoos

Oily dandruff in trichologists is most often associated with hormonal changes in the body. So, a similar problem often worries adolescents who have reached puberty, or women during pregnancy.[1]

The system of the sebaceous glands (and it is very extensive and branched) performs a softening and moisturizing function, maintains local immunity at an appropriate level, preventing the vigorous activity of a viral and bacterial infection. If the secretion of sebum increases, then there is a massive accumulation of it on the scalp - even despite regular hair washing. A similar situation is not uncommon with strong changes in the hormonal background, with diseases of the internal organs, with a disturbed diet with a predominance of fatty and sweet foods.

Simultaneously with the accumulation of sebaceous secretion, small particles of the skin on the head are exfoliated, which is a natural process. Dead cells, outwardly resembling scales, are retained by sebaceous secretions and do not fall off, but remain on the skin. What happens then: little by little, a layer of fat and keratinized scales increases, since dandruff does not fall off, it becomes noticeable and simply “sticks” to the hair.[2]

Therefore, indications for treatment with oily dandruff shampoos can be:

  • oily dandruff associated with hormonal changes (puberty in adolescents, pregnancy and the postpartum period, menopause);
  • oily dandruff caused by a disease of internal organs (for example, kidneys or liver);
  • oily dandruff, which appeared as a result of violations in the diet.

The voiced problem during puberty is found in 20% of adolescents: in addition to oily dandruff, the guys may be bothered by the appearance of acne, acne, enlarged pores on the skin.[3]

Release form

This form of release of a therapeutic agent, like shampoo, is quite convenient for the treatment of oily dandruff: external use allows you to work directly on the problem area.

Shampoo can be produced in bottles of different volumes - from 25 or 60 ml to 300-500 ml.

As a rule, oily dandruff remedies are made on the basis of natural and safe ingredients that gently affect the skin and hairline. After all, their goal is to eliminate existing problems, not to exacerbate them. In addition to normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands, such products often "know how" to deal with hair loss, brittleness and dull hair color.

If you are not sure that this or that shampoo will suit you, then you can ask sellers or cosmetologists about the so-called "trial" packages. These "samples" are a packaged small amount of product, which is usually enough for only one treatment of the head. Such a one-time use will give you the opportunity to understand whether this product is right for you in order to subsequently purchase a full-fledged bottle. Most often, well-known manufacturers of therapeutic and prophylactic detergents and hygiene products make “probes” and supply them to stores and pharmacy chains along with the usual packaging of their products.

Names of dandruff shampoos for oily hair

Oily dandruff shampoos are not just a washing and hygiene product, but also a therapeutic drug. The composition of such products usually contains both herbal and medicinal components that have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic activity.

  • Vichy Dercos Shampoo is a sebum-regulating oily hair care product that slows down sebum secretion, prevents dandruff formation, and soothes irritated skin. Vichy Derkos belongs to the French-made universal medicinal detergent products.
  • Ducray squanorm shampoo is a hit of this cosmetic company, which is successfully used both to eliminate dry or oily dandruff, and for psoriasis, or for preventive purposes. Shampoo helps to optimize capillary blood circulation, accelerates hair growth and epidermis restoration, gives curls volume, cleanses the skin of the fat layer and dirt particles. The product contains panthenol and zinc - these components are the best way to successfully fight dandruff, and special oils improve the functioning of the sebaceous glandular system, absorb and remove excess sebum.
  • Klorane Myrtle Shampoo quickly reduces the formation of oily dandruff, stabilizes the oil balance on the scalp, softens and lightens the hair. The shampoo has passed dermatological control, and the manufacturer of the product claims that the course of treatment in 21 days allows you to completely get rid of oily dandruff (subject to use twice a week).

There are other therapeutic shampoos for oily dandruff:

  • Zinc plus birch tar from TM Green Pharmacy provides a pronounced antipruritic, drying and degreasing effect, perfectly washes away sebum and impurities. In addition to eliminating dandruff, the remedy has a detrimental effect on a fungal infection and can be used for a long time, until the unpleasant painful symptoms are completely eliminated.
  • Cynovit from TM Green Oakwood is a generally recognized effective remedy for oily seborrhea. The composition is represented by zinc, propylene glycol, urea, antimicrobial and exfoliating substances of plant origin. The shampoo has no contraindications and can be used by pregnant women and children.
  • Ecoderm shampoo does not contain surface-active components, as well as coloring and flavoring substances. It successfully combines natural and useful artificial ingredients that relieve oily dandruff, as well as its accompanying symptoms: itching, excessive oily hair. The remedy is recommended to be used twice a week.
  • Twins Tech Tar Shampoo 911 contains coconut oil, maltooligosyl, propyl betaine, as well as a whole range of antifungal and antimicrobial components. This drug quickly dissolves and removes fatty layers, coordinates the production of sebum. Of the minuses of the remedy, one can name the probable dryness of the skin after application. To avoid discomfort, it is recommended to additionally use moisturizing balms or rinses.


Shampoos for oily dandruff are most often high-quality cleansing and regenerating products with minimal conditioning effect. Most manufacturers try to make the composition of shampoos mild, so that the product can be used daily. Such funds are devoid of additional fatty components, however, the nutrients in them are represented by only a minimal set.

The most common washing products from this series contain special ingredients that have an antibacterial effect, as well as reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands on the scalp. Typically, such products have an acidic pH, since alkali increases the production of sebum.

It is necessary to draw the attention of users to the fact that oily dandruff shampoos almost always have a powerful washing effect. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but the use of such products in the presence of dyed hair can affect the brightness of the shades, and also contributes to the "washing out" of the color.

Some of the therapeutic detergents can "boast" the presence of special ingredients that inhibit the development of a fungal infection. In budget shampoos, zinc pyrithione often becomes such an ingredient: this substance acts cumulatively, eliminates unpleasant symptoms, but does not completely eradicate the problem, it can eventually make the hair even fatter, and even addictive after prolonged use.

More expensive shampoos belonging to the professional cosmetic line have a slightly different composition, which acts more safely, gently and reliably.

If the problem of oily dandruff has not disappeared within 20-25 days from the start of treatment with a special shampoo, then you should contact a medical specialist - for example, a trichologist or dermatologist.


External use of oily dandruff shampoo does not imply absorption of the active components of the product through the skin. If such absorption occurs in small amounts, then they have no clinical significance.

Even with prolonged use of therapeutic detergents, the concentrations of active components in the bloodstream do not reach critical values.

If the product is swallowed - for example, accidentally - then the usual measures for poisoning should not be taken. So, you can not induce vomiting, or try to wash the stomach. It is enough to drink enterosorbents and laxatives.

In case of contact with the mucous membrane of the eye, rinse them well with running water.

Dosing and administration

Most often, oily dandruff shampoos are applied to the skin and hairline of the head for about 3-5 minutes, well distributed and massaged, and then washed off with warm water.

If you are only concerned about oily dandruff in a relatively small amount, then it is recommended to wash your hair with a remedy two or three times a week for at least 3-4 weeks. With severe oily dandruff, washing is allowed daily or every other day, for at least a month. These are general instructions, but it is always necessary to read the instructions for a specific product - the manufacturer may give slightly different recommendations for use.

If the user is faced with the goal of preventing the appearance of oily dandruff, then the selected shampoo is allowed to be used once a week, or once every two weeks. In between applications, the head is washed with the usual usual shampoo.

Application for children

Medicated shampoos for oily dandruff successfully eliminate this problem in children, subject to the correct selection in accordance with age. Oily dandruff is found at any age - even in infants. For example, in infants of the first year of life, dense seborrheic scales often form on the head - they must be combed out by gently soaking and removing with a soft comb. But sometimes the same scales become a sign of oily seborrhea: in such a situation, the child should be shown to a dermatologist to determine the cause of the pathology.

You need to pay attention to such shampoos for oily dandruff when it comes to a child:

  • Friederm zinc - based on the activity of zinc perithion, suitable for use from any age;
  • T / gel with Neutrogena tar - it contains birch tar, which provides a pronounced antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect;
  • Mustela baby shampoo - suitable for the treatment of children of primary preschool and senior school age, has a hypoallergenic composition and does not cause side symptoms;
  • Fitoval is a product based on white willow extract and zinc perithion, which regulate the functionality of the sebaceous glands.

Use Oily dandruff shampoos during pregnancy

It is undesirable for pregnant women to wash their hair with oily dandruff shampoos if selenium sulfate is present in their composition.

It is allowed to use such medical and cosmetic products as Nizoral, Natura Siberica, Sebozol, Zeytun during the gestation period, however, when choosing the appropriate remedy, it will not be superfluous to consult with a specialist in this field. Especially carefully you should choose funds in the first trimester of pregnancy, since in this period the formation of the basic vital organs of the unborn child occurs.

When choosing a remedy for oily dandruff, you must carefully and carefully read the composition. The fact is that the vast majority of such drugs contain unsafe lauryl sulfate - a chemical whose harm has long been proven, but in small quantities it continues to be added to washing and cleaning products.

If oily dandruff has been bothering you for a long time and causes serious discomfort, it is recommended that you first consult a doctor. It is possible that he will not only advise a safe and effective shampoo, but also prescribe additional treatment - for example, external ointments or creams.


Oily dandruff shampoos have practically no contraindications, except for individual hypersensitivity. Some products are not recommended for use by pregnant women and children, which is always indicated in the annotation.

In addition, it is undesirable to use any of the shampoos if there are rashes of unknown origin, sores, ulcers, scratches and other damage on the scalp.

Do not allow detergents to get into the mucous membrane of the eye, as well as into the nasal and oral cavity.

Side effects Oily dandruff shampoos

Against the background of treatment with oily dandruff shampoos, possible side effects are limited to local reactions:

  • slight irritation of the skin;
  • sensations of itching;
  • increased oiliness, or vice versa, excessive dryness of hair;
  • change in the color shade of chemically treated hair.

An allergic reaction to the composition of such products is not excluded. Therefore, if you are prone to allergies, it is recommended to choose products very carefully, first testing them on a small area of \u200b\u200bthe skin.

Less often, side effects such as lacrimation, erythema in the application area, pustules, skin reactions, folliculitis, excessive dryness and peeling of the skin, hair loss can be observed. Such signs indicate the need to cancel the remedy.


With the standard controlled use of oily dandruff shampoos, there can be no talk of an overdose: external application of funds is not capable of leading to their systemic action.

If the external product was taken orally, then in no case should one provoke vomiting or wash the stomach. It is enough to take a laxative and a sorbent, and if necessary, connect drugs for symptomatic and supportive therapy.

Interactions with other drugs

As a rule, shampoos for oily dandruff interact well with all preparations for internal use. If an alternation of shampoos and other external agents is required - for example, ointments, creams, solutions, then the possibility of such a combination should be clarified with the doctor.

Do not carry out chemical procedures - for example, waving or coloring hair - while using medicated shampoos, as the color shade or the structure of the hair may change.

Storage conditions

The conditions under which it is recommended to store oily dandruff shampoos are not particularly different from the storage of other hygiene products. Medicinal washing products are stored in dry rooms, with a temperature regime of +8 to +25°C, away from heating elements and direct sunlight. Shelves with shampoos are best placed higher, or locked in a special cabinet so that children cannot play with bottles and use them to their detriment.

Homemade shampoos are stored in the refrigerator, no more than 2-3 days, depending on the composition.

Shelf life

Oily dandruff products may have different expiration dates, so this point should be clarified directly on the shampoo packaging. Standard term of storage does not exceed 2-3 years. But organic, plant-based products can be stored for a shorter period of time, and shampoos with a predominantly chemical composition last longer.


If for some reason it is impossible to buy a shampoo for oily dandruff, or if you cannot find “your” product that is suitable in all respects, then you can try to prepare similar shampoos at home. There are several positive points here at once: firstly, you will know exactly what the product consists of. Secondly, self-cooking is always more economical and affordable.

Homemade analogues of oily dandruff shampoos should be used regularly, and they are applied to the hair not for 1-2 minutes, but kept on the head for up to 15 minutes, so that the healing components can penetrate deep into the tissues and exert their healing effect. And one more important point: the product should be applied to wet hair.

  • Shampoo with clay from oily dandruff is prepared as follows: mix a few tablespoons of white clay with warm water to a creamy consistency. The clay contains useful mineral components that bind and remove fat, improve the structure of the skin and hair, and optimize the function of the glandular system.
  • Beer shampoo is considered one of the most effective, but it must be prepared using only a real “live” unfiltered product. Take 100-200 ml of beer, completely wet the hair and scalp in it. Next, the head is washed with warm water and the procedure is repeated. Wash off again after 10-15 minutes.
  • Combination shampoo, consisting of 50 ml of warm water, 50 g of quality laundry soap, 75 ml of apple cider vinegar, 5 g of olive oil and 5 g of clove powder, perfectly copes with any type of oily dandruff. All ingredients are mixed with a blender, stored in a glass jar in a cool place for three days.

After using any home shampoo, it is recommended to rinse your hair with a filtered infusion of rosemary, thyme, or sage.


Unfortunately, there is no one universal remedy that would help anyone to eliminate oily dandruff quickly and permanently. You need to be patient and choose your own “own” shampoo, which is suitable in all areas, taking into account age, health, hair quality, and the problem of oily dandruff. If you are lucky, and you have found “your” shampoo, then it is important not only to methodically and regularly perform the procedures, but also to reconsider your lifestyle and nutrition. Here are some reviews and recommendations given by trichologists on this subject:

  • it is advisable to wash your hair no more than three times a week, and detergents should contain zinc additives, tar, or salicylic acid;
  • you should not use aggressive products, so as not to provoke skin irritation and infection;
  • you need to make sure that the diet is rich in vitamins;
  • it is important to provide oxygen access to the scalp: you should not wear a hat indoors, or in other cases when you can do without it.

Do not assume that oily dandruff shampoo alone will get rid of the problem. In most cases, the issue is resolved in a comprehensive way, with the connection of good nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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