Correction of age-related skin changes


Vaporization is a modern method of sparing a face with finely dispersed ozonized steam.

Review of methods of hardware cosmetology

Modern hardware cosmetology is a new opportunity to use classical physiotherapy techniques and the latest technologies.

Physiotherapy in cosmetology

Physiotherapy (physical therapy, physical therapy, physical therapy, physical medicine) is a field of medicine that studies the effect on the human body of natural or artificially obtained (preformed) physical factors and uses them to preserve, restore and strengthen people's health.


Chiromassage is an independent method of therapeutic and prophylactic massage, which is represented by the Spanish school INMASTER - Institute Masaje Terapeutico (Institute of Manual Therapy).

Facial massage

Such a massage is described by Akvaviva, who used an anatomical tweezers for this purpose; both ends of the tweezers were protected with a rubber band. From above, the tweezers were supplied with a ball, which the masseur held in his hand.

Plastic Massage

Plastic massage has a very strong effect on the tissues, which improves lympho-, blood circulation, strengthens muscle tissue, increases the skin turgor

Massage of the back surface of the neck

Massage of the posterior surface of the neck is an obligatory stage in the conduct of a classical massage. It helps to normalize outflow of venous blood and lymph and blood pressure.

Facial and neck massage

Massage originated in ancient times as one of the means of alternative medicine. The origin of the word itself is explained in different ways. Some philologists believe that the term originated from the French verb "masser" - rubbing, which, in turn, is borrowed from the Arabic language: "mass" - touch, touch or "maschs" - gently press.

Peeling: indications and contraindications, complications, care

The term "peeling" comes from the English verb "to peel" - peel off, exfoliate. This is one of the old cosmetic methods. So, at home, you can use grape must, sour milk (for example, sour cream) and other products containing acids.


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