Correction of age-related skin changes

Injection of botulinum toxin preparations

Botulinum toxin - a biological exotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, causative agent of botulism, Botulinum toxin has become a powerful tool in the therapy of a variety of neurological, ophthalmic and other disorders manifested by abnormal or excessive muscle contractions.

Contour plastic, or philling: mechanism of action and methodology

A contour plate, or filling, is the injection filling of skin and subcutaneous fat defects (wrinkles, folds, atrophic scars), as well as changing the contours of the face (the area of the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, nose), the shape and the volume of the lips with the help of filler drugs.

Mesotherapy. Mechanism of action. Method of conducting. Indications and contraindications

Mesotherapy is the injection of biologically active substances into the dermis. Multiple microinjections are performed locally in the problem zone at the border of the papillary and reticular layers of the dermis. This technique has a large number of indications and uses.

Laser surgery in dermatocosmetology

Laser surgery is now becoming more widespread due to the ease of using high-temperature effects for the cutting or evaporation of tissue and the high coagulating properties of laser radiation. These factors make the procedure well-controlled and comfortable for both physicians and patients.

Laser baromassage of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté zone. Mechanism of action. Method of conducting. Indications and contraindications

Laser baromassage is a universal tool for increasing the tone of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles, normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands, smoothing and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

Laser therapy. Mechanism of action. Method of conducting. Indications and contraindications

Currently, red or helium-neon lasers (wavelength 0.63-0.67 μm) and infrared (0.8-1.3 μm wavelength) lasers are used to treat skin diseases in therapeutic dermatocosmetology.

Lasers in dermatocosmetology

At present, low-energy laser radiation has been widely used in medicine. By its nature, laser radiation, like light, refers to electromagnetic oscillations of the optical range.

Endermology. Mechanism of action. Method of conducting. Indications and contraindications

Endermology is a patented name for the treatment of cellulite and obesity by mechanically kneading tissues with two motorized rochplers, capable of capturing various folds within the procedural chamber.


Cosmechanics - the technique of combined action of mechanical stimulation and cyclic vacuum aspiration Cosmecanique is a new three-dimensional revolutionary approach to skin care with the Lift-6 device for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles, modeling the face oval, as well as for restoring the elasticity of the face, neck, and breasts.


Cryotherapy (Greek krooq-ice) is a complex of physiotherapy related to exposure to the skin of low temperatures. Local cryotherapy and general hypothermia are used.


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