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Cosmechanics - a technique of combined action of mechanical stimulation and cyclic vacuum aspiration

Cosmecanique is a new three-dimensional revolutionary approach to skin care with the Lift-6 device for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles, modeling the face oval, and also for restoring the elasticity of the face, neck, décolleté and chest. The "Cosmecanique" technology was created on the basis of Jacques plastic massage, using a plucked tissue processing mechanism. Dosing of the forces of tissue grasping and kneading is carried out by special manipulation and activity of cyclic vacuum aspiration.

The "Cosmecaniqiie®" technology takes into account the anatomical and histological features of the skin structure that require a dosed, atraumatic effect, and uses a particularly delicate folding mechanism and a pulsed vacuum mode to avoid stretching and shifting the skin relative to the underlying tissues. Designed for skin care of the face, neck, chest and chest, the manipula engages the skin folds in parallel with the located plates due to a pulsating vacuum and initiates mechanical vibrations in the skin and underlying tissues in several planes - in vertical, horizontal and in the direction of movement of the manipula

Manipula "Lifl-b®" performs rhythmic pulsations and mashing, stimulating movements throughout the procedure. Depending on the chosen program, the speed and frequency of the movements of the manipulation plates change so as to provide the necessary effect and to conduct a drainage, lifting and modeling program during one session.

Three basic programs, applied depending on the indications, differ in the technique of execution, the intensity of the exposure and the frequency of the vacuum applied, allow to solve the main task of cosmetology - to smoke and permanently preserve youth and attractiveness, without plastic surgery and a long period of rehabilitation.

The procedures are well tolerated and highly appreciated by clients due to the pronounced effect of lifting, both immediately after the procedure - the effect of rapid lifting, and as the course of procedures passes (after the appearance of the "cell memory effect") - the effect of delayed lifting.

The results are preserved for a long time (within half a year after the course of procedures the lifting effect increases, then the period of the physiological plateau sets in. This stage is individual in time and depends on the initial state of the tissues, then the healing procedures or the new course are required). The course includes 15-20 procedures performed 2-3 times a week.

Mechanisms of action

The use of three-dimensional mechanical stimulation - the technology of "Cos-clique®" - allows to achieve visible physiological effects and has unique capabilities of physiological tissue regeneration:

  • Strengthening of venous outflow, unloading of venous bed, reduction of diameter of venous vessels, reduction of pressure in the lumen of vessels and strengthening of venules. According to the research of LPG Systems, the increase in venous outflow is more than 4-5 times.
  • Activation of venous outflow allows to strengthen lymphatic outflow, to lower interstitial pressure, cells, including fibroblasts.
  • The obtained result is a necessary, sufficient and necessary condition for increasing the arterial influx, increasing the filling rate of the main and reserve beds, and, consequently, for opening arterial anastomoses and increasing blood perfusion more than 5-6 times.
  • A significant increase in blood perfusion affects the physiological and electrical stability of the cell membrane, activating the work of fast and slow membrane channels.
  • Due to the activation of perfusion and membrane channels, conditions are created for the increase of mitochondrial activity and, as a consequence, the appearance of excess ATP in the cell and the physiological enhancement of fibroblast activity.
  • Activation of fibroblasts leads to their more active division and increased synthesis of young, correctly oriented collagen, as well as to the activation of enzymes that break down old destructured collagen. The renewal of the collagen structure is noticeable on histological preparations to the 7-10th procedure and ranges from 30 to 120%.
  • Fast (within 10-15 minutes from the beginning of the procedure) activation of microcirculation allows to increase the inflow of oxygen, biologically active substances, mediators, nutrients to the treated area.

The above results are confirmed by clinical studies using thermography methods, dopplerography, histology of elastometry.

Application of Lift-6® allows:

  • To achieve a noticeable effect of rejuvenation by smoothing wrinkles and restoring the face oval (the effect of a brace and non-surgical modeling of the face oval), as well as a pronounced improvement in elasticity, turgor and skin tone.
  • To restore the clarity, volume and filling of the red border of the lips without the intervention of injection techniques.
  • Improve the elasticity, turgor and tone of the skin in the neck, chest and chest, solving the problems of chrono- and photoaging.
  • Remove edema of any localization and etiology (lymphatic, venous, traumatic, postoperative, etc.).
  • Eliminate hematomas and infiltrates in various pathological conditions of the skin.
  • Normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, reduce the pores, smooth the effects of cicatricial changes postakne.
  • Achieve effective reduction of fat deposits in the chin and cheeks.
  • Provide anti-stress therapy for the skin, get a wonderful relaxing effect.


  • Facial skin lifting:
    • wrinkle smoothing;
    • restoration of the face oval;
    • improvement of elasticity, turgor and tone of skin
  • Neck and decollete skin lifting.
  • Breast skin lifting.
  • Modeling of the lips (restoration of the clarity, volume and filling of the red border of the lips).
  • Edemas of various localizations and etiology (lymphatic, venous, traumatic, postoperative, etc.).
  • Prepare for surgery and postoperative management of patients
  • Hematomas and infiltrates for various pathological conditions of the skin.
  • Care for oily skin (normalization of the sebaceous glands, reducing pores, smoothing the effects of cicatricial changes postakne).
  • Care for dry skin.
  • Reduction of fatty deposits on the face ("second chin", cheeks).
  • Anti-stress therapy

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