Exercises for slimming hands in women

If you do not stop eating everything, go to bed late and drink a little water - you will not lose weight. Even with regular repetition of exercises for slimming your hands.

The program of exercises using an expander

The secret way to build up large biceps: Can rubber help build muscle, as well as iron?

Biceps twisting for hands

Standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Take the barbell from below, the neck should rest on your hips. Hands should ...

Cuban bench press

I perform an incredible amount of biceps flexion, but my biceps stopped growing. What's happening?

What are the approaches

You were told to listen to your body, study its features, embrace it as a friend. Do not believe it. You can listen and study your body, but forget about the friendly attitude ...

Flexion of wrists

Sit on a bench, legs bent at the knees, feet at the width of the shoulders. Pick up dumbbells and put your forearms on your hips with your hands up ...

Flexion of arms with a wide grip

Standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Pick up the barbell, your arms are slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. The bar should touch your thighs ...

Back wrists wrist

Sit on a bench, legs bent at the knees, feet at the width of the shoulders. Take the dumbbells in your hand and place your forearms on your hips, palms down. The wrists do not touch the knees ...

Bending of hands with dumbbells in slope

Sit on a sloping bench, the back is adjacent to the bench. Pick up dumbbells and let your hands hang down along the body ...

Biceps arm bend

Use controlled movements, or you will just beat yourself on the shoulders. Do one approach, then immediately without a break, go to the next exercise ...


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