Carbohydrates and physical activity

Adequate reserves of carbohydrates (muscle glycogen, liver glycogen and blood glucose) are the decisive factor for optimal performance in sports. Daily adequate intake of carbohydrates is necessary to replenish muscle and liver in the period between daily training sessions or between competitions. Consuming carbohydrates before physical exertion helps to achieve good results due to replenishment of glycogen stores in muscles and liver, and during the load - to improve the performance by maintaining blood glucose levels and oxidation of carbohydrates.

Baby food for muscle mass

It is not necessary to think that strong muscles are a piece of our post-Soviet time. Athletes, weightlifters in the USSR were concerned about the collection of muscle mass no less than modern bodybuilders.

Easily assimilated carbohydrates

Easily assimilated carbohydrates are organic substances that act as a source of energy for the body. Consider the features and role of carbohydrates in nutrition, the main products rich in these substances, as well as a diet with a limited amount.

Zone diet

It is assumed that to achieve maximum performance athletes should be guided by a zonal diet, which, possibly, contributes to optimal sports performance due to ...

Carbohydrates after exercise

Restoring glycogen stores in muscles and the liver after strenuous training sessions is of great importance for minimizing fatigue ...

Fructose during exercise

Since fructose has a low glycemic index (it causes a weaker response of blood glucose and insulin), athletes can mistakenly consider it to be the best source of energy ...

Liquid and solid carbohydrates

Liquid and solid carbohydrate food is equally effective for increasing blood glucose levels and exercise performance ...

Carbohydrate intake during exercise

Carbohydrate nutrition during a 1-hour load provides athletes with longer loading times and / or more powerful jerks at the end of the load.

Consumption of carbohydrates before exercise

Athletes are warned about the undesirable consumption of carbohydrates in large amounts before the load. This caution is based on the results of the study ..

High Carbohydrate Liquid Supplements

High-carbohydrate supplements do not replace ordinary food, they are designed to get extra calories if necessary ...

Supercompensation of muscle glycogen

The carbohydrate loading technique was originally a weekly regimen, which began with a series of grueling training sessions one week before ...


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