Exercises for the abdomen

How to tighten the stomach after cesarean section?

The abdomen after caesarean section can bother the woman for a long time - whether it be abdominal pain or aesthetic problems. But there are phenomena that are very typical for the condition of the abdominal muscles after cesarean section.

Exercises for weight loss of the sides

First, each exercise is done 10 times, in a couple of days - 12-15 times, by the end of the week - 20, and then every two or three days you need to add the number of repetitions, bringing them up to 30-40 times.

How to pump the press at home?

Exercises for the press a lot, you need to choose those who like, and engage with pleasure.

Exercises for slimming belly

In the human body the main fat "deposits" are concentrated in the subcutaneous fat and in the abdominal cavity and its wall, that is, in the abdomen.

Become stronger with abdominal contraction

You can strengthen the central muscles and make your exercises more effective by "pulling".

The lateral bridge with the pull of the block

Strengthen your central muscles by adding weight to the classic exercise.

4 councils how to find the belly of your dreams

Here are 4 steps to help you achieve your goal ...

Double twists with cross movement

Exercise on the abdominal muscles, which will allow you to get the coveted cubes on your stomach - and not only ...

Twisting from Christian Slater

The trainer of the actor Christian Slater, Michael George, during each training makes him perform a 10-minute exercise on the abdominal muscles ...

Get rid of the fatty folds on your stomach

Find the coveted cubes on your abdomen with exercises to burn fat ...


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