All about sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is designed to provide the athlete with all the necessary nutrients, supports the athlete, helping to compensate for lost substances and microelements, while also promoting the formation of new muscle fibers.

Diet for weight gain: a menu for a week

At all on hearing of a problem of excess weight. They are devoted to numerous talk shows, pages of glossy magazines, diets, procedures in the offices of plastic surgery, operations for pumping out fatty deposits and stitching the stomach

Protein diet for a set of muscle mass

The goal of any diet for a set of muscle mass is not to burn excess calories (this is facilitated by training), but rational use of food to form a beautiful body relief.

Diet for ectomorph and endomorph

The easiest way is for mesomorphs, because the bulk of calculations for diets corresponds exactly to this type of physique, which is considered normal.

Useful food after exercise: for weight loss, muscle growth, weight gain

Active lifestyle requires a special diet from a person. Only in this case it is possible to achieve results for the sake of which, in fact, people come to the gym. There are enough ways to combine physical activities and proper nutrition.

Products for burning fat

Eating certain foods requires considerable expenditure of calories.

Anabolic steroids: what you need to know?

If they are taken without medical supervision, they can cause a wide range of somatic side effects.

Type of muscle fibers and ways of accumulating energy for training

There are several types of muscle fibers. Type I, or slow-twitch muscle fibers, which have a relatively slow rate of contraction ...

Metabolism of the energy of carbohydrates, fats and proteins

The accumulation of nutrients containing energy - carbohydrates (glucose), proteins (amino acids) and fats (fatty acids) - represents a single process ...

The energy value for anaerobic and aerobic exercise

Energy, providing physical activity and activity, is formed due to chemical bonds of food. Ways of accumulation of energy and its distribution in the body are numerous ...
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