Diet for weight gain: a menu for a week

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At all on hearing of a problem of excess weight. They are devoted to numerous talk shows, pages of glossy magazines, diets, procedures in plastic surgery rooms, operations for pumping out fat deposits and stomach-stitching - all tend to approach model standards, some of this is necessary due to health conditions. But there are people who suffer less from lack of weight. Strong thinness is not aesthetically pleasing and can testify to such diseases as diabetes, thyroid hyperthyroidism, anemia, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, oncology, tuberculosis. With the exclusion of possible pathologies, it would seem that there is nothing easier than taking large portions of food without any restrictions (on envy to fat people), but a greater load on the digestive organs, pancreas will lead to health problems, provoke putrefactive processes in the intestine, fermentation.

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Loss of weight below critical is life-threatening, it can cause irreversible processes in cardiac activity, kidney function, vascular system. Indications for the appointment of a diet is the desire to recover or a low body mass index, which threatens the normal functioning of the body. Determine it will help the simplest formula for its calculation: height, divided by the square of weight. The indicator from 18.5 to 25 is normal, but below 16 indicates anorexia. To combat this disease will not only need a diet, but also the intervention of psychologists and psychotherapists. We shall not touch upon such boundary conditions, we shall stop on a diet.

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General information of the diets for weight gain

The essence of the diet consists of crushing food into small portions, keeping it healthy, gradually increasing the calories consumed. Every day, the calorific value should increase by 200-300 units. To arouse appetite, half an hour before a meal you need to drink a glass of vegetable or fruit juice. This will lead to an increased secretion of the secretion of the mucous glands of the stomach. After eating, you need to exclude physical activity, exercise and stay at rest, so that "fat gets tied up."

Diet menu for weight gain

The diet menu for weight gain should preferably contain proteins and carbohydrates, food intake should be at the same time, with intervals not exceeding 3 hours. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water and walk in the fresh air. There are many variants of diets with different approaches to the problem, developed by nutritionists. Here are some of them:

  • protein diet for weight gain: includes foods rich in protein - dietary meat (rabbit, chicken, turkey); meat broths; white fish meat, as well as tuna, salmon; whole milk and sour-milk products; egg white; hard cheeses, cottage cheese; beans, nuts. The diet is suitable for young people who lead an active lifestyle. Its duration is 2 weeks, it can be resorted to once a year;
  • high-calorie - food, the total daily calorie content of which is 2.5-3 thousand tons. Calories. It consists of a nutritious breakfast, as options: milk porridge with butter, raisins, dried apricots, a sandwich with butter and cheese, coffee; omelette with bacon, vegetables, a sandwich with sausage, tea with a biscuit or a bun. A few hours later - a second breakfast with vegetables, can be mashed potatoes or peas, pancakes; lunch includes the first dishes on meat broth, meat or fish, garnish; on a snack you can give preference to protein cocktails; for dinner is suitable garnish with meatballs, sausages and vegetable salad, a sandwich with butter for tea. Before going to bed, you can drink kefir with a biscuit or cottage cheese with sour cream, cocoa with a bun;
  • carbohydrate - consists of foods rich in carbohydrates. Some of them burn slowly: rice, buckwheat, potatoes, beans, nuts, others are quickly absorbed: honey, sugar, fruit. Optimal for the body combination of 65% and 35% respectively.

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Diet for rapid weight gain

Diet for rapid weight gain does not mean unlimited intake of any high-calorie food. A good effect can be achieved only by balancing the diet. The best option is when the daily ration contains 50% carbohydrates, 35% protein, the rest fats. Another obligatory condition is the crushing of food intake by 5-6 times. In such a diet should be present porridge on milk with the addition of nuts, honey; vegetable salads, dressed with sour cream or mayonnaise; the first dishes on broths; fried or stewed meat, fish; sandwiches with butter; cheese and fatty cottage cheese.

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"Energy diet" for weight gain

"Energy diet" (ED) is a man-made product that contains all the necessary macro- and microelements for replacing several meals. His homeland - France, was developed for professional athletes, in the consumer market since 2003. In order for the ED to "work" for weight gain, it must be added to the usual meals. In one portion contains 450kcal. Following the program of eating ED, you can get an additional 900-1500kcal to the daily ration. The variety of these products is quite extensive: a cocktail, an omelette, soup, bread, pasta, porridge, dessert, coffee, cappuccino. In total, the blends contain 15 tastes, there are sweet and salty, but they can be varied by adding their own. The instruction for the preparation of ED products involves the use of 1.5% milk. For one portion of the dish, a measuring spoonful of a mixture and 200ml of milk is sufficient. To get soup, milk can be replaced with broth, and a cocktail - kefir. It is very important to accompany this diet with an abundant drink (at least 2 liters per day), as well as physical activity.

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Diet Mila Jovovich for weight gain

It is very important for Hollywood stars to be able to quickly drop or gain weight in order to get the desired role. The diet for Mila Jovovich was developed by the well-known nutritionist Ozi Garcia, based on the daily use of prunes and allowed her to gain 3kg weight in a week:

The first and fifth day:

  • breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, 2 pieces. Prunes, grapefruit, coffee;
  • dinner - vegetable soup, a slice of bread with bran, 2 nuts, 8 pieces. Prunes, tea (everywhere green) without sugar, orange;
  • dinner - fried fish (100g), boiled egg, tea.

The second and sixth day:

  • breakfast - 40 g of cheese, prunes 3pcs, coffee;
  • dinner - borsch, bread, boiled beef, 2 pieces. Almonds, green tea;
  • dinner - vegetable salad, 4 pieces. Prunes, tea.

Third and seventh days:

  • breakfast - a sandwich with cheese and ham, coffee;
  • lunch - chicken broth with rusks, two boiled potatoes in a uniform, one tomato, 3 prunes, tea;
  • dinner - a glass of milk with a loaf of bran, 5 prunes.

Fourth day:

  • breakfast - oatmeal or corn flakes with milk (200 g), 4 prunes, coffee;
  • dinner - Ukrainian soup, one cucumber and tomato, tea;
  • afternoon snack - freshly squeezed grape juice, 5 pieces. Prunes;
  • dinner - a sandwich with ham and cheese, 50 g raisins, 6 pieces. Prunes, tea.

Winter diet for weight gain

In winter time, people often complain about the appearance of excess fat reserves, which means that it's time for thin to take advantage of this feature of the cold season. Indeed, motor activity in winter is reduced, to protect from cold, there is a need for more caloric food. In addition, nutrition should include vitamins and trace elements to create an immune barrier for colds and infections. The winter diet for weight gain consists of meat, fish, poultry, fruit.

Due to their seasonal high prices, fresh vegetables are replaced with blanks for the winter - sauerkraut, salted cucumbers and tomatoes, frozen vegetables. Portions should be small, but the frequency of their reception increases to 5 times a day. The main meals are soups with meat and mushroom broth, garnishes of cereals and baked potatoes, rice and semolina milk porridge, tea and coffee with milk. For snacks is suitable fatty yogurt or yogurt with cookies.

Diet of sumo for weight gain

Watching this kind of struggle, you wonder how it could have arisen among a nation not inclined to fullness. Statistics argue that the harmony of the inhabitants of Japan is due to age-old traditions: the energy value of a daily diet of the average Japanese is 1200 calories, which is half that of Europeans.

To set the weight of a sumo, not only a diet is provided, but also a special daily routine with intensive training to preserve fat stores. It would seem that there are contradictions in this, because physical stress leads to weight loss. The fact is that the Sumo wrestler's day begins with hours of training on an empty stomach. This leads to mandatory overeating during lunch and slowing down metabolic processes. Besides, the sumoids drink alcoholic beverages during the meal: beer, sake, thereby adding calories and causing intensive production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Then follows a 3-4 hour sleep, during which calories turn into fatty deposits. After the next training athletes have supper and go to bed.

Thus, meals are taken only twice a day. The diet is made up so that the wrestler gets up to 20 thousand. Calories per day. Provide a caloric content of fatty meat, fish, shrimp, large portions of rice, vegetables with different sauces. For 2-3 years of such a diet, the sumoist gains up to 200kg of weight. This can not but affect the duration of their lives. With an average 82 years in the country, they have 60-65 years. Therefore, their way of gaining weight is not recommended for use, but some elements can be tried.


Banana diet for weight gain

A banana diet for weight gain is the use of a banana as an auxiliary food product, i.e. Banana dessert is connected to the main menu, or as additives in cereals, fritters, pies, cakes, etc. To eat up between the main meal, a banana cocktail with milk is a very tasty and satisfying drink: a glass of milk with one banana is beaten with a blender; kefir or yogurt with its addition; dried fruit. Athletes with the help of a banana diet increase muscle mass: the basic diet remains in force, but the fruit is added to various desserts, cocktails.


Diet for weight gain for children

The causes of childish thinness are different. This can be hereditary leanness, excessive mobility of the child, and possibly the manifestation of the disease (diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, psychological problems). Therefore, before using a diet for weight gain in children, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. If pathologies are identified, the doctor will send the treatment to a source of poor appetite. If there are no health problems, it is the parents' turn to make efforts. It is necessary to increase the number of meals, the baby has a small stomach and he can not accommodate a large amount. It is necessary to teach children small portions, but not less than 5-7 times a day, encouraging snacks as well.

Cultivating healthy, useful, but at the same time tasty food, we set a good example for the child, instill a tradition that, perhaps, will take root in his family. The diet should include nutrient-rich foods. A growing organism needs proteins (eggs, meat, fish, legumes), starchy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, cereals, pasta), a lot of vegetables and fruits, milk products. You can not do without fats of vegetable origin. For salad dressing, it is good to use olive, linseed unrefined oils. Fats are also found in nuts, avocados. So favorite desserts can be made from flour with the addition of bran or oatmeal, there are ready-made products on sale.

A child should drink enough fluids, but only after a meal, otherwise he will not have an appetite. Sweet soda water or other similar drinks should become taboo on your table, chips and cakes for frequent consumption are excluded.

The diet for weight gain in adolescents should be combined with regular physical exercises, tk. They increase appetite, with their help muscle mass is increased, and this is much more useful than accumulation of fatty deposits. This approach should work, because he can transfer a teenager from the category of "Hilyak" to the category of "sports" boy or girl.

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Diet for weight gain for the ectomorph

Ectammorphs are people who have a lean or lean body, a narrow bone, but with energetic and quick habits, those who are called "baits". No matter how much they eat, they can not get better. But there is a diet for weight gain for the ectomorph. It is made so that 30% of the daily calories fall on proteins, 50% - on carbohydrates and 20% - on fats. The number of meals should be increased from 5 to 12 times, and the volume of drinking water should be at least 3 liters.

It is also important to calculate how many calories to consume daily. The definition formula has the following form: the body weight is multiplied by 30 plus 500, according to this figure, the energy value of the products is selected and in the proportions mentioned above. By adding physical progressive loads to this approach, it is possible to achieve an increase in muscle mass.

Diet for weight gain for endomorph

Endomorphs are people with a spherical figure, wide in bone, with large fat deposits in places where they are not needed: on the shoulders, waist. They do not need to gain excess weight, and it is important to adjust your figure, build up a dry muscle mass. In the diet of such people, protein should be present daily (30% of all calories), since it is used for muscle building. From fats you need to get into the body up to 40% of calories, and in equal parts contained in mono-, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. With carbohydrates should be careful, use them only after training. Diet for endomorphs means taking meals every 3-4 hours, a large number of vegetables in the diet, compulsory fish oil (1g per percentage of fat). As the weight decreases, its dose decreases.


Diet for weight gain for a week

There are formulas for caloric calculation of food taking into account the growth, weight, age, gender and the coefficient of physical activity of a person. But common for both women and men is 5-6 meals a day, the predominance of carbohydrates (mostly complex), a large amount of liquid (2-3 liters), physical exercise. The average weight gain should be half a kilo per week. If this figure is less, then add the calorie content of the meal, if it is exceeded, reduce it; make correction, revising the menu.

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Diet for weight gain for men for a week

Diet for weight gain a man for a week provides more fat and protein than a woman. It can be this:

  • breakfast - dense, with a meat dish (meatballs, cutlets, fried chicken) with garnish, you can have oatmeal or millet porridge on milk, coffee with milk, a sandwich with white bread, butter and cheese;
  • second breakfast - cocoa with milk, a sandwich with a loaf, butter, sausage or ham;
  • dinner - vegetable salad dressed with sour cream, rich soup or borsch, second course (meat or fish with garnish), compote of dried fruits;
  • afternoon snack - vegetable salad with the addition of pieces of hard cheese, poured with olive oil;
  • dinner - an omelette with a slice of ham, salad or boiled pasta with grated cheese.

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Diet for weight gaining a girl for a week

An approximate diet for weight gaining a girl for a week can look like this:

  • for breakfast: oatmeal with raisins, nuts and honey, a croissant with coffee;
  • for the second breakfast: fresh fruit, juice;
  • for lunch: salad of vegetables with sour cream, soup, spaghetti with cheese or fish;
  • for a snack: a sandwich with fish or yogurt with fresh vegetables;
  • for dinner: meat with garnish, vegetables;
  • before going to bed: kefir or a cup of milk.

For rapid weight gain, women are offered an hourly diet. The essence of this diet is to make snacks in addition to the basic meals every two hours. Portions in this case should be small, so that the food is well absorbed. To eat up, fruits, curds, yoghurts and bread, bread and sandwiches are suitable.

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Diet at home for weight gain

All listed products and diets for weight gain are easy to apply at home. Working, it is difficult to withstand the frequency and frequency of meals. Also contribute to weight gain after-dinner rest. What you can eat, follows from these recommendations. What categorically you can not eat? It is not necessary to eat food with "empty" calories: sweet drinks, sweets, cakes.



The benefit of the diet is that by establishing a special diet and using high-calorie foods it is possible to gain weight without harm to the digestive organs, without causing disgust for food.

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Individual diets have their contraindications. So, the protein diet is not recommended for elderly people, for those who have problems with kidneys, digestive organs (pancreatitis, colitis, dysbiosis). Carbohydrate diet is not suitable for patients with diabetes mellitus. Individual tastes of the products of "Energy Diets" contain caffeine, so they are contraindicated for pregnant women and during lactation, for older people, for children under 18 years of age. Banana diet is not recommended for patients with thrombosis and varicose veins.

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Possible risks

The risks associated with the diet include the imbalance in the diet of many diets, applying to yourself without a preliminary examination of the state of health, which can adversely affect it.

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The use of a protein diet is fraught with the elimination of trace elements from the body, including calcium, and this adversely affects the osseous system, the nails break down and exfoliate, the risk of fractures increases, the hair becomes faded and fissured. For the kidneys this is also a big load, because fluid is intensively removed, dehydration may occur.

"Energy diet" can cause allergy with increased sensitivity to its components, as well as insomnia, increased blood pressure when using mixtures with caffeine.

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Analyzing reviews of diets for weight gain, one can conclude: if a person approaches this systematically, and not sporadically, he does it. Many emphasize the need to combine a diet with intensive training in the gym, tk. At the same time metabolic processes are accelerated, appetite is increased.

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