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Proteins and exercise

Most athletes believe that proteins are a good and basic nutrient for increasing athletic performance. Increasing interest in the science of nutrition forces athletes to choose one of two extreme ways when it comes to protein intake. Some athletes choose a diet saturated with carbohydrates with an inadequate content of fats and proteins, or vice versa, with an excess of proteins, believing that "the more, the better." This polar attitude to proteins causes many athletes to ask themselves: how much protein is needed, is it good when they are abundant, and how much is safe for consumption.


Protein (protein) - an important component of muscle tissue, an organic substance from the group of polypeptides, which includes chain amino acids, is one of the main dietary components.

Риск потребления неадекватного количества белков

Many athletes, although they concentrate their attention on proteins, but some of them consume proteins in insufficient quantities. Such a problem exists among athletes training for endurance, for example, runners ...

Риск избыточного потребления белков

Consumption of foods high in protein represents a risk to human health. Some researchers believe that, perhaps, the harmful effect of excess protein intake is exaggerated ...

Белковые добавки

Manufacturers of protein supplements are intensively offering them to many athletes who still consider protein to be the most important nutrient ...

Физические нагрузки и потребности в белке

Lifting weights increases the protein requirements. Studies show that protein needs during exercise are more than 0.8 kg per day ...

Что определяет потребность в белке?

The amount of protein used by the body is affected by various factors. The protein requirement is based on the need for essential amino acids. The requirements for the nine essential amino acids established by WHO are based on ...

Роль белков при физической нагрузке

Proteins account for up to 45% of body weight. The uniqueness of amino acids lies in the fact that they can combine with other amino acids, forming complex structures ...
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