Baby food for muscle mass

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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It is not necessary to think that strong muscles are a piece of our post-Soviet time. Athletes, weightlifters in the USSR were concerned about the collection of muscle mass no less than modern bodybuilders. It's another matter that dietetics and industry were not yet at the same level as now.

Sports nutrition was not available before, and if someone was lucky enough to get it "because of the hillock," then a lot of money went to it. And what is needed first of all for muscle growth. Of course, the protein, which was poured as much in dairy products, meat, eggs, as well as a cheap but perfectly balanced baby food.

Yes, there were times when food for kids was really quality and very inexpensive, for which his sportsmen loved it. A completely natural product helped to grow and gain weight to young children. But the weightlifters, who were feeding baby food for both cheeks, did not complain about the lack of muscle mass gain.

So the idea of using baby food for a set of muscle mass is far from new. But how much it is relevant today, we still have to figure it out.

The fact is that recent research forces buyers to doubt the quality of some products from the baby food group. So not all nutritious mixtures turn out to be quite balanced and natural. This worries parents. Should also alert the athletes who also advocate for the naturalness of the diet.

But the main problem is not even that. Not always what is useful for children, brings the same benefit to adults. Yes, there are a lot of proteins in the baby food, but carbohydrates and fats are also in high quantities. After all, baby food is designed to grow the body of the baby, not only in the muscles.

The danger of baby food for athletes is that it contributes to the growth of the fat layer. That is, if it is taken on days when there is no training, or in the evening time there is a danger through time to hide the beauty of the muscles under a layer of hard-to-remove fat. And if you take into account also the features of the build, then endomorphs such food does not fit at all. The results in any case will be disappointing.

To say that baby food can not be used to gain muscle mass would be unfair, because the diet with its participation is quite consistent with this goal. But the results without "side effects" on the waist and sides can only be achieved by correctly taking baby cats.

It is believed that for the growth of muscle mass for 1 time you need to eat 150 g of baby food in the form of powder, spreading a delicious mass of water or milk. But what does the athlete get? Depending on the brand of the product and the age for which the infant formula is intended, 100 g of powder can contain from 5 to 12 g of protein. How long does it take to eat baby food to cover the daily need for protein?

But there is one more nuance - this is the content of fat and carbohydrates. The same 100 g of product may contain about 4-5 g of fat and 60-80 g of carbohydrates. It turns out well, it's not really a protein cocktail, but something close to a carbohydrate diet. Moreover, in the milk formula for babies there are only milk (casein) and whey protein, and for older children, there is also a vegetable. About full-fledged animal proteins, obtained from meat, there is no question.

But how full this diet is for an adult, the big question. Yes, baby food contains many useful vitamins and minerals, but their volume can be calculated for a small child, and not for an adult with completely different physiological needs. And if you also take into account that large physical loads only contribute to the loss of these most useful substances, it turns out that the needs are even greater.

Baby food, although considered balanced, can not replace the usual diet of an adult guy or girl. It can only be used as a supplement, as a source of easily digestible proteins and an energy supplement. But this supplement is useful mainly before training and in rare cases after it. The rest of the diet should consist of a full-fledged animal protein. But with fats and carbohydrates you need to be cautious, because some of their body has already received the baby food.

If you practice a diet to gain muscle mass using baby food, then you should give preference to dry mixes for the youngest, because only here you can find full digestible milk proteins in the right amount. Plant protein does not show the same great efficiency as a muscle growth stimulant.

But if you compare the composition of children's and sports nutrition, you can find all the same components: whey protein and casein, but without the addition of fats and carbohydrates, which may be superfluous. At least these components are very generous with many food products, so there is no shortage of fats and carbohydrates even in the usual diet. So what is the best food for athletes?

Someone, after glancing at the price tags in the sports nutrition stores, will say that it is much inferior in price to cheaper infant formulas. Well, young moms about the budget quality of quality mixes can compete with the sports elite, and will be right.

Soviet times have sunk into oblivion together with cheap prices for goods for the future of the country, and now price lists with tens and even hundreds of hryvnias for one package of baby food look at us from the shelves of stores. Perhaps these price tags are still lower than those that decorate the shelves of sports nutrition stores, but you need to consider the consumption of the product. According to reviews of athletes who used in the  diet to gain muscle mass  and protein drinks, and baby food, ultimately it always turned out that specialized products for adults are more economical than nutritional formulas for babies, despite the high cost of packaging sports nutrition.

So, how useful it is to go back to childhood nutrition in our age, when there are many effective and natural products intended for athletes, everyone decides for themselves. It is quite possible for ectomorphs of children's mixtures and will be a profitable investment, helping to sculpt their body, but others should think well before carrying out such experiments, unless their goal is not "warming" at the expense of fat stores.


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