Exercises for slimming hands in women

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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To begin with, let's define immediately - there is no such thing that a certain part of the body, for example hands, lost weight. A person is either slimmer, including the ass, legs, hips, legs and arms, is selected, builds muscle mass. Either - nothing happens. If you do not stop eating everything, go to bed late and drink a little water - you will not lose weight. Even with regular repetition of exercises for slimming your hands. So - if you agree to change a little (not much) your way of life, accept the need for new rules, then we will lose weight with you on the way and in the process.

Why is a woman so important to have beautiful hands? This is more explanation for men. So, beautiful hands can be shown, wearing a sleeveless vest, an open evening dress, a sarafan. But if the hands are filled with fat, then no designer tricks and expensive brands of clothes will help. Fat-filled shoulders in designer clothes look pathetic. Therefore, let us turn to exercises for slimming hands of women, which will be performed within the overall health of the body.

Before we begin the exercises, we will do several important things for ourselves, namely:

  • we will receive less energy than we are able to spend. In simple words, we will, eat less. Reduce the portions and total calorie content of food;
  • we will start each day with a glass of water. Until 17-00 we are committed to drinking 1500-2000 ml of clean water;
  • we will train regularly;
  • we will go to bed no later than 23-00.

Before starting the exercises, you need to do a whole body warm-up. If you are engaged in a hall - then run, please, at a speed of not less than 6.5 for 15 minutes. If you can not run, walk along the treadmill at the same speed. After that, warm-up. Squats, body slopes, body turns, easy stretching.

Warm up for hands:

  1. Circular movements in the full amplitude of the left hand - clockwise and 10 times, right hand - the same. After this, repeat ten times with both hands
  2. Hands spread apart at shoulder level. Fing your fingers into fists. Small circular movements with fists clockwise 15 times and counterclockwise 15 times.
  3. Hands stretch in front of him parallel to the floor line. The palms look at each other, unfolding the palms "from oneself." And so 30 times, we kind of "twist" hands. Hands should rotate in the shoulder joints.
  4. Now let's proceed to the exercises. First WITHOUT GANTELEY. Without load, the exercises are performed many times, more than 20. This is called "drying hands".
    • the starting position - the legs on the width of the shoulders. We lift hands, stretch forward parallel to the shoulders and bend in the sides. Repeat 420 times.
    • we hold hands in front of the chest, bent at the elbows. Make flies to the right to the left, unfolding the body and straightening (rather throwing in the given direction of the hand) 35 times in each direction;
    • starting position: feet shoulder width apart, one arm up, the second along the body down. Sharply change the position of the hands - 25 times;
    • push ups. Who can not, does push-ups "from the knees". Who can not even from his knees - squeezed from the wall. Three approaches 10 times.

Effective exercises for slimming hands of women

Effective exercises for slimming hands we will do using dumbbells.

  1. Hands with dumbbells are lowered, dumbbells are turned away from themselves. That is, your own elbow looks at you. Exhalation - we raise dumbbells to the shoulders at the same time. Important! Elbows are pressed to the body. Exhale - we put our hands in the FE. With a weight of dumbbells of 2 kg. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
  2. The triceps. Hands up above the head, in each hand the weight is possible. Compressed fists look at the wall FOR YOU. Breathe - we bend our arms in the elbows down. Exhalation - raise in the IP. Important! Keep elbows near the head, hands in parallel.
  3. Butterfly. This is for your recovered shoulders. Strain your back, keep your head straight. We look forward. Legs on the width of the shoulders, arms with dumbbells are lowered along the body. We count the "times" We raise the arms to the sides, to the level of the shoulders in such a way that your little finger, which tightens the dumbbell, is ABOVE the other fingers. That is, we rotate the hand in the ascent. 3 approaches 10 times. Try not to load your neck!
  4. A simple but effective exercise. FE standing, feet shoulder width apart. We raise hands with dumbbells forward, parallel to the floor line. We count to 10. We lower it.
  5. Legs are half-bent, the body is slightly bent forward at an angle of 30 degrees. We look forward - we do NOT lower our head down. Lowered hands with dumbbells slowly raise, bending arms in the elbows. Ideally, dumbbells reach the breast level. Breathe - hands up, exhale - down.
  6. IP stands, tilting the case down. The right hand is above, the left hand touches the toe of the right foot. With a smooth movement we change the position of the hands - now the left one above, and the right one touches the toe of the left leg. Such a mill is obtained. Three approaches 10 times.
  7. Exercise without dumbbells. Complex - hands, press, front of the thigh. Arms Hands on the sofa (bench, chair). Legs rest on the floor, knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees. We bend our hands, go down, stretch out our arms and push the body up. Control your back - do not hump. This is a heavy exercise, but very effective. Start with 5 good slow exercises. Ideally 10 times, three approaches.
  8. This exercise needs to be done quickly - imitation of boxing with dumbbells in the hands. At the same time, we unfold the body and throw the arm forward, as if striking in the box. 10 times, three approaches.

Exercises with dumbbells for slimming hands for women

Exercises with dumbbells for slimming hands of women can be done on the floor. If you can, then find the good old set of exercises from the American supermodel Cindy Crawford. This is a simple, balanced and very effective training, we advise it because there is a detailed analysis of the "glossary" of all exercises, so that they are done correctly. Here are some exercises in the article.

  1. Lying on the floor, hands with dumbbells behind the head are divorced in the sides. Exhale - raise your hands and collect them at one point above the chest. Breathe - we return to the starting position. Start with a weight of dumbbells of one and a half kilograms. The weight can be increased as the force arrives.
  2. "Butterfly" lying down. IP - lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor, low back pressed (!) To the floor. Hands to the side. Breathe - we reduce the bent arms over the chest. Exhalation to initial position
  3. IP - lying on the floor, legs bent, feet standing on the floor. The arms are stretched along the body down, they are diluted slightly to the sides. Inhale - raise your hands with dumbbells and reduce them with your forehead. Exhalation - in the starting position.
  4. Lying on the floor. Hands with dumbbells at the shoulders. Legs are half-bent, feet are on the floor. Watch your lower back (!). Breathe - hands with dumbbells straighten above yourself, as if pushing dumbbells forward. Exhalation - we return to the starting position.
  5. Exercise on the stool. Sit on the edge of the chair, legs at an angle of 90 degrees, the body is tilted forward, arms with dumbbells are lowered down. At the inhalation we lift dumbbells to the chest, on exhalation we return to the starting position.
  6. Sitting on a chair, we take one dumbbell. Legs are slightly divorced, elbow rest on the hip. We bend the arm in such a way that the dumbbell touches the shoulder, maximally unbend. Then we take the dumbbell in the other hand and do the same.
  7. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart. The arms are bent so that the dumbbells are at the level of your neck. Inhale - throw the dumbbells straight up, exhale - return to the starting position.

All exercises for weight loss hands are divided into approaches - three approaches 8-10 times.

Complex exercises for slimming hands in women

Let's immediately dispel the myth, which for some reason persistently sits in the minds of many women. Do not avoid exercises with dumbbells, you do not pump up muscles "like a man". To pump the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle, we must sit in the gym for three hours every day, while taking a serious weight. Discard doubts - we propose to dry the fat layer of hands and shoulders, make the form of the hands expressive. Experts advise to mix in one complex of strength exercises (it can be ordinary push-ups from the floor) and fat burning.

Let's start our complex of exercises for slimming your hands with a warm-up. We do an imitation of jumps with a skipping rope - 100 times. If you are a beginner, then start with 40-50 jumps. After that, make 30 deep swings backwards with each foot. Do thirty times the mill exercise. Now we proceed to the main part of our complex for hands.

Let's start with the "bar" exercise. We rely on the hands and toes of the legs, the back is straight. The palms are under the shoulders. You will feel like everything hurts - press, back, shoulders. Stand in the pose of the bar you need one minute, then rest and repeat.

The next triceps exercise. We sit down on a chair, rest our hands on the seat, now we hang down the buttocks down and force the triceps to bend and unbend our arms. This is a difficult exercise. We do it 10 times, two approaches.

Then exercise on the floor. Sit down on the floor, emphasis on legs, and hands behind. Push the buttocks from the floor forward and sit back. It seems to be simple .. But very very effective. Do not overdo it - 3 sets of 10 times.

Then we take dumbbells. Exercise for the biceps in the squat. Tighten your press and sit so that the hips are parallel to the floor. At the expense of one or two bend our arms in the elbows. Forearms press against the body. Hold the squat, do 20 repetitions, three approaches.

Another exercise for losing weight is called the shoulders in the attack. We make the right handsome lunge - this is when the legs are shoulder width parallel to each other, that leg, which is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, stops under the knee. From this position, we raise hands with dumbbells in the sides, then we lower them back. Important! The back is straight, the stomach is retracted, the butt is slightly bent back. The shoulders are smooth, the movements are symmetrical. We repeat 20 approaches three times.

Stretching completes our complex of exercises for slimming hands to women.


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