Hormones in tablets: the pros and cons

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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On the benefits and harm of hormones, there are many myths and conjectures. Let's talk about how the hormones in the tablets that you buy in the pharmacy affect the human body.

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Effects on the body of injections, creams and gels with estrogens

It is similar to the effect that is obtained from the application of a patch. That is, estrogens from creams, gels, injections do not pass through the gastrointestinal tract, which means they do not reach the liver, soaking in the blood immediately. From this and their effect on the body is different, softer.

True, a significant disadvantage of these methods is that the level of estrogen in the body fluctuates. When taking oral hormones, it is more permanent. This is because they are absorbed into the bloodstream faster than with oral administration. But they are also eliminated from the body too quickly. This means that they affect the functions of organs, they are weaker than oral medications with estrogens.

The effect on the body of neural drugs with estrogens has this feature. They first dramatically increase the concentration of estrogens in the blood, then their effects fade, and then the estrogens are eliminated from the body. That is, the level of estrogen in the body at this reception is unstable.

Especially in comparison with oral medications that provide a relatively stable level of estrogen in the body. To influence the estrogen level in the body correctly, the endocrinologist should not correctly calculate the dosage of the drugs, but also prescribe a combined method of obtaining estrogens. That is, use and oral preparations with estrogens, and creams, gels, patches, injections - by choice.

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When progesterone is undesirable

This appointment is not necessary and even dangerous when a woman has excess weight or no uterus due to surgical removal. And the form of release of a hormone is not important - it is not necessary to use neither oral preparations with progesterones, nor creams, injections or hormonal patches with this hormone.

If a woman with excess weight does this, she will have an even greater appetite, insulin resistance to the body will increase and growth hormone production will slow down.

In case a woman weighs more than 10 kg, she should take estrogens without the participation of progesterone, which will stimulate the accumulation of fats.

Are there bleeding due to progestin and progesterone?

Progestin and progesterone are contained in the hormonal drugs that the doctor prescribes after menopause. This allows a woman to maintain the function of the reproductive system of the body.

In crinon and in the metric, optimal doses of natural progesterone

Progesterone of androgen origin is found in aigestine, micronor, as well as contraceptive preparations of some and the ovone, and also modone.

Progesterone of gastagenetic origin is contained in tsikrin, verified, amena; ortho-chain, dezogen, myrtle; ortho-cyclic.

When taking estrogen after menopause, it is important to reinforce its effect with progesterone. Thus, a woman can avoid layering on the inner day of the uterus due to the effects of estrogen. These stratifications can be dangerous because they can develop tumors - benign or malignant.

Progestin in birth control pills helps a woman in a reproductive age avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Progestin (or progesterone) does not allow ovulation to occur, which means that pregnancy will not occur. With the help of progestin, the uterus (its upper layer) becomes much thinner, impermeable mucus forms on its neck, and spermatozoa can not penetrate through it.

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Progestin and overweight

Progestin or progesterone can be used to normalize weight. These hormones can help control (reduce) the appetite, and the woman does not recover so quickly, the process of depositing fats stops.

Before using for this spruce preparations with progestins, consult your doctor about dosages. Important is the release of preparations with progestins (patch, tablets, cream, injection), the concentration and type of hormones, and also whether there are any additives with estrogens in the complex.

Does progestin have side effects?

Yes, and he is not alone. If the progestin is not secreted by the body, but enters the body from the outside, especially after menopause, it can be dangerous for a woman. Its side effects may be as follows.

  • Strong and constant desire is
  • Swelling of the feet
  • Increased irritability and mood swings
  • Headaches that alternate with abdominal pain
  • Weakness
  • Excessive completeness
  • Strong chest sensitivity, especially nipples, pain at the slightest touch
  • Reduced sensitivity of the rest of the body

If you have already inadvertently taken progestins and experienced their negative effects, it is worth checking the body for the hormonal balance. To neutralize the effect of progestins on organs and systems, you need to check what preparations you take, and coordinate their doses.

Progestin and estrogen should be balanced, like progestin and androgens. Their doses and ratios will help calculate the endocrinologist.

It is important to know before taking progestins that their dose in hormonal preparations can be high or low. It depends on this, how hormonal drugs affect the woman's body.

Such hormonal drugs as desogestrel and norgestimate have a large concentration of progestins and a lower concentration of androgens. That is, their use is unlikely to lead to a negative skin reaction in the form of acne and redness. But a high level of progestins will provoke the appearance of fat deposits, especially in the waist and hips, as well as the abdomen. These drugs can also provoke depression, mood swings, increased appetite.

Such hormonal drugs as depo-provera or nor-planet, or other oral contraceptives, contain progestin without any additives. From this they become more dangerous, because by taking them, a woman risks to get the maximum side effects from taking progesterones without the influence of estrogens. In this case, you can ask the doctor for an additional appointment of hormones with estrogens in the composition.

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Poor tolerance of progestins

Even if a woman takes progestins in kind, the body can react to them with poor receptivity. Therefore, before taking these drugs should consult with a doctor, making a test for the tolerability of hormones. Because side effects with poor progestin tolerance may be headache, decreased sexual desire, impaired bowel function, pain in the nipples at the slightest touch, bloating.

Then, according to studies, you can take estrogens instead of progestins. If a woman's condition with progestin intolerance is accompanied by bleeding, then you need to do additional tests and a biopsy of the endometrium of the uterus. This is a good prevention of uterine cancer and a reduction in the likelihood of bleeding, if you correctly calculate the dose of estrogen. But do not forget at the same time about the biopsy of the endometrium and constant consultations with the gynecologist - if necessary once a month.

Can there be bleeding when taking progestin?

Yes they can. Especially if you first took a progestin, and then stopped taking. After that, menstruation appears. At this time, the layer of the uterus (internal) is rejected and leaves the body. Thus, a woman has cancer prevention, because it is on the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) that cancer can form.

This condition is not very convenient for those women who are in the menopause period, because they have already become unaccustomed to tampons and bleeding, but here they come again. And then women take progestins not with breaks, like contraceptives, but constantly. Thereby eliminating the possibility of bleeding.

Estrogens for oral administration

If the body has few estrogens of natural origin (that is, those that the body produces itself), people take hormones from the pharmacy. It is worth knowing that estrogens in the form of 17-beta estradiol from hormonal drugstores give us the opportunity to get estrogens that are chemically similar to natural, secreted by the ovaries.

What is the difference between hormones in tablets and those that we get from hormonal patches? The first first get into the liver and it recycles them. This is good due to the fact that at low concentration in the blood of HDL, oral preparations with estrogen hormones in the composition will stimulate its production in the body. The reason is that estrogens can stimulate HDL secretion in vivo.

The downside of oral pills is that with incorrect dosage and a thoughtless choice, blood pressure may jump up from them, the level of estrogen hormones will increase, and triglycerides will be produced more than normal.

This can lead to the formation of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder. Therefore, before using drugs with estrogens, it is necessary to conduct a test for the condition of the kidneys and bile, as well as the level of cholesterol in the blood.

If you take estrogens from patches, gels or creamy consistencies, estradiol does not stimulate HDL production as intensely, simply maintaining it at a normal level. This is important when the level of HDL in the body is high or close to it.

If there is a lot of cholesterol (in particular, bad cholesterol), and at the same time the level of HDL is too low, then hormonal preparations with estrogens in the composition will help normalize cholesterol level (lower it) and increase HDL concentration.

Because of this, the heart will start working normally, the vessels will be more elastic, their walls will become stronger, the risk of blood clots will decrease.

So, with a high cholesterol level, oral contraceptives with estrogens are more suitable for you, and at a lower level - patches and gels.

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Plaster with estrogens

Plaster with estrogens

Such a patch, as a rule, contains hormones estrogens, and their brightest representative is 17-beta-estradiol. It is good because it is easily absorbed by the skin and through the blood gets directly into the blood, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and liver. This is similar to the natural process before the onset of menopause, when the ovaries produce estrogens that instantly enter the bloodstream.

The minus of this method of delivering estrogens to the body is that they, not processed by the liver, are partially destroyed. So, the effect on the body is not as intense as the natural hormones estrogen.

Estrogen plasters with estradiol in the composition can affect the body in different ways, because they have a different concentration of hormones. On this depends on how many days you attach the patch to the skin. It can be 5 days, and maybe 7-8 days. To find out which dose of estradiol by means of a patch is needed for you, consult your doctor to not exceed the dose.

It should be taken into account that each organism is individual, the metabolism of each woman passes at different rates, which means that hormones will also be assimilated at different rates. This also determines the type of plaster.

The disadvantages of the plaster are also that it can cause an allergic reaction of the body in the form of a rash on the skin. It is important to check whether the body reacts with an allergic rash or redness before applying the patch with estrogens.

Pluses of estrogen plasters for fat people

What are the advantages of patches that contain estradiol (a hormone from the estrogen group)? Their mass.

Plasters with estradiol

They are able to normalize the level of estrogens in the blood, in particular, the hormone estradiol. The way it gets into the blood by means of a patch is similar to the one that delivers estradiol naturally, when it is produced by the ovaries. This is good for those women who have high blood pressure and who have a headache during the menstrual period.

When estradiol enters the body through a patch, it makes it possible to normalize the level of glucose and neutralize the body's immunity to insulin. A patch with estradiol in the role of its supplier helps better than oral pills.

Estradiol adhesive is good for those women who have a high level of estrone, since it does not increase it. This is due to the fact that the plaster substances are absorbed into the blood immediately, bypassing the liver.

Since the plaster substances do not pass through the liver, they can normally interact with other medicines.

Triglycerides in the body do not become more with a patch with estradiol. They do not conflict with oral medications that contain estrogen.

Estradiol from the patch remains in the body at the same concentration, its level does not increase much, even if the body has a lot of cholesterol. Oral preparations with estradiol can increase its level.

Reception of progestins: in what form?

Progestins, like any other hormones, can enter your body in the form of oral tablets, in the form of creams, injections, gels and other drugs. From the way in which a woman takes progestins, depends on their effect on her hormonal balance, and therefore, and well-being. The way in which to choose a progestin depends on the characteristics of the organism.

It is necessary to consult with the attending physician to choose the optimal form of taking progestins for you. And also, whether additional hormones in the form of estrogens or androgens are necessary to increase effect from reception of progestins.

There are also combined hormonal agents that affect the body in a complex manner. For example, an activella, in which there is beta-estradiol and norethindrone. The ratio of 1: 0.5 is optimal, to enable a woman to feel better and normalize the hormonal balance. In addition, with the optimal ratio of hormones in the drug, a woman reduces the risk of bleeding from the uterus.

How to avoid weight gain due to taking hormones?

If you are taking birth control pills, they should have approximately 1 mg of norethindrone hormone or similar substances and up to 50 μg of estradiol. This will make it possible to avoid an increase in appetite and then an extra kilo will not be recruited. If there is more progestin in the contraceptive (see the composition on the package), then, on the contrary, the appetite will increase, and the weight will increase.

A high content of progestins is found in such preparations as mycet, allez, and laestrin. Having bought them, you will surely eat more and quickly recover.

Admission of combined drugs

If the drug contains a combination of hormones: estradiol and norgestimate, it acts on the body in a dosed and phased manner. Estrogens and progestins enter the bloodstream through the liver in more useful proportions than if the woman took progestin alone or alone estrogens. First, the body takes only estradiol (three days), then - progestins with estradiol (also three days), then - again one estradiol. So the drugs alternate, providing the woman with good hormonal support.

Thus, a woman significantly reduces the risk of bleeding, and the effect of hormones on the body is intensified. Nerve receptors take them better.

When taking combination drugs, there are also disadvantages. If a woman suffers from excess weight, depression, nervous breakdowns, she develops diabetes, has insulin resistance, torments migraines, there is a tendency to form stones in the kidneys and gallbladder, progestin is better taken in pure form, rather than combined. Otherwise, the organism can not tolerate its diurnal fluctuations with gradual assimilation, and unpleasant symptoms (for example, headaches) can significantly increase.

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Another way to deliver progestins to the body

In order to deliver the progestins into the body in a different way and to mitigate their effect on the body, there are forms in the form of intrauterine systems. It is a good way of delivering progestins to the body, provided that there is excess weight and strong apatite, which in this case does not increase. Progestins in this case play the role of intrauterine contraceptives.

In the period of menopause, you should not use such methods, since contraception is no longer your goal.

Good representatives of intrauterine suppliers of progestin are Mirena and Progestasert. They provide an opportunity to ensure the supply of progestins to the inner layer of the uterus, the rest goes to the blood. Due to the small number of progestins in the blood, the skin will not react with rashes and redness, therefore this method of contraception is safer than oral forms of hormones.

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Cyclical administration of a progestin

If you take progestins for more than six months, in 80% of patients bleeding stops at all. That is, the opportunity to conceive is neutralized. But in 20% of patients, on the contrary, bleeding can go at any time. This is the effect of progestins on the body. Then you will need additional medical advice and a change in the regularity of taking progestins.

With regard to the studies that were conducted to determine the optimal cycle of taking a progestin, they found that taking a progestin cyclically, taking a break every month or every three months, a woman significantly reduces the risk of endometrial cancer - its inner layer.

Therefore, you need to calculate the dose of progestins so that you can avoid cancer of the uterus and not cause harm to the health of excessive reception with frequent bleeding.

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Phase of progestogen

According to international studies, the progestogen taken every day without breaks or with a periodicity of several days every 3 months helps protect the uterus from cancer. But it is important in this case, how long a woman takes progestogen.

In laboratory experiments it was found that those who take progestogen only a week, in 4% of cases, risk the development of cystic hyperplasia. Therefore, you should take the drug only as prescribed by the doctor and throughout that time, as indicated in the instructions. The indicator that you are taking progestogen is wrong - bleeding during its admission, and not after.

The longer the woman takes the progestin, the more thin the layer of her womb becomes, and the bleeding becomes more scarce and lasts not so long.

Those who are against bleeding

If a woman does not want her to continue menstruating, you need to take progestin and estrogen in combination prescribed by a doctor. And the phase of reception should be long, constant, daily. Breaks do not need. Doctors call this method a permanent combination therapy. An example of a drug with the ratio of progestin and estradiol is an activella. It contains norethindrone and beta-estradiol in proportions that do not increase appetite and do not cause a woman to panic because of losing weight control.

Why you need to track the composition of drugs

As a result of experiments controlling the administration of preparations with progestin, it was found that small portions of norethrodine in such preparations can reduce the craving for food much more than in preparations without it.

Those women who take progestins all the time, but do not include estrogens in their hormonal menu, then have problems with excessive irritability, suppressed mood swings pressure. Progesterone in its pure form may not allow the hormone estrogen to fully influence the brain receptors, this increases appetite, weight loss is lost, and the level of bad cholesterol in the blood increases.

If the level of cholesterol in the blood was high before that, daily intake of the progestin in its pure form can increase it even more, this leads to problems with the formation of thrombi, vascular and heart diseases.

Progestins in their pure form, taken without interruption, can aggravate the situation with elevated blood sugar levels. This is especially dangerous for women with diabetes or for those who do not take insulin.

Therefore, it is very important to take into account all the characteristics of your body and consult with your doctor beforehand about the doses and cyclicity of taking progestins.

Preparations with progesterone without a prescription

Are they dangerous or, conversely, harmless, since they are sold without a prescription? As a result of experiments in one of the plants, scientists found a molecule, similar in its effect to the effect of progesterone. There were substances in the composition of this plant, like natural estrogen. This plant - yams (wild potatoes), as well as soy, some legumes.

The properties of these plants are used in some creams that are advertised as sources of progesterone in its pure form. They are proposed for use without the appointment of a doctor. Is it dangerous?

Creams with these ingredients differ from the formula from which the chemical hormone is composed of estrogen or progestin. So, and their impact on the body will be different. Cancer of the endometrium of the uterus, according to scientific data, these drugs can not be prevented, because they are too weak for this.

In order to have this effect, the contents of creams with soy or yams extract should be processed using chemical preparations in the laboratory. The human body, receiving their natural components, phytosterols, will not be able to process progestins and estrogen in the same way as in the laboratory - that is, make them a medicine for the prevention of cancer.

Creams without a prescription and obesity

Patients who are offered creams with phytosterols instead of real progestins and estrogens, may think that they affect the body naturally, without side effects. In fact, this is not so. Such drugs, without having the influence of real hormones, mostly contribute to weight gain. But they are advertised as a medicine for weight loss.

In addition, the composition of the drugs may not contain real doses of progesterone, which are greatly overestimated. Taking such vaginal creams can lead to excessive bleeding, increased cholesterol, increased appetite and weight gain, which is difficult to control.

So, the effect of the drug without a prescription can be completely opposite in comparison with what the woman expected.

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How to stop risking?

How to stop risking?

Be sure to visit your gynecologist and show him the hormone drug that you bought without a prescription to avoid dangerous consequences for health. If you have already started taking this medication and you have symptoms such as weight gain, headaches, hypersensitivity of the mammary glands - then you are taking higher doses of the progestin and do not know about it.

On these symptoms, you must understand that you need to change either the drug itself, or its dose, or the frequency of its use.

If after taking the hormone drug there are strong and frequent discharge, which changed the color to a darker and more vibrant, then you are taking a lot of progesterone and too little estrogen, which is in the composition of the drug. You can not learn about it from the manufacturer, so be careful and watch your body - he will tell you when to stop.


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