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It is known that testosterone is good for building muscle mass, and fats do not accumulate. This property of testosterone is used not only by male athletes, but also by women. What are the types and forms of testosterone, in what formulations is it better to take it and why?

Response to oral testosterone preparations

It can be different. Oral preparations with testosterone pass through the liver, which means that the body is absorbed and processed more slowly than passing directly into the blood. If a person has a healthy liver, then the danger is minimal. But if the liver is deformed, and the effect of hormones is strong, then its work can be even more disrupted.

In some women, thanks to small doses of testosterone taken orally, the protective functions of the body increase, the sexual desire increases, and the mood improves.

In other women who have inaccurate testosterone doses, there may be signs of an increase in blood pressure, increased levels of bad cholesterol, blood flow slows down, and the risk of blood clots increases. Then oral preparations with testosterone should be replaced with those that pass the liver and are absorbed into the blood directly.

The use of hormonal creams and their consequences

Not all women can use hormonal creams, as this can have negative consequences.

If the cream is 1% or 2% testosterone, then this cream should be used up to 20 milligrams a day. And this is from 100 to 200 milligrams of oral drug per day - that is, too high a dose of testosterone. With such overdoses, the consequences for the body can be the saddest. Increased hair, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, irritability, poor sleep.

The optimal dose of testosterone in the cream should be no more than 0, 025% (this corresponds to 0, 25 mg of testosterone in the oral preparation) or 0.1% of testosterone (this is equal to 1 milligram of the hormone in the oral preparation).

For most patients who need testosterone, their dose in oral preparations should not exceed 4 milligrams of testosterone in the form of microns. This corresponds to the natural doses of testosterone in the body, which are produced by natural means.

To more accurately determine the dose of testosterone a woman needs, hormonal tests are needed. They are done 4-6 hours after the woman took the hormonal drug (oral form). If the dose is enough, raise it is not necessary.

If the dose is low, then you can calculate how much testosterone is still required for a woman to feel well.

To avoid side effects from taking the drug, you need to measure the extra level of glucose and cholesterol in order to avoid their unjustified increase. For this, you need to pass a blood test to the level of hormones.

Types of testosterone

Testosterone is produced in synthetic forms, but in the body it is produced in kind. What to consider when you take drugs with micro- or macro-doses of testosterone.


It is a drug with testerosterone in the composition, in which its synthetic form is designed to work on the body. It is worth knowing that synthetic drugs are absorbed into the blood more quickly and affect the body much more intensively than natural testosterone.

According to the molecular composition of artificial testosterone, of course, differs from its natural counterpart. This makes its effect on the body fundamentally different, and the doses are also chosen different.

Methyltestosterone is a hormone that combines testosterone and the hormones of the methyl group. This form allows you to use this drug in tablets, orally. This makes it possible to extend the entire dose of testosterone throughout the body.

The disadvantage of this method is that the liver is not enthusiastic about its use and can work badly, fail. This is a significant drawback of all drugs with testosterone - the risk of liver damage.

This hormone in the form of methyltestosterone can be used for men, but it is undesirable for women.

Natural testosterone in micron doses

Micron doses mean that testosterone is offered with molecules too small for them to be properly absorbed into the blood. The body can not completely rework and assimilate such testosterone.

Testosterone in microns is obtained from such products as beans and soy, and also - yams, that is, wild potatoes. The process of obtaining it is identical to the process of obtaining a progestin and estrogen and the same plants.

The necessary substances are isolated from the plants in a laboratory way, then they undergo a purification and synthesis process. Pharmacists try to produce testosterone, close to natural, the one that produces the human sexual system.

Testosterone is produced in various forms: testosterone creams, tablets, patches, suppositories, gels, injections and so on. The concentration of testosterone in them is different, so before using, consult your doctor about the doses.

Important advice for women

Testosterone is more a male hormone, and the need for men in it is higher than that of women. Therefore, do not buy testosterone drugs for men. Increased concentrations of testosterone in them can harm the female body, provoking a decrease in libido, weakness, increased fatigue, hairiness throughout the body. To make up for the hormonal balance of testosterone, ask your doctor what dosage is appropriate for you, and choose the right drug.

Pros and cons of essay

This drug is used to make up for the lack of testosterone and estrogens. It provides the female body with estrogens, which are divided into estrone and beta-estradiol, as well as methyltestosterone in high concentrations.

If you apply estratest every day, you will bombard your body with elevated doses of testosterone. His overabundance can provoke obesity, this is hardly your goal.

In addition to excess weight, which is difficult to control, women can experience mood swings, anxiety, poor sleep, irritability.

One of the serious side effects of consuming increased doses of testosterone in the estratest drug may be destruction of the liver and the formation of tumors in it. In Germany, the drug estratest is generally withdrawn from the official sale because of the risk of side effects.

Do not take hormonal drugs like estratestu, which shows the main problem of hormones. These are not calculated correctly doses: there is a lot of substance in the preparation, the other is not enough. And then the body receives more harm from hormones than good.

To choose the optimal dose of hormonal drugs, many doctors prefer to assign them separately from each other, coordinating the dose. Then there is no risk that the doctor will prescribe hormones not listed on the label of the drug.

In addition, the dose can vary depending on how the body reacts to a particular hormone, how the person's health changes.

What you need to know when choosing the form of the drug

Non-oral forms of testosterone (those in creams, injections, gels, patches) quickly enter the bloodstream and cause fluctuations in the hormonal balance.

From this, the state of health can deteriorate: the head hurts, chills, the mood skips it is good, then bad, there may be excessive irritability, bad sleep. There may also be muscle spasms, unmotivated aggression, anxiety.

With a sharp drop in testosterone in the blood, a person may have a sharp weakness, fatigue, loss of strength.

Know that the dose of testosterone that falls into the body, how fast it absorbs, that is the rate at which hormones enter the brain , is not important . This means that from the choice of form of hormones (plaster or tablets, for example) depends on how fast the hormones will be delivered to the brain.

If the dose of hormones is slowly absorbed (as in the oral form of taking the drug), then its level will last longer than with rapid absorption. And if the drug is absorbed quickly, then its level in the blood does not last long.

Why is it not recommended to use hormonal implants?

Implants with hormones in the composition are often not recommended for women. They can only be used in certain rare cases. The problems that arise after taking hormonal implants are great. The hormone that penetrates the body, constantly fluctuates in doses, this causes increased fatigue, weakness, depression.

Symptoms of an overdose of hormones in the form of implants: increased hair flow or, conversely, hair loss, fat deposits, especially in the abdomen and waist.

The body begins to tolerate insulin poorly, there is a so-called insulin intolerance.

If a person does not tolerate implants with hormones, they can not be easily removed, they need to be removed with the help of a surgeon. This takes time, you yourself from such hormonal means, and therefore, the doses supplied by them, you will not get rid of.

How to determine the dose of testosterone by type and form of drug release

Since every woman in the body has a different level of testosterone and a different reaction to hormones, then the doses should be selected individually. For one woman, an increased dose of testosterone will make up for his deficiency and improve overall well-being, while in another she will cause an allergic reaction and feeling unwell.

Therefore, before choosing a dose of the drug, you need to pass tests for hormones and determine what hormones you need and how much.

On the form in which testosterone will be released, depends on what dose will enter the body and how quickly. Oral preparations with testosterone contain more of this hormone than those that are taken in creams, injections, patches.

In drugs that are not taken by oral route, testosterone may be as much as in oral, but part of the hormones are lost when absorbed and passed through the liver.

To the oral drug is completely absorbed into the blood, it is lost from a quarter to one tenth of its dose.

Ratios of hormones in oral and non-oral medications may be different.

For example, the oral preparation contains 1 milligram of estradiol, and in the non-oral formulation - 10-fold less-0.1 milligrams.

As for progesterone, it has the same ratio of hormones depending on the form of release: in cream, it is 10 times less than in a tablet: 2 milligrams in cream to 200 mg in a tablet.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Testosterone: forms, forms, preparations" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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