Effective treatment of scars and scars with the help of gels and creams

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Scars and scars are not those ornaments that make a woman pretty and attractive. Yes, however, and to men not all scars to the face. But whatever the reason that left unaesthetic marks on the human body, it can always be done so that they become less noticeable or even completely disappear. Just to solve this problem, and in due time the cream from scars and scars was developed.

Gone are the times when far from attractive unevenness on the skin was concealed under clothes or masked with a large layer of cosmetics, which was not always effective. In the modern world to our services are various methods of plastic surgery and hardware cosmetology. And they give much better results than simple disguise.

But such procedures have their drawbacks. Firstly, because of the high cost, they are not available to everyone. Secondly, different methods have their risks, contraindications to use and side effects, which can not always be even calculated. In addition, a fairly long rehabilitation period causes some discomfort in patients of cosmetology clinics.

Another thing creams from scars and scars. Perhaps the result of their application will be noticeable and not as fast as in the case of surgery, but they are available at both cost and comparative safety for the appearance and health of the patient.

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When you need a cream from scars and scars?

Let's say directly, in some cases with minor skin lesions (cuts, deep scratches, punctures), the appearance of scars is easier to prevent than to treat later. To do this, there are special antibacterial agents that have a regenerating (restoring) effect on the skin. To such means it is possible to carry ointments "Levomekol", cheaper analogue "Levometil", "Netran", "Solkoseril" and all known "Rescuer".

All these ointments are safe for health. Contraindications to their use are limited to hypersensitivity to the components of the ointment. With the same are associated and side effects in the form of allergic manifestations (rash, itching, local redness of the skin).

Pharmacodynamics. Ointments for the prevention of scar formation have an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect on the skin at the site of injury. In addition, they actively stimulate the regenerative processes in the skin, which contributes to the rapid healing of wounds without purulent processes, and hence the traces of damage to the skin will subsequently be less visible and eventually disappear completely.

If even the wound develops a purulent process, the ointments remain active and have the necessary antibacterial effect.

Pharmacokinetics. Antibacterial ointments are designed in such a way that they are able to easily penetrate into the deepest tissues and restore them from the inside. In this case, the table gets a small amount of active substance in the blood, that it can not do any harm to a person's health.

The way of using creams used as a prophylaxis against the appearance of scars is very simple. In shallow wounds, a small amount of ointment is applied lightly to the lesion site. If necessary, the wound can be loosely covered. If the wound is deep enough and pathological processes develop in it, a sterile napkin or bandage is loosely applied to the place of tissue damage. Change the bandages every day. The treatment is continued until the wound is prolonged.

Some antibacterial ointments can be stored at room temperature, while others (for example, Levomikol) require lower storage temperatures. In order for the drug to remain effective for the entire shelf life, it is necessary to take into account the storage conditions, information about which is always present on the drug package.

If you did not manage to avoid the appearance of scars and scars, there was no way to take preventive measures in time, the treatment turned out to be ineffective in this respect or the wound was too large, a special cream from scars and scars will come to your aid. It will not affect the cause of the appearance of irregularities on the skin, but on the unevenness itself, making them less noticeable.

Since the causes of the appearance of non-esthetic marks on the skin are famous for their diversity, the indications for the use of creams from scarring and scars can be very diverse:

  • Habitual scars from cuts and burns, formed on the site of the wound. Usually they are slightly lighter than the surrounding skin, and over time they are able to self-diminish in size.
  • Scars after significant mechanical injuries of the skin and tissues below it, operations, severe or extensive burns (for example, steam, hot water or chemicals). Traces of such effects on the skin usually over time occupy an area larger than the original size of the wound, and even rise above the surface of the skin.
  • The so-called "stretch marks" on the skin in women, which are the result of a strong stretching of the skin when carrying a child. The same marks can remain after a sharp weight loss.
  • Traces of transferred chicken pox, scars after acne and acne.
  • Reduction of mobility of joints due to proliferation of strong connective tissue on the area of cartilaginous tissue (ankylosis).
  • Tightening scars in the muscles and tendons that impede the normal operation of the joints (contractures).

Sometimes the cream from scars and scars can be appointed by the attending physician as a preventive measure in the postoperative period. Such measures help to significantly reduce visible traces of surgical intervention.

How do creams work from scars and scars?

Various creams and ointments from scars can have different effects on the skin and subcutaneous layers of the human body. Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of these drugs depend on the active substances in the formulation and the effect they have on a fresh or already healed wound.

Some creams are designed to prevent scarring and have an antibacterial and regenerative effect. I prevent the appearance of pus and pathological processes in the wound, increase the size of the wound, reduce inflammation and pain.

Others are effective in the early stages of scarring (healing) of the skin in places of injury. They have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. The active substances of such creams contribute to the restoration of microcirculation in tissues, stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, prevent the growth of connective tissue, restore the water balance of the skin.

Still others are active in relation to old posttraumatic formations on the skin and tissues. The mechanism of their action is even more complicated.

Nevertheless, all the scars intended for external use are safe for health. They easily penetrate various layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue, but the blood does not accumulate concentration, which can have dangerous consequences for human health.

Like other medications, any cream from scars and scars can have its contraindications to use. Most often this is a predisposition to the occurrence of hypersensitivity reactions to the drug. It is with her that the occurrence of side effects in creams that manifest themselves in the form of various allergic manifestations is associated. In such cases, the place of application of the cream can turn red and swell, begin to itch, become covered with a rash or small blisters. With such an organism reaction it is necessary to stop using the cream, replacing it with ointment with another composition.

Creams for the prevention of scar formation can be used on open wounds with inflammatory and purulent processes, which can not be said about creams for getting rid of scars. Such creams should not be applied to the skin with ulcers, progressive processes of tissue death, open and fresh wounds, tumors in the scar area. It is inadmissible to use creams from scarring on the skin in the eyes and mucous membranes.

As for overdose with creams from scars, it is easy to avoid if you use the cream for the intended purpose, i.e. Apply externally, and not inward. Do not use several drugs at the same time in one active substance. If the active substances in the preparations are different, it is necessary to take into account the drug interaction of the used creams against the scars with other drugs. Such information can also be found in the instructions or obtained from a doctor.

The ambiguous opinion of experts is the use of creams from scars during pregnancy. On the one hand, every young woman, including a pregnant woman, cares about the beauty of her body and skin. Just during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, there is a high probability of stretch marks in the abdomen, hips and chest. Accordingly, young mothers are looking for a way to get rid of such a dubious ornament.

On the other hand, the active substances of many creams, albeit in small quantities, can enter the bloodstream and flow to the baby through blood or milk. And what is harmless to an adult body, can cause irreparable harm to the baby's immature body. Usually in the instructions to the drug there is a separate paragraph or an indication about the use of the drug in the period of waiting for the baby or breastfeeding. If there are no such instructions, it is better to consult about the possibility of using it in such a delicate period with a specialist doctor.

Names and purpose of chemist's creams from scars

Since correction of skin imperfections is a kind of medical procedure, the pharmaceutical science has not stayed away from this problem and has developed a number of creams used to treat scars and scars. Such products can often be seen on the shelves of pharmacies (pages of online pharmacies), and it does not cause doubts in efficiency and safety.

" Kontraktubeks " - a drug specifically designed to treat existing scars and scars of various origins. It belongs to the category of combined preparations based on 3 active substances. Produced in the form of a gel, placed in aluminum tubes of 20 and 50 ml.

Pharmacodynamics. Thanks to the properties of active substances, the drug has the ability to dissolve blood clots in the area of scar formation. Presence of the extract of onion in the composition of the drug causes a noticeable anti-inflammatory effect of the cream, and the heparin present in it prevents the formation of new blood clots. The penetration of these substances into the skin is promoted by allantoin, which softens the cornified dense layer of the rumen and kills harmful microorganisms in it, preventing inflammation.

Pharmacokinetics. With external application of the drug, despite the deep penetration of active substances into the connective tissue of the dermis, they do not enter the bloodstream. This makes the use of Kontraktubeks cream safe for the treatment of children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

There are no other contraindications to use, except individual intolerance of the constituents of the drug, the preparation does not. It is generally safe and very rarely causes minor allergic reactions, which quickly disappear if the drug is discontinued.

The method of application of the cream from the scars "Kontraktubeks" and its dosage depends on the size of the scar or scar. 5 mm of gel are designed for a scar surface of the order of 25 cm 2. The cream is applied to the scar surface with light massaging movements. This is recommended 2-3 times a day.

The course of treatment will depend on the diagnosis and age of scar tissue. If the scar is fresh, then 1 month of application is sufficient to obtain the desired result. Older scars require longer treatment, which can last up to six months. With contractures, treatment can last up to 1 year.

Cream "Kontraktubeks" is effective also from scars after chicken pox, thanks to its softening and smoothing properties. The truth of the treatment of this condition can last for up to 3 months.

The gel can also be used for preventive purposes, but in this case the wound must already be fully tightened, and the connective tissue in the wound is sufficiently sealed.

To obtain the expected effect, the cream should be used within a shelf life of 4 years, provided it is stored in a room at room temperature.

"Zeraderm Ultra" is another fairly safe and effective scar cream that can be safely applied on the face and for the treatment of postoperative and traumatic scars in children. It is also effective against scars from chicken pox and acne.

The drug is also produced in the form of a gel, but its effect is markedly different from that of the previous preparation.

Pharmacodynamics. Drying on the skin, the gel forms on its surface an almost imperceptible silicone film that protects the scar from injury, prevents the loss of skin moisture at the site of the scar, and this in turn helps to soften scar tissue and smooth it. The cream is also provided with Q10 youth coenzyme, vitamins A and E, a UV filter. Such a rich composition of the drug provides complete restoration of the skin at the site of the scar and a marked rejuvenation.

The drug does not have any special contraindications to the use and side effects, except those mentioned above. There were no cases of overdose, nor negative drug interactions. It is considered to be the best means to combat scars on the face, as it does not prevent the use of decorative cosmetics. The only nuance: you need to apply cosmetic products on top of the gel, but not under it.

The gel is well tolerated by adults and children. A lack of odor is another plus of the drug.

Method of application. The gel must be applied to the cleansed skin with slight movements pressing and spreading it over the surface with a thin layer. Surplus cream should be cleaned with a clean cloth, mopping the place of application, until the product has dried. You need to do this 2 times a day. Duration of treatment will depend on many factors, but usually the expected result comes in the period from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Store the cream at room temperature, but it must be protected from moisture and direct sun rays.

Dermatix gel is in a sense analogous to Zeraderm Ultra, also forming a protective film at the site of the scar. It is used both for the treatment of fresh scars, and for preventive purposes, for example, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin during pregnancy. Quite good reviews about the drug can be found from people who used this cream to get rid of old scars.

Do not think that the silicone film will create a greenhouse effect on the skin. It retains moisture in the layers of the skin, skipping oxygen and allowing the skin to breathe. The film improves the elasticity of the skin and creates the necessary conditions for reducing the size and color saturation (pigmentation) of the rumen. In addition, it creates comfortable conditions for skin renewal and reduces the symptoms of healing of the scar (constriction, itching).

Like the previous drug, Dermatix is recommended to be used twice a day. The best option is morning and evening. After applying a thin layer of gel on a clean and dry skin, you must wait until it completely dries. If this does not happen after 5 minutes, you need to remove the excess gel, preventing the film from sealing, from the skin with a soft cloth.

Contraindications to the use of the gel are limited to allergic reactions to the drug. Accordingly, and side effects are extremely rare. This may be an increase in skin pigmentation at the site of application, a slight itching or pain. Do not apply the gel over other skin care products, including medicinal creams and ointments.

Dermatix can be used in the face area. There is no information that it can be a danger to the child's organism, since its action is limited to the skin layers, and the substance of the gel does not enter the blood.

Liquid cream gel "Scarguard", containing silicone and glucocorticosteroids, can be found in online pharmacies rather than in conventional ones. In addition, it is the most expensive of all of the above, far from cheap drugs. This is a kind of unique drug that has no analogues in composition of active substances.

Manufacturers of liquid gel claim that their offspring is able to cope with new and new signs of skin trauma with great efficiency, as well as prevent the appearance of new scar formation. Given that the popularity of the drug is growing, despite the high price, manufacturers do not deceive.

This cream from scars and scars was initially liked by plastic surgeons, and then it became more widespread. It is not a cream in the literal sense of the word, it is rather a liquid gel, which goes on sale in a glass bottle with a brush cap, with which the gel is applied to the skin.

Pharmacodynamics. Silicone, forming a protective film on the skin, promotes tissue moistening and deeper penetration of active substances. Glucocorticosteroid hydrocortisone is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, besides it prevents the proliferation of connective tissue. He also removes symptoms of irritation, edema in the area of healed tissue, itching. The introduction of vitamin E into the composition of the drug promotes the rejuvenation of cells, increasing the elasticity of the skin. The surface of the scar significantly softens, and its color becomes less saturated.

A daily two-fold application of the gel is recommended. The process of "reconstruction" of the scar can take from 1 to 6 months.

Contraindications. It is not recommended to use the gel to treat children under 12 years due to the possibility of side effects in the form of endocrine disorders. The use of such creams from scars during pregnancy is more than undesirable. You can not use liquid gel on open wounds, inflammatory and oncological processes on the skin, as well as hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

A great popularity and many positive reviews was won by one more silicone gel with a funny "cat's" name "Kelo-cote". Its effect is similar to the drug "Dermatics", and the price is quite high. Nevertheless, this effective cream from fresh and old scars, successfully maintains high positions in the rating of sales of online pharmacies.

The basis of the preparation is polysiloxane and silicone dioxide. The latter is considered the most effective local remedy for scar treatment. Forming a skin-tight film and keeping the water balance of the skin, the silicone seems to smooth out the skin, freeing off unaesthetic bulges and dents. The whip creates a microclimate that helps optimize the production of collagen, which does not allow the connective tissue under the skin to grow uncontrollably.

Method of application. To achieve the desired effect, it is sufficient to apply the cream 1 time per day. In this case, open parts of the body require a single application, but places often in contact with clothing, it is recommended to lubricate twice and do not cover with clothing until completely dry (5 minutes).

Cream from scars "Kelo-cote" is not used in the field of mucous membranes and eyes, on fresh wounds and in the presence of skin irritation reactions. Pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications to the use of the cream, but nevertheless it is worthwhile to discuss the safety of using this cream against scars during pregnancy and breastfeeding with a doctor.

" Kelofibraza " is a highly effective cream against scars and scars based on urea and heparin sodium. Its advantages: good results, no contraindications, well-moisturized skin without trace of cream, cost-effectiveness.

Pharmacodynamics. Urea has a healing effect on the scar tissue. It not only perfectly moisturizes and softens the surface of scar tissue, but also makes it elastic, less noticeable. Heparin improves the metabolism and circulation in the scar tissue. Thanks to it, the feeling of tightening in the area of the scar is eliminated, the surface of the skin becomes smooth and smooth, without swelling and seals. Camphor has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves the cellular nutrition of the skin.

Cream "Kelofibraza" is considered an excellent preventive against stretch marks. It can be used during pregnancy. Does not have a cream and age-related contraindications to use. At the same time, its effectiveness in regard to the stretch marks on the skin and dense atrophic scars is already inadequate.

Method of application. To get a decent effect from the use of this cream, it is recommended to apply it 2 to 4 times a day, combining with the massage of the rumen area. Such an effect will promote a more rapid softening of the scar tissue. The more age there are scars, the more often and more actively it is necessary to carry out their massage and application of a cream. In difficult cases, it is possible to apply a cream in the form of night compresses to the rumen area.

"Enzyme" - an unusual in its composition cream, the active substance of which is a complex of 9 collagenases, which are extracted from the digestive organs of marine life. It is a non-toxic enzyme preparation that can destroy excess collagen in the scar area, preventing the growth of scar tissue, reducing the scar in size and making it less noticeable. It also relieves the itching of pain and discomfort in the area of the scars.

The cream is considered an excellent preventive agent, but it is also effective in the case of scarring already formed on the skin. You can apply it from 3-4 weeks after wound healing. In the form of a solution, "Fermenkol" is used in electrophoresis procedures, and the cream can simply be applied to the skin in the vicinity of the rumen. You need to do this every day for 1.5-2 weeks.

"Clear" - a natural herbal cream from scars and scars with a wide scope of application. Thanks to the caring properties and safety of the drug, it is successfully used to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, rejuvenate the fading skin, brighten the pigment spots, moisten the dry skin, and also to get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy (from the 2nd trimester). The cream is also an effective remedy for acne.

It is a preparation of Ayurvedic medicine, therefore it has a peculiar composition. The basis of it is drawn from grass. It is with the composition of the drug due to its contraindications to the use, described in the instruction in the form of hypersensitivity to individual herbs in the cream. The cream is allowed to be used as a remedy for children.

The method of application of the drug is common for anti-cramping creams. With daily application of cream to clean skin twice a day, treatment can last 1-1.5 months.

Other scars from scars

It so happened that effective scars cream can be purchased not only in pharmacies, but also in online stores and even in beauty salons.

Cream from scars and scars "Malt" - cosmetic cream with a specific therapeutic effect. The preparation contains only natural components: vitamins, vegetable extracts and oils, salicylic acid, sulfur, glucosamine, so it is completely safe for human health and well-being. The exception is the case of individual intolerance to the components of the cream.

The effect of the cream is based on the activation of intracellular metabolism and regulation of the process of coagulation in the scar area. Penetration of the cream deep into the skin and subcutaneous layers for therapeutic effects is due to a special microencapsulation technology.

It can be applied 2 or 3 times a day until the desired effect is obtained. This cream helps not only to make scars less noticeable and expressed, it also eliminates other skin irregularities, such as acne, acne and chickenpox.

The cream with an unusual school name " Eraser " is another product of Ayurvedic medicine. Prevention and treatment of scars and stretch marks is just one of the directions of his activity. In fact, this is a wonderful skin care cream with many beneficial effects that provide numerous extracts and herbal oil from India and the countries of the East. It is also remarkable that with all the richness of the composition and the mass of positive feedback, the price of the cream can only please the customers. This is one of the cheapest remedies for scars.

So, the cream has a moisturizing, softening, toning, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, rejuvenating action. It also contains bleaching, antifungal and protective components that protect the skin from the negative effects of environmental and weather factors. The cream effectively removes itching and swelling, regulates metabolic processes in the skin, incl. The production of subcutaneous fat, stimulates the processes of cell regeneration (recovery), which is responsible for its positive transformative and soothing effect on scar tissue.

Since the cream is rich in plant components, contraindications to its use are associated with the response of the immune system, manifested as allergic reactions to individual components of the cream.

In general, the cream is safe and allowed to be used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent to get rid of skin imperfections in children and adolescents, as well as in women during pregnancy and lactation. Nevertheless, in such situations, there is always a need for additional advice from a specialist physician.

A test for allergies can be done on their own, applying a small amount of cream on the wrist and watch the reaction for 1-2 days. A small delay in treatment will not bring harm, but it helps to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Ayurvedic remedies are quite popular in anti-typhoid therapy. This is confirmed by the cream of Boro Karel Loren. Initially, it was positioned as an anti-inflammatory, drying and bactericide against acne and acne. The cream not only effectively fights with acne, but also prevents its appearance.

Such properties of the cream have proved useful in the healing of fresh scars, especially post-operative. In this case, its effect is relevant both on fresh wounds (even suppurating), cuts, burns and bites, and on the healed tissue. The cream effectively removes puffiness and inflammation, anesthetizes, removes itching and constriction at the site of wound healing, promotes skin regeneration and lightening of pigmentation at the site of the scar.

The cream is so harmless that it is recommended to be used as an emollient and soothing skin for babies, and also as an anti-inflammatory product after shaving.

"Nuobisong" - the Chinese cream from scars and scars on the basis of natural components once again confirms that the word "Chinese" does not mean "bad", unless, of course, it is not a cheap forgery. In addition, the technology of the cream is not Chinese, but Swiss. By the way, original Chinese products are appreciated all over the world for the quality and use of natural, most often vegetable components.

It is also a caring cream of a wide spectrum of action with a noticeable curative effect, helping to combat various skin imperfections, such as dryness, flabbiness, acne, irritation and peeling of the skin, pigment spots, scars and scars.

Since this is not a specialized treatment cream for scars and scars, its effectiveness is directly dependent on the age of the scar. With regard to small fresh scars, the cream has sufficient effectiveness, making them almost invisible, but aged and larger scars are more difficult to correct with this drug.

A noticeable therapeutic and cosmetic effect is achieved if you use the cream 2 to 4 times a day. To get a quick and good result, combine the application of cream with a massage of the skin in the area of the scar. The cream after drying forms a protective film on the skin, which allows using it to protect the skin in cold, windy weather.

Since the cream is a composition of natural substances, it has practically no contraindications to the use. Allergic reactions to the drug are extremely rare. The cream has a good bactericidal and drying effect, so it can be applied as a preventive agent even for small wounds and cuts.

High efficiency, high-grade skin care, cost-saving expenditure, low price and a pleasant smell are the reasons why you should still try the Chinese cream from Nuobisong scars.

Cream "Pasjel Precious Skin" made in Thailand contains collagen, vitamins and other natural ingredients (oils, extracts from seeds, plant extracts) according to the manufacturer's information. It is positioned as a unique tool for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks on the skin, which effectively fights against other types of scars and scars. Nevertheless, we were not able to find any relevant certificates or real responses to the drug. Therefore, it is better to consult with specialists about the possibility and expediency of using this cream. And even more so, if the stretch marks are caused by bearing a child.

Adherents of inexpensive, but effective domestic products, it is worth paying attention to the cream from the scars and scars from the 911 series - "Balm 911 No Scars". This is also a very effective natural preparation based on plant raw materials. Its only drawback is the inability to use during pregnancy due to the presence of milk thistle.

Speaking of anti-cramping creams, it is worthwhile to stop and on one more popular means of this direction - oil "Bio-Oil" from the Swedish company Cederroth, which, despite the most controversial reviews, is considered one of the best remedies for correction of skin imperfections.

In its composition, you can find the necessary vitamins for the skin, mineral and vegetable oils, which have wound healing, anti-burn, anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating properties.

Oil "Bio-Oil" is able to completely cure from stretch marks and to significantly correct the appearance of scars. In addition, the product perfectly softens, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, smoothing the skin tone, removing excessive pigmentation.

Oil effectively affects both fresh scars and already hardened ones. Effective for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks in pregnant women (from 4 months) and after a sharp change in weight.

Oil "Bio-Oil", like any cream from scars and scars, requires a long application. The result of using the oil comes on 4 months of daily use (when used 2 times a day). This fact combined with a high price is the reason for most of the negative feedback. Nevertheless, beauty requires sacrifice, so the popularity of the means, despite everything, remains an indicator of its effectiveness.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Effective treatment of scars and scars with the help of gels and creams" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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