Scarring of the skin

Ointments from scars

To reduce the defect that occurs on the skin after healing of its damage (postoperative suture, cut wound, burn, etc.), an ointment is applied from the scars-dense connective tissue

Effective treatment of scars and scars with the help of gels and creams

Scars and scars are not those ornaments that make a woman pretty and attractive. Yes, however, and to men not all scars to the face. But whatever the reason that left unaesthetic marks on the human body, it can always be done so that they become less noticeable or even completely disappear.

Ointments from keloid scars

It is the ointments that are the dosage form, through which you can quickly and effectively get rid of skin defects, including scars.

Removal of scars by laser

Sometimes it is very difficult to protect your body from all sorts of injuries, so removing the scars with a laser has become quite a popular procedure, especially for women.

Ointments for resorption of scars

To date, experts in the pharmacological industry are making every effort to help people for whom the problem of scarring is very relevant.

Dermal equivalent. The history and results of clinical trials

In the late eighties, a liquid form of bovine collagen was developed at Stanford University, which at the body temperature was transformed into a soft elastic substrate.

Experimental work on the transplantation of allogeneic kerotinocytes on artificially created scars of white rats

The desire to use cellular potential and the need to search for new effective methods for improving the aesthetic appearance of scars led to the idea of trying to study the possibility of keratinocyte transplantation to scarring surfaces.

The use of cellular technologies to improve the appearance of scars

Modern science is characterized by the rapid development of a number of related disciplines, united under the common name of "biotechnology." This section of science, based on the latest achievements in the field of biology, cytology, molecular genetics, genetic engineering, transplantology, aims to use the enormous potential

Treatment of keloid scars of earlobes

The variety of clinical variants of keloid scars leads to the need to develop various ways of approaching the problem and creating various treatment regimens.

Treatment of keloid scars

It was noted that the long septic state of the wound, chronic inflammation promotes the appearance of keloid scars, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.


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