Vitamins for men after 45 years

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Vitamins for men after 45 are necessary to restore a sufficient level of microelements and a full-fledged vital activity.

Vitamins are needed at any age to maintain immunity and provide good conditions for the growth of the body. However, at each age the need for the quantity of these or other vitamins is different, therefore it is necessary to choose according to a certain age category.

Men are always subjected to great physical stress, so that their muscle mass is much more prevalent than in women. It is necessary to understand that none of the pharmacological vitamins can compensate for their deficiency in the absence of a healthy diet with the use of fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, it is desirable to give preference to low-calorie meat, fish, cereals and dairy products. Only in this case the body will receive the necessary vitamins. For men, both for women and children, vitamins B, A, C and E. Play an important role.

Vitamins bought in a pharmacy should not be taken at all, it is recommended that they be taken only by courses for a month with a further break. To maintain a normal level of vitamins should eat nuts, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, vegetable oil, liver, buckwheat, greens and chicken.

There are many types of vitamins that are available separately or in a complex.

Indications for the use of vitamins for men after 45

In the human body, all vitamins are contained in a certain composition, and with a decrease in the number of some, there is a change in the work of organs or in the structure of tissues.

The intake of vitamins and minerals provides protection of cells from the negative influence of the external environment and helps reduce the risk of developing cardiac and vascular pathology.

Indications for the use of vitamins for men after 45 include excessive physical exertion, constant stresses, which violate the psychoemotional balance, as well as workload at work.

Admission of vitamin is necessary when practicing various sports and supporters of an active way of rest. Particularly justified is the use of vitamins in malnutrition, when the body receives insufficient amounts of nutrients, micro- and macro elements. This can be observed as a result of the use of dry, monotonous food or semi-finished products.

In the presence of concomitant chronic pathology in the form of hepatitis or diabetes mellitus, insufficient production of natural vitamins is noted, as well as their inadequate supply as a result of dietary nutrition.

During periods of seasonal vitamin deficiency or during rehabilitation after a severe illness, the body needs vitamins to replenish the quantitative composition.

In addition, vitamins are widely used as an auxiliary component in the treatment of chronic alcoholism, with the administration of antibacterial and chemotherapeutic agents.

Form of issue

Vitamins are produced mainly in tablet form. This simplifies their use and is very convenient for storage. Each person chooses a more suitable package. So, if you know that the body lacks, for example, calcium, then a man can take only calcium in capsules.

However, in the case of seasonal vitamin deficiency, it is recommended to use complex preparations that consist of several types. Vitamins Duovit for men contain the optimal composition of vitamins, which allows you to fill the deficiency and improve the protective functions of the body.

It includes retinol, thiamine nitrate, cholecalciferol, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, folic acid, tocopherol acetate, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, and nicotinamide. Thus, taking a pill Duovit, a man receives a daily amount of various vitamins necessary for a full-time life.

The form of release allows to contain in one tablet the necessary quantity of vitamins, which, with regular use, ensures normalization of their level in the body.

Some tablets can contain exclusively microelements (calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum).

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The mechanism of action of vitamins is due to their ability to participate in metabolic processes and to be part of most body structures.

Pharmacodynamics of vitamins for men after 45, in particular, group B is due to their participation in metabolic processes and the efficiency of the nervous system. To develop the epithelium and develop a visual pigment, vitamin A is needed.

With the help of vitamin D, the process of assimilation of calcium and the necessary mineralization of teeth and bones is regulated. Iron absorption is controlled by vitamin C, which also participates in oxidation-reduction processes.

Pharmacodynamics, in particular vitamin E, protects membranes from damage and preserves their functionality due to their action as a physiological antioxidant.

In combination with microelements, vitamins play an important role in the life of the body. They are components of tissues or activators of the work of hormones and enzymes.

So, phosphorus, calcium participate in the mineralization of bone structures and teeth, and also stimulate many enzyme reactions, regulate myocardial tone, transfer impulses along nerve fibers and control the permeability of cell membranes.

Vitamins of group B in complex with iron and copper play an important role in the synthesis of red blood cells. In addition, molybdenum, manganese, zinc and magnesium are also necessary for the body to carry out certain reactions.


Depending on the properties of vitamins to dissolve in water, they release fat-soluble and water-soluble species. The pharmacokinetics of vitamins for men after 45 depends on this indicator.

So, water-soluble vitamins, such as group B, biotin and C are well absorbed, not exceeding the daily requirement for vitamins. Excess intake in the body is not used by the tissues and is excreted by the kidneys or in some cases by the intestine.

With regard to fat-soluble vitamins D and A, after oral intake, they are well absorbed in the small intestine in the presence of fats. However, the absorption of vitamin E is relatively small (25-85%).

This type of vitamins accumulates in the liver, which causes their toxicity to the body, exceeding that of water-soluble vitamins.

Pharmacokinetics provides a metabolism of carbohydrates with the accumulation of energy reserves, lipid, protein elements and nucleic acids, as well as the formation of collagen and neurotransmitters for transporting the nerve impulse along the fibers.

In addition to active participation in metabolism, vitamins are needed for growth and mineralization of bone structures, acceleration of wound healing processes by activating regenerative reactions. In addition, vitamins support the normal structure of membranes and regulate their permeability.

Vitamins are needed to participate in the microsomal metabolism of drugs and detoxification of the body, the development and differentiation of tissues, as well as the maintenance of an immune response.

Contraindications to the use of vitamins for men after 45

Before using, it is necessary to take into account contraindications to the use of vitamins for men after 45. They include the hypersensitivity of the body, laid genetically, which is its individual feature.

In addition, do not take vitamins for hypervitaminosis (high content) of vitamins A, D and E. This is due to their ability to dissolve in fats, which ensures their accumulation in the liver and a toxic reaction to the body.

Do not use vitamins for severe renal failure, urolithiasis, gout, elevated blood erythrocyte, thrombophlebitis, and thromboembolism.

Contraindications are the presence of fructose intolerance, malabsorption syndrome, metabolic disorders involving iron and copper, elevated calcium levels and excessive excretion.

From organ pathology it is necessary to isolate thyrotoxicosis, glomerulonephritis with chronic course, chronic heart failure, ulcerative lesions of the mucous digestive organs, active phase of tuberculosis and the presence of sarcoidosis in the anamnesis.

With caution, you need to take tablets vitamins in diabetes mellitus because of the possible presence of sugar in the tablet shell.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the following conditions, when also need control during the application of vitamins. Among them - liver damage, acute form of nephritis, CLS, chronic stage of pancreatitis, allergic diseases, oncological pathology and idiosyncrasy.

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Side effects of vitamins for men after 45

In some cases, side effects of vitamins for men after 45, although their occurrence is rare enough. Despite this, it is necessary to consider the possibility of their appearance.

From the side of immunity, it is possible to develop allergic reactions, including immediate type in the form of anaphylactic shock, angioedema and bronchospasm.

The digestive system can respond to the intake of vitamins dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach and abdomen, bowel dysfunction (constipation, diarrhea) and increased secretion of hydrochloric acid. In the blood there is an increase in the level of calcium, glucose and a decrease in glucose tolerance. From laboratory indicators, it should be noted the increased activity of AST, alkaline phosphatase and lactahydrogenase.

Side effects from the nervous system are manifested by headache, drowsiness, changes in sensitivity and dizziness. In addition, visual impairment is possible.

On the skin, rashes, redness, hives, tingling sensation, itching, the appearance of cracks on the soles of the feet and palms as a result of excessive dryness of the skin are possible. Seborrheic eruptions and hair loss are also possible. The urinary system manifests side effects in the form of impaired renal function, discoloration of urine and increased release of calcium.

Common manifestations are characterized by an increase in temperature, excitability and increased sweating. The work of the heart can be disturbed with the appearance of changes in the rhythm and conductivity of impulses along the myocardium.

The name of vitamins for men after 45

Depending on what vitamin is not enough, you should choose the most suitable complex, due to which the level of vitamins and microelements in the body is balanced.

The name of vitamins for men after 45 includes both single vitamins, and in complex preparations, for example, Duovit, Supradin and others.

If it is necessary to maintain the structure of teeth, bones or improve visual function, then this will help vitamin A (retinol), pyridoxine, which will also restore the nervous system.

For normal cardiac function, you should take thiamine. In order to activate erythropoiesis and prevent damage to cell membranes, it is necessary to use folic acid, cyanocobalamin and tocopherol.

Vitamin C strengthens the walls of the vessels and maintains the health of the gums and teeth. For normalization of metabolic processes, pantothenic acid and biotin are used, in particular for the assimilation of protein.

Calciferol, regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism, favorably affects their absorption in the intestine and accumulation in the bones.

Dosing and Administration

In each case, the method of application and dose should be determined individually, based on health status, age and the presence of concomitant pathology of chronic course.

Most of the vitamin is taken once a day, preferably during meals or after, with water. The duration of vitamin supplementation is also prescribed in each case in different ways, because the excess amount of vitamins adversely affects the body.

This is especially the case with fat-soluble type, so they can accumulate in the liver, showing their toxic effects. The mode of administration and dose are also adjusted, taking into account the intake of additional medications.

In most cases, the duration of the therapeutic course is one month with a further mandatory break. In addition, it is necessary to consider the use of the vitamin complex for the prevention or treatment of vitamin deficiency.

With the intake of several vitamins, each of which is a separate drug, it is possible to combine them with an obligatory dose adjustment.

The most optimal is the use of complex drugs, which include several vitamins. In this case, the manufacturer selects the optimal dose of each vitamin, which corresponds to a daily rate.

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If the required dosages are met, an overdose is unlikely. Each tablet contains the optimal quantitative and qualitative ratio of vitamins, which allows you to take one tablet a day to get their daily volume.

Overdose can occur as a result of prolonged use of vitamins, which exceeds the recommended duration. To avoid the development of clinical manifestations of an overdose, it is necessary to observe the dosage and the period of intake of vitamins.

Most likely an overdose of vitamins A and D, which are representatives of the fat-soluble group. Excessive intake of vitamin D in the body can manifest weakness, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, general hyperthermia and convulsive syndrome.

As for vitamin A, when the permissible level of vitamin is exceeded, headache, dizziness, sleep disturbance, nausea, vomiting, lowering the sensitivity threshold to light, convulsive syndrome and weakness are observed.

An overdose of vitamin E can be manifested by quick fatigue, headache, weakness in the muscles, double vision, digestive disorders and small creatiuria.

If any of the above symptoms is found, you should cancel the further intake of vitamins and consult a doctor.

Interaction with other drugs

In general, vitamins are well used in parallel with many drugs, as they are used as an auxiliary therapy for various diseases.

The interaction of vitamins for men after 45 with other drugs, for example, antibacterial agents of the tetracycline group, requires special attention in view of the fact that not all vitamins can be used together with them. In addition, caution requires the parallel intake of vitamins with antacid agents, which can reduce their absorption.

In the event that their joint application is still necessary, it is desirable to observe a break between their reception of not less than 3 hours. It is necessary to use complex vitamin preparations with other medications, which include fat-soluble species. As a result of their combined administration, the risk of overdose and the appearance of toxic reactions increases.

Interaction with other drugs of the anticoagulant group, which can affect the blood coagulation system, also needs to be monitored in view of the high probability of bleeding.

High doses of vitamin C are incompatible with sulfanilamide drugs, since the appearance of crystalluria is possible. In addition, the ability of pyridoxine to reduce the therapeutic effect of levodopa should be considered.

In relation to antibiotics riboflavin reduces their absorption and therapeutic effect, and therefore between their methods should observe a 3-hour break.

Storage conditions

In order to preserve the healing properties, it is necessary to observe the storage conditions for vitamins for men after 45. To this end, the manufacturer indicates certain climatic characteristics of the room where vitamin maintenance is planned.

So, of particular importance is the temperature regime, the level of humidity and illumination. To store vitamins requires maintaining a temperature of not more than 25 degrees, as well as the absence of excess light in the form of direct sunlight.

In addition, the storage of any medicinal product, including vitamins, implies the lack of access of babies to drugs. Excessive consumption of vitamins can cause poisoning or manifestations of side effects. In case of an overdose, there may be a variety of clinical symptoms that may threaten the health of children.

Storage conditions must be observed throughout the expiration date in order to avoid the loss of useful qualities due to the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of vitamins.

Shelf life

Depending on the form of release of vitamins, the expiration date can also vary. On average, the duration of this period is 3 years. For the duration of the period, it is recommended that the recommendations on storage of the medicinal product be taken into account.

In the absence of the provision of necessary conditions, the probability of a change in the structure of vitamins increases, which can be manifested by other clinical effects that threaten human health.

The expiration date should be indicated on the outer packaging of the preparation for quick access to it, as well as on the inner vial, so that if the cardboard package is lost, the information about the expiration date is still illuminated.

Vitamins for men after 45 are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. However, do not constantly take vitamin complexes, as they are possible overdose, especially for fat-soluble vitamins. Observing the dosage and a break between therapeutic courses, vitamins provide an adequate level in the body and strengthen it.


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