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Vitamins for men Duovit have the optimal composition of vitamins and minerals, the selection of which was based on the needs of the organism, providing an active lifestyle.

For vitality of cells vitamins and trace elements, taking part in metabolic processes, are necessary.

Vitamins for humans are necessary for the full functioning of all organs and systems. This is especially true for children, when intensive growth processes are observed, as well as with active mental and physical activity.

Insufficient amount of nutrients coming from food can be caused by improper diet, poor-quality products, and pathology of organs, which does not allow physiological absorption of vitamins.

As a result of inferior micronutrient intake, a man feels weak, working capacity decreases, increased fatigue and apathy appear to the outside world.

Daily intake of the necessary amount of vitamins and microelements allows us to normalize the human condition and protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Most of the nutrients the body is not able to synthesize, so it should receive them with food or in the absence of adequate nutrition - take vitamin complexes. Thus, a man becomes more resistant to the impact of stressful situations, physical and psychological stress.

The international name for Duovit vitamins is Multivitamins and trace elements. According to the ATS encoding, the drug refers to biologically active additives, which affect the digestive system and metabolic processes. Duovit is one of the components of the pharmacological group of multivitamins with trace elements


The intake of vitamins should be done several times a year to maintain the normal composition of vitamins and minerals and ensure the normal functioning of the body.

Indications for the use of Duovit vitamins for men are the presence of active mental and physical activity, when a man requires strength and energy in large quantities.

In addition, with constant stress at work, at home or in school, a person needs support of the body in vitamins, which increases his vitality.

Men who prefer active recreation or engaged in sports also need a full-fledged diet, which is supplemented by the reception of the Duovit complex.

With inadequate or inadequate nutrition, a person lacks the strength to do the work that is usual for him, especially for older people, smokers and alcohol abusers. In this case, Duovit helps the body cope with the disease and normalize the work of organs and systems.

For various reasons, some men follow a diet or eat half-finished products, which leads to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals in the body. They must necessarily take an additional vitamin-mineral complex to provide energy to the body.

Indications for use also include seasonal vitamin deficiencies and diseases accompanied by increased loss of nutrients or inadequate digestion.

Form of issue

Duovit is tablet-shaped, coated. This form of release allows you to take the daily volume of vitamins and minerals, not exceeding the dosage.

Packaging of the vitamin-mineral complex contains a different number of tablets - 30 or 60 pieces. The tablets are contained in an internal vial and outer carton.

Thus, this form of release provides a daily intake of nutrients for 30 or 60 days. Each tablet is coated with a membrane in the middle containing 800 micrograms of retinol, 5 μg of cholecalciferol, 30 μg of biotin, thiamine nitrate and pyridoxine hydrochloride at 1.4 μg, vitamin E 10 mg, 2 mg riboflavin, 1 μg cyanocobalamin, 18 mg niacin, 200 mg μg folic, 50 mg of ascorbic acid, and 5 mg of pantothenic acid.

The tablet also consists of micro- and macro elements: calcium 450 mg, iron 14 mg, zinc 15 mg, magnesium 50 mg and iodine 150 μg. Each of the tablets has additional components in the form of lactose, sucrose, wax, glycerin and other substances.

It is worth noting that the content of calcium, iodine, magnesium, folic acid and vitamin A in the tablet exceeds the daily requirement of the male body, but do not worry, all dosages are selected according to the regulations.

The tablet to the touch is hard, coated with a smooth surface and sweet and sour taste.


Micro-, macronutrients and vitamins should enter the body from the outside, since most of them are incapable of synthesis. In this regard, it depends only on the person how healthy his organism will be and how many vitamins he will provide during the day.

Pharmacodynamics vitamins Duovit for men is designed in such a way that due to the optimal composition of vitamins and minerals the body receives a daily amount of them after taking one tablet.

Some vitamins, for example, A and D are able to accumulate, because they are fat-soluble. However, the rest belong to the water-soluble group, which makes them transit in the human body. Vitamins, having made their function, are withdrawn, which requires their constant admission.

Taking 1 tablet a day for a month, the man feels a surge of strength and energy, physical and mental activity is restored, and the work of organs and systems is improving.

Pharmacodynamics thanks to a specially selected composition ensures the participation of vitamins in metabolic processes, oxidation reactions, regeneration, the synthesis of visual pigment, the work of the heart and the nervous system.

In addition, the permeability of the vascular wall decreases, detoxification of the body, absorption of other useful vitamins and minerals is provided.

As for the mineral composition of Duovit, it ensures the synthesis of hormones, the activation of enzymes, the formation and growth of bone structures, teeth, and participation in the development of red blood cells and the functioning of nerve cells and the myocardium.


For the most part, the pharmacokinetics of Duovit vitamins for men is due to the vitamin's belonging to the water- and fat-soluble group.

Water-soluble vitamins, such as C, biotin and group B, are characterized by rapid absorption and need daily intake, since they are not capable of accumulation.

In case of receipt in large quantities, exceeding the daily requirement, vitamins are excreted by the kidneys or intestines. Further, their repeated intake with food or vitamin complexes is required.

Pharmacokinetics using fat-soluble vitamin A and D as an example shows that their absorption is carried out in the intestine in the presence of fats. Separately it is necessary to say about vitamin E, which is absorbed in a small amount (only 25-85% of the dose).

This type of vitamins is characterized by its ability to accumulate when taken in large quantities. As a consequence, the risk of developing an overdose effect and the occurrence of adverse reactions from the liver side increases.


Before taking a dietary supplement, you need to know the contraindications to the use of Duovit vitamins for men in order to avoid the development of negative side effects on the part of the organs and systems of the body.

Among the contraindications it is worth highlighting the increased sensitivity to the components of the additive, both basic and supplementary. Hypervitaminosis A, E and D, because they are able to accumulate because of their belonging to the fat-soluble form of vitamins.

Contraindications also include severe renal failure, the presence of stones in the urinary system, gout, an increased number of red blood cells in the blood, hyperuricemia of the disease of the venous system.

It is forbidden to take a vitamin-mineral complex with fructose intolerance, impaired metabolism of iron, copper, malabsorption syndrome, increased amounts of calcium in the blood and urine.

In thyrotoxicosis, tuberculosis, ulcerative lesions of the mucous organs of digestion, sarcoidosis and chronic form of heart failure or glomerulonephritis, Duovit is also not allowed.

With care, you need to consume vitamins in diabetes, since the daily dose of vitamins and minerals in the tablet has about 1 sugar.

Men with liver damage, acute nephritis, ZHBC, oncological neoplasms, chronic stage of pancreatitis, idiosyncrasy and allergic diseases are at risk for the occurrence of adverse reactions.

Do not take Duvit in parallel with other multivitamin complexes to avoid the effect of accumulation and overdose.

Side effects

If you follow the recommendations for dosage, the frequency of reception and the duration of the treatment course, the side effects of Duovit vitamins for men develop in rare cases.

However, sometimes the following manifestations of vitamin-mineral complex intake were registered. So, development of an allergic reaction, including immediate type - anaphylactic shock, angioedema, brooch spasm and urticaria was noted.

The blood picture acquires a form with an increased level of calcium, glucose, a change in tolerance to it, increased activity of AST, alkaline phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase.

Side effects, as manifestations of the nervous system are the appearance of headache, dizziness, rapid fatigue, weakness and drowsiness.

Possible impairment of visual function, the discoloration of urine and the appearance in it of calcium in large quantities. After a single or several Duovit procedures, dyspepsia, nausea, pain in the abdominal region, bowel dysfunction with diarrhea or constipation, nausea, vomiting and the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach can be observed.

In addition, there is a risk of rash, itching, hyperemia of the skin, increased excitability, increased sweating, fever, changes in the threshold of sensitivity, violation of the rhythm of the heart and kidney function. From the skin may appear dryness, cracks in the palms and feet, hair loss and rash in the form of seborrhea.

Complex for men Duovit

The optimal combination of vitamins and trace elements is a complex for men Duovit. Thanks to the selected quantitative and qualitative composition, the biological additive allows to provide the male organism with the necessary daily amount of useful substances.

Periodic course reception Duovit allows to maintain the optimal composition of vitamins and microelements in the body, which provides a full vital activity.

Duovit contains not only a large number of vitamins, but also minerals, including a set of micro- and macroelements. The complex includes tablets, each contains the necessary daily amount of vitamins and mineral components.

Some useful elements contain more than necessary per day. However, do not worry, vitamins and minerals will not cause side effects, since if their level is insufficient, it is necessary to fill them in the body.

Instructions for use

Admission of a complex vitamin preparation requires special attention, since the instruction for vitamins Duovit for men indicates the use of a pill once a day, getting the optimal number of all useful elements.

In the tablet there is a set of vitamins, among which is to allocate vitamin A, necessary for the formation of complex substances, synthesized in the body, which protects the skin, mucous membranes and normalizes visual function.

Cholecalciferol controls the ratio of phosphorus and calcium. Its deficiency in bone structures threatens the development of osteoporosis. Thiamin is involved in cardiac work and the activity of the nervous system.

The instruction for vitamins Duovit for men indicates the need to take a complex of vitamins and minerals to ensure the physiological composition of the beneficial components in the body.

Riboflavin provides activation of regenerative processes, in particular of the skin. Pyridoxine is needed to maintain the structure of the teeth, bone structures and gum tissue, as well as cyanocobalamin and folic acid - to stimulate the formation of erythrocytes and the functioning of the nervous system.

B vitamins are responsible for the work of the nervous system, and tocopherol is a natural antioxidant, prevents pathological coagulation of the blood and promotes the activation of peripheral blood circulation.

Vitamin C is involved in oxidative, metabolic reactions, activates the production of hormones and prevents the appearance of pathological permeability of the walls of blood vessels. In addition, increases immune defense and reduces the severity of inflammatory processes.

As for the minerals in the tablet, the composition of micro- and macro elements ensures their daily intake into the body. Calcium is needed for the growth of bone structures, impulsive transmission along the nerve sprouts, reduction of muscle fibers and absorption of iron.

Magnesium and manganese are involved in building muscle and bone structures, and phosphorus is essential for dental health and energy synthesis.

Iron prevents the development of anemia in view of its ability to participate in the transport of oxygen in the hemoglobin. Erythrocytes and iron exchange need copper, but zinc is a constituent of some hormones, for example, insulin, and activates the regenerative capacity of tissues.

Dosing and Administration

Vitamin-mineral complex Duovit can be taken as an addition to the basic diet, which contains a balanced intake of food and healthy foods. Despite the desire to consume useful food, it is not always possible for a person to pick up such foods every day that will fill the daily need for vitamins and minerals.

The method of application and dose should be selected individually, based on the degree of shortage of nutrients in the body, the concomitant pathology and health of a man.

Observing a diet, a person most often does not get enough vitamins, micro- and macro elements, which further worsens his state of health.

A total of 1 Duvit tablet per day will ensure the supply of a daily amount of nutrients. It is advisable to take Duvit at the time of or after eating, with water.

In most cases, enough months to restore the balance of vitamins and the return of men to the usual activity. Optimal qualitative and quantitative composition Duovit allows you to better adapt to the body stressful situations and it is easier to survive.

In addition, the lack of receipt of a certain set of vitamins, micro- and macroelements in the body threatens to reduce physical, psycho-emotional and mental activity.

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In most cases, an overdose is observed only if certain recommendations for dosage, duration of use and the frequency of Duovit are not observed. In general, the biologically active additive is tolerated fairly well and compliance with all the rules of application does not cause an overdose effect.

The only nuance is the intake of fat-soluble vitamins, for example, A and D. They are capable of accumulation, which can cause a lot of adverse reactions when using large doses of vitamins.

So, in case of excessive intake of vitamin D in the body, there may be weakness, nausea, vomiting, a decrease in the weight of a man, disruption of the intestine with the development of diarrhea, as well as a convulsive syndrome and febrile condition.

An overdose of vitamin A is manifested by headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance, convulsive syndrome and a decrease in the threshold of sensitivity to light.

Vitamin E in large doses can provoke the appearance of headache, rapid fatigue, decreased efficiency, nausea, weakness in the muscles, double vision, and creatinuria and dysfunction of the digestive tract.

If any of the above clinical symptoms appear, it is recommended to cancel the further intake of the biologically active additive and consult a doctor for examination and dosage adjustment.

Interaction with other drugs

In the case when it is necessary to take other medications besides the biologically active additive, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with their mechanism of action and the risk of side reactions before the first joint receptions.

As a result of their combined use, it is possible to develop adverse effects that threaten human health. Thus, the interaction of vitamins Duovit for men with other drugs of the antibacterial series, for example, tetracycline, is prohibited.

In addition, it is not recommended to take the vitamin-mineral complex together in antacid medicines. At their parallel reception there is a decrease in Duovit absorption.

However, it is worth remembering, if necessary, their joint use, it is required to withstand a 3-hour interval so that the pharmacokinetic properties do not compete.

Due to the fact that vitamin A is fat-soluble and has the ability to accumulate, it is necessary to carefully take Duovit with other drugs, which include retinol. In the case of their joint application, the dose, duration and frequency of administration should be adjusted.

Interaction with other drugs that can affect the blood coagulation system, such as anticoagulants, is not recommended. The composition of Duovit includes vitamin E, which in combination with anticoagulants can provoke the development of bleeding.

Vitamin C, as a component of the vitamin-mineral complex, should not be taken together with sulfanilamide preparations in order to avoid the appearance of crystalluria. In addition, pyridoxine can reduce the therapeutic effect of levodopa.

Riboflavin is not desirable to use in parallel antibacterial agents, since there is a decrease in the effectiveness of the latter. To avoid the appearance of negative afterburns, a 3-hour break between medication and Duovit should be observed.

Storage conditions

In order to preserve all the therapeutic properties of the biologically active additive, certain storage conditions must be observed.

They mean maintaining the optimal temperature regime, humidity level, as well as the illumination of the place where the Duovit package is supposed to be located.

So, the room temperature should not exceed 25 degrees, and direct sunlight should be absent in order to avoid the loss of biological properties of the medicinal properties.

The storage conditions of Duovit vitamins for men need to be taken into account, since a biologically active additive can change its structure under the negative impact of environmental factors. As a result, the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effect of Duovit changes.

When taking "spoiled" Duovit, the body can react with the appearance of side effects or clinical signs of poisoning.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the access of children to Duovit is not permissible, despite the fact that it is vitamins and minerals. However, taking a large number of tablets can also be accompanied by symptoms of an overdose and side effects.

Shelf life

In the production of biologically active additives, as well as medicines, the date of manufacture and the date of the last intake of the vitamin and mineral complex must be indicated.

The shelf life of vitamins and minerals Duovit is 3 years. During this time period, the biologically active additive retains its therapeutic properties and provides the desired therapeutic effect.

To ensure that during the entire period of Duovit has not lost its ability, it is necessary to take into account recommendations for its storage, including observance of a certain temperature regime, humidity and illumination.

If during the shelf life the biological additive was stored outside the vial or it was adversely affected by atmospheric factors, Duovit tablets could change their structure. In the future, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes are violated, which threatens the appearance of side effects after taking a biological supplement.


It must be understood that Duovit includes vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, thanks to which the body receives daily their daily amount. Taking vitamins for a month, the level of immune protection increases, which contributes to the body's resistance to infectious agents.

The price varies depending on their quantity in the package. So, the package can contain a bottle with 30 tablets. The cost of this equipment is approximately 115-125 UAH. Packing is calculated for 30 days of reception.

It is worth noting that prices are average, as they depend on the city of sale and the pharmacy selling medicines and biologically active additives.

If a man needs to take vitamins for a longer period, it is more rational to buy a large package of Duovit. The package contains a bottle containing 60 tablets. This package is designed for a two-month therapeutic course of admission. The price of vitamins Duovit for men of this volume fluctuates around 170-190 UAH. However, it is worth taking a break between the first and second month of admission to avoid the development of an overdose and the appearance of side effects of a dietary supplement.

Reviews about vitamins Duovit for men

Duovit tablets can be used in childhood - from 10 years, during pregnancy, and for women and men who are exposed to frequent stressful situations, lack strength and energy.

For each such case, the manufacturer has picked up a certain set of vitamins and minerals that make it possible to replenish the daily requirement of the organism in vitamins, micro- and macroelements.

So, reviews about Duovit vitamins for men in most cases take a positive side. Thanks to them, a man feels much better and indicates the appearance of strength and energy for a full life.

The intake of vitamins is rational during the periods of spring avitaminosis, with great psycho-emotional and physical exertion, and also in old age.

Using Duovit for a month allowed to strengthen the bone structure, improve the condition of the skin, the digestive tract and the body as a whole.

Negative reviews can be heard only in connection with the appearance of allergic reactions to the intake of vitamins. This happens rarely, but every person before taking Duovit should get acquainted with the contraindications and side effects of the dietary supplement.

Vitamins for men Duovit perfectly fit the male half of the population during emotional and physical exertion. In addition, the biological supplement increases the body's immune defense, which prevents it from becoming infected, especially in the winter. Thanks to the normalization of the composition of vitamins, micro- and macro elements, there is an increase in mood, the appearance of vigor and strength for a full-time life.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Vitamins for Men Duovit" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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